Paul Baghdadlian Passes Away (Updated)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (A.W.)—Legendary Armenian singer Paul Baghdadlian passed away on June 28 after a long illness.

Paul Baghdadlian

Baghdadlian began his career in the Middle East in the 1970’s, later broadening his reach to the U.S., Europe and beyond. He has written and produced hundreds of hit songs, mainly love ballads that have captivated Armenians across the globe.

Baghdadlian’s Facebook page was inundated with condolences. “You will always be around in our homes and our hearts… You’re irreplaceable!” wrote one fan. “Paul, I grew up listening to your beautiful ballads, new and exciting pop songs, and always looked forward to seeing you live… You were a beautiful person and will be missed,” wrote another.

In an interview in Beirut last year, Baghdadlian said that one of his happiest moments was hearing that two Armenians had gotten married after meeting at one of his concerts.

“It is with a clear conscience that I tell you now that I love and worship Armenia, my fatherland, even more than someone who was born and lived there,” he said on another occasion.

Baghdadlian concluded his concerts with the song “Hayortik,” which calls on Armenians to not forget their mother tongue. In his performances, he often repeated, “Love your nation, love your fatherland, love the red, blue, and orange [the Armenian tricolor flag].”


  1. I had the pleasure of attending Paul’s concert in Boston, Los Angeles and New York. Paul’s singing was always filled with emotions and echoed through the hearts of the audience.

    Paul was a good Armenian and a true patriot. 

    May he rest in peace.  My deepest condolences to his family.

    He will be missed by his fans including my two daughters.
    Garbis Korajian

  2. One of our true romantic  singers.We will always remember hin through his love songs.
    We will miss him dearly. May God bless his soul andmay the Holy spirit comfort his family.

  3. They say it’s not nice to speak unkindly of the dead, but what the hell. Did Paul Baghdadlian really contribute to Armenian culture or did he harm it? True, the language of most of his songs was Armenian, but what about the music? The above mentioned song, “Hayortik”, was originally an Enrico Macias song and many of his other songs made use of Azeri, Greek, Persian and Turkish tunes. There’s a lot more to say, but I think I’ll stop here.

  4. I grew up listening to Paul due to my mother and grandmothers love for him.  He truly was an amazing artist. 

    I have tears rolling down my cheek as I listen to his music and reflect on the loss.  It brings me to a place, long long ago. 

    God Bless him.  RIP.

  5. Observer incase you didn’t realise Paul songs are the most popular in Armenian music of the modern era, most Armenian wedding bands play his songs. Also if you know anything at all about music, judging by your comments you don’t the music you percieve as being Turkish, Greek, Azeri, is actually infact originaly all Armenian. Also the key most Armenian songs are performed in is similar to the above mentioned cultures. Most the instruments where used in the region over 2000 years ago, before Turkey was Turkey, before Greece was even Greece, and before Azeri’s. Also way before the Ottoman Empire. Obviously you don’t also know Paul and his songs and lyrics very well. So please in future research before you talk. RIP enger Paul.

  6. I don’t want to say anything bad about a deceased but i do agree with the Observer…I personally would not call him a legendary Armenian singer…don’t want to be rude but I would consider Charles Aznavour or Lusine Zakarian a legendary singer… just like Oberver said, he was an entertainer but not sure if he truly represented Armenian music or culture..again this is just my own opinion and no where i want to be disrespectful to the entertainer…

    that said, music was his passion and singing is something he loved to do.. he spent his life entertaining many Armenians and non-Armenians and he will be missed.. Any Armenian passing is a sad matter…   May he rest in peace…

  7. gayane and observer: I’m afraid you have no clue. Obviously you have never even been to a Paul concert, and are judging his Armenianness based on a few internet songs you came across. If you ever had the pleasure of listening to Paul speak about his Armenian heritage, you would be ashamed of yourself.
    Alex its true, many songs of Armenian origins are claimed by all the people surrounding the Armenians, especially the Azeris. The above comment by observer regarding “traditional Azeri songs” probably speaks a lot more of his own origin than anything else, since nothing Azeri truly exists, historic or otherwise.
    Also, he was every bit a legend. If you compare what we have today with all this rabiz garbage, then actually he is more than a legend. In the diaspora Paul has a big following and is known everywhere, whereas a great singer like Lusine Zakarian is hardly known outside Armenia.

