August 24, 2019

PODCAST: Exploring the Gray Area in Armenian Politics

by Karine Vann in Podcasts 6

Journalism can be a polarizing industry. Stories featuring clear villains and protagonists vie for our attention and our eyeballs. But reality isn’t always so black and white. Just about anywhere you look, there’s plenty of [...]
  • History

    The Sacrifice of an Armenian American Hero

    Seventy-five years ago, in Normandy, France, so many American soldiers fought in hell for a heavenly cause, and so many were killed thousands of miles away from home. The Normandy American Cemetery, which overlooks Omaha [...]
  • Reflections

    Hai Tahd: It’s Not Magic

    By Varant Anmahouni ANCA Leo Sarkisian – Class of 2019 Georgetown University Law School – Class of 2022 I came to DC in search of a lesson on the organizational aspect of advocacy. Like any [...]
  • Art

    Illuminating the Human Condition

    Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a master of holding a mirror to the human condition. He does this by painting hyper-realistic, often monumental canvases that are in your face, yet seem a million miles away. With their [...]
  • Reflections

    Arajamugh: So far, yet so close to home

    By Sahak Zakarian, Internship Director, Chicago “Ararat” Chapter Alumnus A two hour drive south of Stepanakert off the beaten path sits a village at the end of the world—the end of the Armenian world, as [...]