• Poetry

    A Poem for my Grandfather

    Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated to my grandfather, Popkin Mooradian, who died recently at the age of 96. He was born to immigrants of the Armenian Genocide and grew up in inner city Detroit. [...]
  • Poetry

    The point of this poem…

    The point of this poem is to remind you of the little things that need more of your attention The point of this poem is to help you learn and relearn The point of this [...]
  • Op-Eds

    My Life as an Armenian Feminist (My Armenian Rebirth)

    Growing up in a private Armenian school, I read a copious amount of Armenian poems. These poems, all part of the Armenian literary canon, addressed overlapping themes: identity, assimilation, nationalism, language, religion. From these poems, [...]
  • Music

    Tuning in to The Deenjes

    In 2010 two friends, an Armenian film director and an Arab cameraman decided to record a song called “Togh u Gna” (which translates in English to “Leave! Go!”). They never imagined that just a few [...]