August 9, 2022
  • Film

    PBS gives nod to more broadcasts of The Hidden Map

    Following its popular nationwide premiere on PBS, the award-winning documentary The Hidden Map has been scheduled to air again in several cities from Los Angeles to Boston during the network’s August pledge drive. Especially noteworthy [...]
  • Featured

    Tatik Papik: The Roots of Artsakh

    Towering high above Artsakh’s capital of Stepanakert stands an iconic monument that symbolizes the intrinsic connection between Artsakh and her resilient people. “We are Our Mountains,” also known in Artsakh as “Tatik Papik,” is made [...]
  • Featured

    Our Karen (Gahren)

    Karen (Gahren) Stepani Hovanissyan was a proud soldier who loved his homeland. He had already served his nation, but he volunteered his expertise to defend her again during the 44-Day War. Hovanissyan was born on [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Turkish Delight

    Constantinople, Republic of Turkey — 1924 The call of the muezzin slowly fades into the evening breeze; the minarets of the neighborhood exude a gentle calm. Ahmet rises from his prayer rug and walks to [...]

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