October 23, 2020
  • Reflections

    Words for Peace

    I never thought I would purposefully learn war vocabulary. Smerch rockets, kamikaze, ballistic missiles, UAVs. The list is long, my eyes are tired, my lower eyelids are wet…casualties, artillery, blockade, shells…A tiny teardrop crawls down [...]
  • Poetry

    Will You Stand With Me?

    What kind of society do we live in? Where a fly gets more attention? Than when a genocide gets resurrected? And bombs a School?! Church?! City?! People! People! People!  I’ve been watching the news Vice [...]
  • Poetry

    Artsakh’s Song

    (i) In the quiet, between bombs, there is a sound, A hum, My heart still beats. One day, soon, I will return. What is an hour, a night, a year, But a heart keeping time? [...]
  • Special Reports

    Fighting to Survive: A View from Stepanakert

    STEPANAKERT—Early this morning, I was awakened by distant thuds, sounding at regular intervals, as Artsakh’s capital once again felt the attack of Azerbaijani bombing raids. Fortunately, the attack was a brief one, but the message [...]
  • Reflections


    I’ve always appreciated the ancient adage that has tied Armenians so closely to pomegranates. The fruit is in our art, our clothes, our dance, our culture. More and more I consider this idea—that somehow we [...]