At the Armenian Weekly, we pride ourselves on being a platform for the many voices in our community, and while most of those voices submit their work on a volunteer basis, it’s also important to us to sponsor pieces from writers, journalists, and curious individuals around the world, who can provide valuable insight on a given topic.

If that is you, please read through our instructions for pitching stories to the Armenian Weekly. If you have any additional questions, please write to us at


What kind of content are we looking for?

First and foremost, our mission as a publication is to keep readers informed on news and opinions that are relevant to the Armenian world. Whatever you pitch to us should have some level of relationship to Armenia or Armenians—whether literal or figurative, geographic or conceptual. On top of that, we gravitate toward stories that provide analytical insight and offer something new to pre-existing conversations about Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora.


What percentage of our content comes from outside contributors?

A lot. We are a longstanding community publication—over 80 years strong—with a very enthusiastic reader-base, and as a result, the lines between readers and writers are often blurred. While we do have staff writers who publish works internally, that does not comprise the majority of our content.


Do we accept opinion pieces?

We often accept opinion pieces (Op-Eds) from members of the community, but we do not sponsor this type of content. If you would like to submit an opinion piece for consideration, please follow these instructions.


What kinds of stories do we commission?

Great question—and there is no simple answer. The Armenian Weekly newspaper is a publication of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern U.S. This means that stories relevant to the eastern U.S.-Diasporan Armenian community are of particular interest to us. That includes big cities, like Boston, Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia, but if you have an unexpected story about a lesser-known diasporan community, you’ve already piqued our curiosity, and we’re likely to commission it. While we are based in the Eastern U.S., we do consider exceptional pitches pertaining to diasporan communities across the Western hemisphere and internationally.

We have a good track record of commissioning local stories from correspondents in Armenian communities across the globe (including the Middle East, Turkey, Europe, and of course, Armenia). These pieces include reports of current events with original local sources, or in-depth analytical stories which bring together research on a particular issue. All international stories should be of interest to a broader, Armenian readership.


Where should you send your pitches?

Please email your pitch directly to and format the subject line of your email to match the following: “PITCH: [Title of Article]”


What should you include in your pitch?

Pitches should be no more than 250 words, and should clearly state the questions you intend to answer through your story, why you are the person best suited to tell this story, as well as the fieldwork required (if any). It also helps to include a couple of past writing samples, or clips, with your pitch, so we can get an idea for your style and what to expect, but this is not required.


How do we determine our rates?

Our rate is dependent on a number of factors, including length, level of investigation, novelty of the content, and just generally how interesting we think it will be for our readers at that moment in time.


Again, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to write to the editor at

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