Twenty-Six Years On: From Charitable Assistance to Social Change

Diasporan Aid to Armenia in the Post-Independence Era Special to the Armenian Weekly The following article is adapted from a presentation delivered on May 23, in Yerevan, at a conference organized by the USC Institute of Armenian Studies titled “End of Transition: Armenia 25 years on. Now [more...]

September 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

Turkey’s Genocide Denial: Four Narratives

  Special to the Armenian Weekly Turkey still denies the Armenian Genocide, during which 1.5 million Armenians perished. The Turkish state does not have just one policy or rhetoric concerning it. One could argue that there are four main narratives in Turkey concerning the genocide. Turkey [more...]

September 8, 2017 // 9 Comments

How Realpolitik Affects Artsakh (And What We Must Do)

Special to the Armenian Weekly In the 100 years since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide and the subversion of the First Armenian Republic, we have witnessed the implosion of the Soviet Union; the founding of the second free and independent Armenian Republic, in 1991; and the creation of the de [more...]

August 25, 2017 // 5 Comments

Charlottesville: White Is Not a Color

Special to the Armenian Weekly  A friend of mine, a zoologist, once told me that chimpanzees are gorgeous animals, and that the recurrent claim they are ugly comes from a fear and a suspicion of resemblance, and not from objective evaluation. The chimpanzee, according to him, is the only animal we [more...]

August 23, 2017 // 17 Comments

Three Apples: The Relic

Once there was and there was not… that place 100 years ago that my ancestors survived, where teenage boys were hastily dressed as girls, young women married off to foreigners, and infants given up to Kurds so  they might all be spared. Those handful of survivors, who wanted to live at any [more...]

August 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

A Transition: From Boston to D.C.

By Taleen Simonian Boston University, Class of 2019 ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship Participant, 2017 Being a Bostonian means having a handful of inherent characteristics: a devotion to local sports teams, a sense of independence, and, most important, an unshakable devotion to your city. As a native [more...]

August 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

The (ANCA LSI) Summer of ’17

  By Shant Eulmessekian ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship (LSI) Participant, 2017 Glendale Community College I apologize in advance if what you are about to read is too sentimental or dramatic, but as I sit in the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Aramian House on the final day of my [more...]

August 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

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