ARF Youth launch pan-Armenian resistance

Considering the dangers posed to the statehood of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the imperative duty of preventing the loss of Syunik and additional losses to Artsakh, the global family of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) youth organizations has launched a pan-Armenian resistance movement which will bring about the long-awaited revolution of our national values and priorities through consistent work and struggle. 

Taking into account that,

  • The Turkish and Azerbaijani pan-Turkic ideology which seeks to wipe the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh off the map. 
  • The anti-national and treasonous steps of the Armenian government are leading a process of unilateral territorial and political concessions aimed at imaginary peace.
  • The domestic political situation in the Republic of Armenia is at a dead-end. There is a need to wage a multi-faceted struggle alongside the work of the Parliamentary opposition within the National Assembly.  

The ARF youth have resolved to launch a pan-national resistance movement, which focuses on five key fronts: 

  1. Spread and amplify the struggle against the Turkish and Azerbaijani aggressors
  2. Convey to the world powers that their policies cannot be implemented at the expense of the interests of the Armenian people
  3. Using impactful and abrupt measures, reject the divisive and destructive policies of the Armenian government
  4. Combat the expulsion of Armenians of Artsakh, the attempts of Turkey and Azerbaijan to isolate Artsakh from Armenia and the Diaspora and the emigration of the population of Syunik. The “Artsakh Reconstruction and Development” and “Towards Syunik” Program organized by ARF youth are great evidence of action in this direction.
  5. Unite and organize Armenian youth with the goal of creating a strong network of resistance

Dearest Armenian youth,

During these critical times, we call on you to join this resistance movement. We do not have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. Now is the time for a national awakening and to change the trajectory of the national downfall into a national uprising. 

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. Yes ARF A global awareness and knowledge on Armenian/Arsakh geopolitical and identity rights of Armenian people – systematically violated and suppressed – even through UN high level channels, corrupt financial deals, national interests and public opinion manipulation (Turkish state negationnism) must be created. Organizing political and militant lobbies working together all over the Armenian “free” Diaspora” to counteract the illegal political and diplomatic moves and policies of Poutine-and Turkish/Azeri coalition. Informing day and night the West of Armenian political truths and the despicable human rights and fair justice records of these States contravening all international norms and standards in relation to Armenian peoples, mainly in the Caucasus region, nd their inalienable rights.

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