Akcam Awarded MESA’s Prestigious Hourani Book Prize

WORCESTER, Mass. (A.W.)—Historian Taner Akcam recently received the Middle East Studies Association’s (MESA) 2013 Hourani Book Prize for The Young Turks’ Crime Against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire.

Prof. Akcam with his award

Prof. Akcam with his award

MESA’s statement reads: “We award the 2013 Hourani Book Prize to Taner Akçam’s for ‘The Young Turks’ Crime Against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire,’ a compelling work of scholarship that provides the strongest historical argument to date regarding the Armenian Genocide. Based solely on Ottoman documents, Professor Akçam details the motives, the planning, the communications, the organization and the execution of the Ottoman demographic policy. In the field of genocide studies it broadens the concept of genocide to include the forced assimilation of children and women and the confiscation of property. It sets a new standard for scholarship in a controversial field.”

The award holds particular significance in light of the history of MESA’s approach to Armenian Genocide scholarship. In the introduction to his book, Akcam wrote the following about MESA’s stance:

“This work may also be read as a critical reflection on the silences in Ottoman historiography as practiced both in Europe and in the United States until recently. Most historians of the Ottoman period have elided the internal deportations, expulsions, massacres, and genocide that took place during the demise of the empire. These events have been ‘nonexistent’ in their works. What is more, broaching this subject has generally been dismissed as a disturbing expression of narrow-minded ethnocentrism by members of the targeted ethnic groups. Not so long ago, it was common practice to shun anyone who tried to open the topic at the annual meetings of the Middle East Studies Association, the umbrella organization for scholars in this field. It was as if ignoring mass deportations and annihilation were an academic virtue and noble act.”

In light of MESA’s history, “I consider this as an historic award and historic step from MESA. I dedicate this award to scholars like Vahakn Dadrian and Richard Hovannisian who diligently and tirelessly worked in the early years of MESA to get their voices heard,” Akcam told the Armenian Weekly.

Taner Akcam is the Robert Aram, Marianne Kaloosdian and Stephen and Marion Mugar Chair in Armenian Genocide Studies at Clark University.

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  1. Bravo, Akcam, and thank you for your perseverance and diligence in this much needed field of research. Please be safe.
    We can all support the dissemination of the important information in this book by cutting out this article in AW, and taking it to both our local and university libraries, and asking them to please buy at least one copy. Or, simply copy this page and email it to them with your request. All publicly funded libraries are interested in buying books that win awards, but you have to ask for them. Turks make sure that public libraries are filled with their denialist propaganda. Here is a Turk who has the courage to stand up and speak the truth. We need to support him. And his work needs to be in our libraries. It is the only way we can counter the propaganda of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. Taner has a readable style of writing that makes his work accessible to both the general public and scholars. I bet the Genocide deniers hate it whenever he publishes another book.

  2. Congratulations Mr Akcam (and happy birthday today 23 Oct!) for this award. I tried to order this book via Amazon UK and it was not available or heard of. Please advise how I could get a copy. Thank you.

  3. Bagratuni; order it from the publisher. They will ship internationally. My university ordered a copy with no problems. It’s worth waiting for.

  4. avatar Duygu Güvenç // April 12, 2015 at 10:49 am // Reply

    Taner Bey merhabalar,
    Sizi McClathy’nin Orta Doğu Büro Şefi Roy Gutman adına rahatsız ediyorum. Türkiye’de açık olan 1915 arşivleriyle ilgili sormak istediğimiz birkaç detay var.
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