Thank You: AYF Olympics Steering Committee

The city of Providence came alive with the Armenian spirit this past Labor Day weekend, as did the entire state of Rhode Island, as our athletes competed in venues statewide, and our city’s Convention Center was filled with the best of Armenian music and entertainment. Throughout the weekend, old fraternal bonds were renewed and new ones made.

Whether you supported one or all events, contributed to our ad book, volunteered time, or cheered us from the social media sidelines, we express our sincere gratitude to you.

Hosting the AYF Olympics during the year that marks the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was a labor of love. We, many of whom are the direct descendants of victims of the darkest time of our nation, combined our various talents to create a weekend dedicated to the memory of those before us, while providing the best of what Olympics is known for: athletic, social, cultural, and fraternal greatness.

We hope the 2015 Olympics stays in your heart until next year. Let our motto, “We rise together,” motivate you to always support the AYF Olympics experience.  What started 83 years ago in Brockton, Mass., as the first AYF Olympic Games, has remained steadfast in this ever-changing Diaspora. The AYF Olympics cannot be matched to any other annual Armenian experience for young and old alike. We have now passed the baton to the New Jersey “Arsen” chapter, host of the 2016 AYF Olympic Games.

The Providence “Varantian” 2015 AYF Olympics Steering Committee sincerely thanks you again for making this Olympics weekend a success!

See you in New Jersey!

Ungeragan Cherm Parevnerov,
The Providence “Varantian” 2015 AYF Olympics Steering Committee

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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