Over the years, our publication has been a home for the news and analysis from across the Armenian world, as well as the thoughtful meanderings of Armenia’s vast Diasporan network. From recipes to political commentary, our pages have seen it all. If you are interested in writing for the Armenian Weekly, we have many different ways you can contribute, both as a volunteer or a paid contributor.

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Wondering what kinds of things do we publish? The answer to that has shifted over the years. Our sister publication, the Hairenik, was founded in 1899 with the intention of keeping Armenians—many of whom had recently fled the Ottoman Empire—informed on the goings on of their homeland, their local community, and also translating world news into their native tongue. The English-language counterpart was founded in 1934 as a response to the new generations of English-speaking Armenians in America. Much has changed regarding the circumstances of our newspaper, but what remains consistent is our mission of  keeping readers informed on news and opinions that will be useful or relevant to a diasporan readership.

Today, we are a Boston-based paper serving the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Eastern Region. As such, our publication’s coverage is usually limited to the areas that make up the eastern part of the United States. Readers will notice a large serving of events and voices from New England in particular, which is home to the oldest settlements of Armenians in North America. We welcome all types of submissions, but prioritize opinion pieces, coverage of local events, and commentary. Alternatively, please write to us directly at editor@armenianweekly.com with your idea.

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We’ve had some legendary voices traverse our paper’s historic pages—we hope yours will be next.