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Rupen Janbazian, Editor :

Rupen Janbazian, Editor

Rupen Janbazian is the editor of the Armenian Weekly. His writings primarily focus on politics, human rights, community, literature, and Armenian culture. He has reported from Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh Republic/NKR), Turkey, Canada, the United States, and Western Armenia. He has served on the local and national executives of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) of Canada and Hamazkayin Toronto, and served as the administrator of the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Toronto. Janbazian also taught Armenian History and Creative Writing at the ARS Armenian Private School of Toronto, and has worked on several translations.
Karine Vann, Assistant Editor :

Karine Vann, Assistant Editor

Karine Vann has been assistant editor of the Weekly since the fall of 2017. Her writings focus primarily on the the politics of culture, media analyses, agribusiness, and global supply chains. She has received her Masters in Musicology at U. of Oxford and her writings on music have been published in Armenia’s Journal of Social Sciences. She has worked with such organizations as ONEArmenia, Smithsonian, and USAID, and her writings on rural development have been featured in


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  1. The Centinary Commemorative Acts of the Armenian Genocide in preparation:-
    Today Sunday 18th March,2012 Messrs. Harout Sassounian -our ex-officio spokesman ,this side of the Atlantic ocean-and Hayk Demoyan of RA ,director of Genocide Museum ,were being interviewed at the USArmenia T.V. in Yerevan.
    Both dwelt on getting geared up for appropriate commemoration events.
    As of now there are speculations as to how these ought to be enacted.No specific plan in place,whether in Republic of Armenia or in the Diaspora(s).
    Then again mention was made of our adversaries(great Turkey and little brother Azerbaijan) very accentuated denialist maneuvres and counter-acts.-Picture, latest, in France,where they carried out tremendous efforts by their diplomats and Govt. functionaries, in order to jeopardise and render unacceptable by Constitutional Court of France the penalization Law that was ratified both by National Assembly and Senate of latter.
    Mr. Demoyan stressed the point that return of Christian churches, schools and hospitals ,recently raised in the U.S. Congress was to be noted.
    As yet not implemented by Turkey,but a possibility,which however to be sure will not be return of over a thousand such properties confiscated but ,say a tenth of the whole, since most are so destroyed and ruined as not to leave trace of these having been sanctuaries.Some turend into storage and /or used for other purposes still there. No doubt if Turks destroyed them, it is upto them to repair them.
    However, some such actions are to be understood mainly as to be the commencement of reparations. Reparations hardly of significance.
    They also dwelt upon more litterature, books and written material through Media to be introduced and diffused ,presumably, worldwide-to public at large.

    Plus,we should hope, new important Feature Films,T.V. shows/serials be prepared and shown
    Obviously untill such time as recognition of our Armenian Genocide has not become MORE WIDELY known and accepted worldwide,for which real efforts should not be spared, we cannot insist and press Froward for reparations.
    Real Reparations would first of all -in the opinion of this servant of the Armenian people-be BLOOD MONEY.Thence, our 500 strong BAR Association attorneys should prepare file from now on in order to then lodge the claim at the ICJ. A more real and feasible claim ,as AFTER admittance to enormous crime this is what follows.Witness the precedents of the jewish claims and payments by Germany -inheritor of Nazi German-to them.
    Also smaller but important facts that U.S. and French insurance companies, NY Life and AXA agreed and paid Life policy claims to survivors of Armenians (killed ), heirs.
    Encouraging indeed, that this first small but important step has been jointly taken by Diaspora and Armenia and that in Yerevan, Armenia. A reminder to all that cooperation between these two is just beginning.Hopefully,next ,one would think will be the establishment of AN OFFICIAL Entity in Yerevan with 5 main Diaspora Centres, viz. N.& S.Americas,EU,RF and Middle East in order to coordinate a concerted programme/Plan to enlap all necessary means to make the Centenary Commemoration Acts worldwide a success.

  2. I read an article in a recent addition of the Armenian Weekly re: the Talin dolls. I tried unsuccessfully the web site listed. I am very interested in purchasing four such dolls. Can you give me the source , price and etc. Thank you

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