Charlottesville: White Is Not a Color

Special to the Armenian Weekly  A friend of mine, a zoologist, once told me that chimpanzees are gorgeous animals, and that the recurrent claim they are ugly comes from a fear and a suspicion of resemblance, and not from objective evaluation. The chimpanzee, according to him, is the only animal we [more...]

August 23, 2017 // 19 Comments

Three Apples: The Relic

Once there was and there was not… that place 100 years ago that my ancestors survived, where teenage boys were hastily dressed as girls, young women married off to foreigners, and infants given up to Kurds so  they might all be spared. Those handful of survivors, who wanted to live at any [more...]

August 23, 2017 // 0 Comments

A Transition: From Boston to D.C.

By Taleen Simonian Boston University, Class of 2019 ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship Participant, 2017 Being a Bostonian means having a handful of inherent characteristics: a devotion to local sports teams, a sense of independence, and, most important, an unshakable devotion to your city. As a native [more...]

August 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

The (ANCA LSI) Summer of ’17

  By Shant Eulmessekian ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship (LSI) Participant, 2017 Glendale Community College I apologize in advance if what you are about to read is too sentimental or dramatic, but as I sit in the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Aramian House on the final day of my [more...]

August 21, 2017 // 0 Comments

Why Did Armenia Not Feel Like Armenia?

  Why did Armenia not feel like Armenia to me this time? That is the question I have been trying to answer for the past few days… Could it be because I did not go sightseeing? Could it be because I did not meet many new Armenians from other regions? Could it be because most our time there [more...]

August 11, 2017 // 27 Comments

‘Where Are You From?’ and the Huge Pile of Complexes

By Rupen Janbazian Translated from Armenian by Tatul Sonentz-Papazian ”Where are you from?’…This was not an existential query directed at us.’ “Where are you from?” “Toronto… from Canada.” “No! Before that…” This was not an existential query directed [more...]

August 10, 2017 // 5 Comments

Washingtonian Vitruvianism

  By Leonardo G. Torosian McGill University, Class of 2018 ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship Participant, 2017 When I saw Washington for the first time, last month, the first thing that struck me was the omnipresent neoclassical architecture superimposed on the Cartesian layout of the city. [more...]

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The Armenian Church: Questions and Candles

Special to the Armenian Weekly   “So, do you believe in God these days?” It’s a Wednesday afternoon in January, and my mother asks me this. I’m home from school for winter break. We’re in the car, on our way to the yoga studio across town. We’ve just been talking about grocery [more...]

August 9, 2017 // 3 Comments

‘Tebi’ or Not ‘Tebi’ (Yergir)? That Is the Question…

By Mari Tikoyan University of Maryland, Class of 2018 ANCA Leo Sarkisian Internship Participant, 2017   Should all Armenians go Tebi Yergir*? The idea of Armenians moving back to Armenia has been a heavily discussed topic in the Armenian community. During my time interning for the Armenian [more...]

August 4, 2017 // 9 Comments

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