Israel Vote on Armenian Genocide Recognition Pulled from Knesset Agenda

The Knesset in session (Photo: Itzik Edri)

JERUSALEM—The expected vote for Israel to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide is no longer on the Knesset’s agenda this week, after Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein pulled the item on Monday.

Edelstein, who has continually supported recognition for years, has reportedly pulled the item from the parliamentary agenda, since it was unclear if there would be a majority in favor of the bill.

The vote was originally was set for May 29, after a motion to do so was approved 16-0.

Parliamentarian Tamar Zandberg, who had originally proposed the vote said that Edelstein decision is political and urged the Knesset to “do what was right.”

“Holding this debate, with a historic vote to recognize, is the right thing to do. Some preferred politics to doing the right thing,” Zandberg said at a Meretz faction meeting Monday, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post. “The Knesset should do what it promised. This is a matter of historic justice,” she went on.

The Jerusalem Post stressed that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel could lead to a outrage Turkey and Azerbaijan. Israel’s relationship with Turkey recently hit a new low after diplomatic envoys were expelled on both sides after Turkey’s outspoken stance on the death of several Palestinians by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip.

Both Edelstein and Zandberg have said that the matter of recognizing the Armenian Genocide should be not be viewed as a way to get back at Turkey.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has not made any official statements about recognition of genocide. In previous years, it had openly opposed similar motions.


  1. Disgraceful approach by Israeli parliament!!!!! Not recognizing historically proven genocide due to the political reasons!!! Shame on you!

  2. in the days leading up to this week, it was reported that 50 members of the Knesset supported the resolution. That means that only 11 more were needed to pass a simple majority in the 120 person Legislature. For this reason , it sounds that “influence” made its way again in this shameful situation. Of course, we are upset, but I would also like Israel to recognize the Genocide when relations with Turkey are not poor( apparently they are not as bad as reported). At least then , I would know they are doing it for the right reason and not some time of political response. The genocide of the Armenians should never be a third party to geo-politics.

  3. Lol we knew this will happen, every time it was presented to the Knesset they pulled it out and did not vote,
    Shame on them, and we recognize the The Holocaust and sympathize with the Jewish people.
    Well I guess we are bigger than those gutless and boneless politicians who for the sake of selling arms etc with Turkey, they decide to not Recognize the Armenian Genocide,

    • Shame. The Armenian Genocide was just as real as the Holocaust.

  4. Calm down. I notice that you, the Armenians are too extreme. Your behavior or discontent may push Israeli governments to renounce the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. These can also notice.
    I read that some of you reject the Knesset’s recognition positive of the Armenian Genocide in response to the Turkish governments. It’s not very diplomatic on your part.
    Be patient and diplomatic. That way, sooner or later, Israeli governments could recognize it. If you are too extreme, you suffer a big loss. Calm down, please.

  5. “There are no lasting friendships in politics…only lasting profits.” This was a quote I remember my Hye Tahd teacher telling us (Mr. Levon Kasparian – God bless his soul). Israel does not care about Armenia, its history or tragedy. It cares about Turkey’s money to buy its weapons.

    I blame Armenia for being a corrupt, bankrupt, unpopulated, and weak nation. If the leaders of Armenia truly cared about the nation, we would be more ahead after 27 years of independence than we are now. Billions of dollars that could have been invested in Armenia’s infrastructure, technology, education and the military were stolen. It is shameful and appalling. Let’s see what happens with a new president, prime minister and cabinet.

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