January 26, 2022
  • Literary Corner

    In Paradise

    This is an excerpt from Svante Lundgren’s article in the anthology Armenia, Mon Amour. Ten Europeans Speak (2020), edited by Lundgren and Serafim Seppälä. In it, 10 persons from 10 different European countries share their [...]
  • Non-Profit

    Children of Artsakh

    During the height of the Artsakh War in November 2020, the Hamazkayin Central Executive launched an art therapy program called Children of Artsakh with financial support from three Hamazkayin regional executives (Eastern USA, Western USA [...]
  • Research

    The Road to Sourp Sdepanos

    In May 2014, I was traveling from Van to Kars with my wife and a group of close friends. Not long after passing the northeast-most corner of Lake Van, I was looking up at the [...]