March 1, 2021

The Caucasus

  • Literary Corner

    Tasting a Pomegranate

    The berry of the fruit crushes upon my tongue, bitter, sweet, savored. And the hills cascade into waves of green, rising with the patter of my footsteps, lowered by the weight of fruits of labor [...]
  • Film

    Our Fathers’ Stories

    Author’s note: Having written this essay just before the Artsakh War, my goal was to write about these films and stories as a way to connect our past to our future in a forward thinking [...]
  • Poetry

    Vanishing Act 

    Remember when we believed a Stepanakert street block was too far? Mesrop Mashtots, Vazgen Sargsyan street, and so on… well, new boundaries stack those blocks, and now there are thousands, maybe millions, blocking.  My preschool [...]