“Who Remembers the Palestinians?”

after Najwan Darwish

(Photo: Sophia Armen)


Who Remembers the Palestinians?
after Najwan Darwish

We do
and I ride the bus to the Nakba protest with them
each day
and my soorj, this morning
We are drinking it with them

You, genocider—
Who remembers you?

Sophia Armen

Sophia Armen

Sophia Armen is an organizer and writer born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is the co-director of Armenian-American Action Network and the co-chair of The Feminist Front. She is the descendant of genocide survivors from Kharpert, Hadjin, Istanbul and Van.
Sophia Armen


“And how do I scream when I have no voice left?” -Suheir Hammad 🔸love for the people. swana feminist. organizer and so are you 🌻 she/they hye
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Sophia Armen

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