Sisters’ Academy in Lexington Bids Farewell to a Productive Year, Welcomes Another

ASA students celebrating the Chinese New Year.
ASA students celebrating the Chinese New Year.

LEXINGTON, Mass. (A.W.)—The Armenian Sisters’ Academy in Lexington is a bilingual pre-kindergarten to 8th grade day school providing quality education in a positive environment where the emotional, spiritual, personal, and social development of the child are of high importance. The day care center established two years ago also provides a series of different activities daily that stimulate the mind and help children develop their learning and social skills. The school’s mission is “to help the students develop their talents so they can become successful and strong contributors to our community and the country,” said the school’s vice principal, Mayda Melkonian.

The high academic standard of the school is supported by a competitive curriculum certified by the Lexington school system and meets the Massachusetts State standards for education. The students’ excelling results in the Terra Nova standardized test is an indication of the school’s standards. Highly experienced, specialized, and trained teachers ensure the students’ academic achievement and lead the students towards competitive high schools. Currently, the ASA is a candidate for accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Throughout each academic year, the school engages the students, parents and teachers in various educational activities, field trips, and lectures, in addition to multi-cultural holiday celebrations and commemorative events. Moreover, the extra-curricular activities, such as “mad science,” karate, “little artists,” soccer, the “homework club,” “Armenian as a Second Language,” chess, music, the “kidzfun movement” program, and the Spanish-language classes extend the students’ learning outside the classroom environment, based on their individual needs and interests.

A Year in Review: 2008-09

The 2008-09 academic year began on Sept. 4, 2008, and was full of diverse learning and academically expanding opportunities. The main events in October included the students’ presentations in an event organized for the parents to celebrate Tarkmanchatz during the Armenian Cultural Month. Students recited poems and after the sermon, Fr. Raphael Andonian talked about the importance of the Armenian alphabet and the works of the Translators during the Golden Age.

A scene from the Christmas hantes.
A scene from the Christmas hantes.

The 8th grade fieldtrip to Buckman’s Tavern was an enhancement field trip as a continuation of Howard Fast’s April Morning they read in class. “This field trip…was a great way to learn about the way people lived back then [1775]. We saw toaster machines, roaster machines…” said Lucy Mesrobian, an 8th grade student.

On Nov. 4, students had firsthand experience in the voting system, as they were engaged in their own election of the next president of the U.S. The elections were an opportunity to freely express their opinion and get a taste of a significant historical day.

As a component of the ASA’s science and social studies curriculums, the 4th to 8th grade students had an educational field trip to the Museum of Science in Boston, where they experienced a Bobsled Engineering Design Workshop experiment and the Omni theater viewing of the “Lewis and Clark Expedition: The Great West, 1804-06.”

The Christmas hantes on Dec. 23 took place in a warm Christmas atmosphere. The birth of Jesus was presented through a play, songs, poems, and creative dances.

February was busy with the celebration of “Vartanantz,” the Stamp Show, and a visit from Ron Haroutunian.

On the occasion of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, Henry Lucas from the Spellman Stamp Museum came to the ASA to talk about stamps. The students had fun discovering presidential stamps and learning about rare and valuable stamps.

A bassoon player with the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops, and other orchestras, Haroutunian visited the 2nd grade class, where he showed and played the bassoon for the young students. “I learned about a musical instrument. The bassoon is a woodwind instrument. It is a very old instrument,” said Nishan Glorikian.

“He was a talented man. I know that it took him 30 years to be perfect,” said Ani Sarkis.

In March, Cindy Fitzgibbon, the meteorologist of Fox 25, visited the ASA to teach the 3rd through 8th grades about the weather. Her visit was broadcasted on TV the following day. The students were very enthusiastic with the two-hour visit by Fitzgibbon, who also shared the fact of being half-Armenian. While sharing their impressions, the students said: “I liked the part where she demonstrated condensation nuclei by putting smoke in a bottle and making a cloud.”

“I liked when she explained how there is a green screen behind her on TV. She also told how they use computers and satellites to help her predict the weather.”

“I liked the way she made it easier for us to learn about the weather. It was nice of her to put our school on TV.”

On March 20, during a town hall meeting, Sister Cecile Keghiayan, the principal, welcomed the newly appointed vice principal, Mayda Melkonian, and the parents. Melkonian gave her remarks, which highlighted the school’s mission and the role of the school in the community.

In April, the students participated in the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at the Massachusetts State House. Events in May included a visit to the Heritage Museum and a visit by the 8th grade students to MIT, where they took a daily course on fusion. A visit followed from MIT chemistry students to ASA. On May 29, the school held a walk-a thon as a fund raising event supported by the students and the parents.

The school year ended with professional trainings and workshops for teachers, the students’ visit to Kimbal Farm, the Science Fair, and finally, the end-of-year graduation hantes.

The Parent Committee’s involvement in the school’s activities is also noteworthy, as the committee works hard to bring current and formal ASA students and families together in a friendly environment. This year, the Parent’s Committee organized Thanksgiving Family Night, the Brunch with Santa, Christmas shopping, the Valentine’s dance, the yearly bazaar, the book fair, and the family picnic day.

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