January 23, 2021
  • Literary Corner

    One-eyed Angel

    Everyone knew the lonely and silent Beglar. Even he did not remember how old he was. All his memories, lived and unlived years were left in the past. And only he knew why he was [...]
  • Research

    A Photographic Journey into the Past

    WATERTOWN, Mass. — The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Archives constitute an invaluable repository of modern Armenian history from the late-19th century to our days. Thousands of reports, letters, telegrams, brochures, diaries, memoirs, photographs and artifacts [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Flowers of the Word (for Hrant)

    You arrived in my life again, planted in the furrow, A mighty seedling of sight, of memory, of shadow, Easter opening soft as the sun, recollected, Սրտիս նոր ծաղիկները budding with love of fire, Fortitude [...]
  • Literary Corner


    I lived my days smiling at the sun abandoned to dreams saving the salt of tears to be shed some day into the dark blue waters of the salty Black Sea at stormy nights where [...]