November 13, 2018
  • Memoir

    Ara Jan, Goodbye…

    Beirut. October 18, 2018. Thursday. Mgrdich Ara Derderian, known as Ara Güler passed away today at the age of 90. The story of my meeting the giant photographer took place many years ago, in Aleppo [...]
  • Reviews

    Book Review: Anna Ohanyan’s ‘Russia Abroad’

    Russia Abroad: Driving Regional Fracture in Post-Communist Eurasia and Beyond is a bastion for clarity in a world ripe with dense international relations literature and brings together specialized security scholars from across the world in [...]
  • AYF Olympics

    Philadelphia Emerges Victorious—Again

    The last chapter to defend an Olympics Cup was the Philadelphia AYF in 2008. That year in Detroit, they actually retired a Cup with their third consecutive win. This year the Sebouhs scored 158 points [...]
  • AYF Olympics

    2018 AYF Olympics: Coaches’ Comments

    Philadelphia, First Place Former Philadelphia track star and past Governing Body member, Dave Papazian, started coaching the Sebouhs several ago. He gave his thoughts on repeating as champions this year but chose not to comment [...]