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Garen Yegparian is a fat, bald guy who has too much to say and do for his own good. So, you know he loves mouthing off weekly in the Weekly about anything he damn well pleases to write about that he can remotely tie in to things Armenian. He's got a checkered past: principal of an Armenian school, project manager on a housing development, ANC-WR Executive Director, AYF Field worker (again on the left coast), Operations Director for a telecom startup, and a City of LA employee most recently (in three different departments so far). Plus, he's got delusions of breaking into electoral politics, meanwhile participating in other aspects of it and making sure to stay in trouble.

Turkey in Syria… and More

With the battles to eradicate the irremediable vermin known as Daesh/ISIS winding down in Iraq and Syria, other conflicts, subsumed and overshadowed by that effort, are now coming to the fore. Here, I’ll try to summarize what’s going on with the Kurds in Syria, largely by way of the huge role [more...]

January 22, 2018 // 2 Comments

Greece and Turkey Playing Nice?

So, a Turk walks into a bar… Oh wait, I’m not telling a joke. Rather, I’m writing an article. But that’s difficult to remember when the Turk in question is Erdoğan and the “bar” is Greece. Turkey’s First Couple signing the book of honor as the Greek President looks on (Photo: [more...]

January 12, 2018 // 3 Comments

Irritants XX

Let’s start the year off by venting so the irritation doesn’t affect productivity for the rest of 2018. First off, I’ll vent at myself for my own imprecision. It seems I “skipped” in my count so that “Irritants XIX” never appeared. I despise making silly, minor errors such as these. I [more...]

January 4, 2018 // 3 Comments

Auspicious Eights

2018 is a big year for Armenians. It marks the centennial of the establishment of the first Armenian Republic, on May 28, 1918, after a 543-year period of statelessness and subjugation to foreign empires (Persian, Russian, and Turkish). But for that heroic act of creation out of “formless [more...]

December 27, 2017 // 2 Comments

Busy Bolis

It’s almost as if our compatriots in Bolis are working mightily to restore their home city to its status of a century-plus ago when, along with Tiflis (Tbilisi), Georgia, the two cities served as Armenia’s “capitals”—and from the point of activism, education, intellectual ferment, reform, [more...]

December 21, 2017 // 3 Comments

Move Over Marie Antoinette

Everyone’s heard the attribution of “let them eat cake” to Marie Antoinette. It turns out she probably never said it. The same, or a similar, line appears in a French source at a time when she was but a child, and it’s attributed to a princess. The same sort of story apparently [more...]

December 15, 2017 // 6 Comments

SpitRain IX: The Multicontinental Edition

Winner of a Pulitzer Prize, National Book Critics Circle Award, United Nations Correspondents Gold Medal, the National Magazine Award, the Overseas Press Club Award, and two from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA Eastern and Western Regions)… Do you know who this describes? [more...]

December 8, 2017 // 7 Comments

Hacking Armenia, Iran, Russia, U.S.

It looks like we may have a brand new squealer joining the passel of swine inhabiting Azerbaijan’s sty of hackneyed howlers. Let’s see whether he’ll play well with the old timers: Alexander Murinson, Brenda Schaffer, Jason Katz, Stephen Kinzer, and all the others who prostitute themselves, in [more...]

December 2, 2017 // 9 Comments


Yes, indeed, I am going to discuss appearance—specifically, people’s appearances… and, more specifically, Armenians’ appearances, since we seem so fixated on denying ourselves. Kim Kardashian West (Photo: Kim Kardashian West/Instagram) There are countless adages and quips about beauty. A [more...]

December 1, 2017 // 2 Comments

Not So Gratifying

It may seem like a bad topic to write about in this season of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and the annual Armenia Fund Telethon (this year dedicated to developing Artsakh’s tremendous agricultural potential), but a reader brought an article to my attention titled “Murders, Suicides, and Fatal [more...]

November 24, 2017 // 2 Comments

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