February 21, 2019
  • Literary Corner

    Book Review: ‘Trauma and Resilience’

    Trauma and Resilience: Armenians in Turkey  By Raffi Bedrosyan Published by Gomidas Institute, London, England, 2019 Available on Amazon.com, by emailing books@gomidas.org or directly from the author. This book is a collection of articles about [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Why Do Amish Businesses Thrive?

    Erik Wesner Jossey Bass Imprint 2010 203 Pages Available for purchase on Amazon   It was American essayist and agriculturalist Wendell Berry who wrote, “the Amish question ‘What will this do to our community?’ tends [...]
  • Literary Corner

    Real People

    The first couple years or so of young adulthood, to put it simply, is a weird time, especially when old classmates and neighbors creep all over the globe like a spilled drink spreading on the [...]
  • Reflections

    A Time For Everything

    It was King Solomon, the wisest man to walk the globe, who stated in the Book of Ecclesiastes “what do workers gain from their toil?” That toil is what my father and many visionaries had [...]