June 18, 2019
  • Reflections

    Calling All Armenian Men

    “Hi, are you from Armenia?” “Yes, how do you know?” “I just read the last three letters of your surname on your badge. Nice to meet you, I am Pablo from Spain. I was a [...]
  • Film

    Immortal Dream: The Making of “Taniel”

    It has been a truly wonderful experience sharing “Taniel” with audiences at festivals around the world. Whether it be at Screenplay in Shetland, Bermuda International Film Festival or at Golden Apricot in Armenia, one question [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Book Review: The Naked & The Nude

    The Naked & The Nude: A Nonfiction Novel Pete Najarian Berkeley, CA: Regent Press, 2017 The Naked and the Nude: A Nonfiction Novel  (2017) by Pete Najarian is the third in an autobiographical trilogy which [...]
  • Music

    Keepers of the Flame

    Can you tell us about the origins of The Naghash Ensemble? HODIAN: The idea for The Naghash Ensemble came soon after I had moved to Armenia in 2008. I used to love to get out [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Book Review: My Name is Revenge

    My Name is Revenge: A Novella and Collected Essays Ashley Kalagian Blunt Spineless Wonders, 2019 156 pp. I have three criteria for judging a book. First, it must follow the “show not tell” principle; I [...]