  8. Gayane, I always admired your comments previously, but seriously you can not compare Paul to Charles Aznavour and Lusine Zakarian I don’t know who she is. Charles Aznavour to this day I haven’t heard him singing an armenian song, correction a patriotic song or does he even speak the Armenian Language?

    I have to agree with Alex’s and Paul Fan’s comments above.

    By the way, I was the one who commented about “Hayorteek” and don’t see my comment from yesterday.

    Paul was one of the Legends and will remain the legend for me.

  9. TO Paul Fan jan: Again.. please read my comments and understand that what i wrote is MY OWN OPINION.. everyone has their own opinion.. I never SAID Paul was not ARmenian.. I don’t want to question his Armenianness as you put it.. my point was: to me I can’t call him legendary Armenian singer because to me legendary means a complete different meaning.. I used CHarles and Lusine to show what I consider legendary…..maybe he is an idol to you but I don’t see him as such.. I see him as an entertainer and that is all…everyone has a different likes and tastes in music and musicians..however, I do respect him as an entertainer…. I just don’t consider his contribution to ARmenian culture to be strong and noteworthy… how I view his music is different than yours, it does not mean I can’t express my own opinion..jans…

    Arpi jan-.. Appreciate your comment.. and I feel very touched that you admired my comments on these posts… please understand that I view music as strongly as I view culture and his songs did not respresent that.. i am sorry.. realy sorry.. just my opinion..  Charles did great deeds for Armenia.. both financially and humanitarian help……

    Please listen to the links below and you will know who Lusine is.. everyone should know who Lusine is.. She was considered ARmenia’s soxak… one of the most beautiful voices ever known in the ARmenian nation… and in the Armenian churches….

    Thank you







  11. Paul was the BEST ARMENIAN singer!  He was loved by all man kind and truly loved his music and expressed it through his singing.  The western armenians (Gayane) never appreciated the Eastern Armenian music.  You need to get beat and rythm!

    May he rest in peace and God rest his soul.  He will truly be missed.  I grew up with his music and have the entire selection of music.  He brought life to concerts and commanded presence on stage.

  12. May Paul’s soul go to heaven.

    Gayane I appreciate what you are trying to say, although Paul will be missed by many, but his songs could never be in the same category as Lusine Zakarian and Koharik Kasparian.  Lusine and Koharik sang only classical singing, such as “դասական երգեցողութիւն”.  I only sing “դասական երգեցողութիւն” myself as I am still taking singing lessons from a very good vocalist prof. who’s professor, Ettorio Campogaliani was Luciano Pavarotti’s professor in Italy, and in my Church they say that I’m a professional.  Koharik and Lusine in Armenian were the “սոխակներ” of Armenia.  I have admired and loved Lusine’s angelic singing voice for many years and I have commented on numerous occasions.  I also appreciate Mrs. Bayrakdarian and Papyan, although they mostly sing Italian arias and in other languages; but I love Bayrakdarian’s “Groong”, “Dle Yaman” and some of her Armenian Apostolic Church songs, the “Sourp” and others.  However, I have listened to Paul a few times and he was entertaining, but cannot be in the same “դասական” classical category like the astounding Armenian sopranos that I have mentioned above.

    ” Աստուած Բոլին հոգին լուսաւորէ”:

  13. J jan— it is not about Western or Eastern Armenians…. I don’t put any distingtion between you and I.  We are ALL ARMENIANS…and each one of us has a different values, different tastes in music, in songs or in singers… so that does not mean what we express is wrong.. it is just our own opinion.. i don’t know how else to say this….

    Seervart jan– i agree with you..I brought up those singers to show what I consider legendary..i don’t know if it worked.but i tried….hopefully my previous post explained my thought process more clearly where i just don’t see how others see Paul’s music and his contributions to ARmenian culture and identity…Apres Seervart jan … I would love to hear you sing.. I bet you are absolutely brilliant…

    My dear Armenian friends:  Again….I respect Paul as an entertainer…but that is all…  i don’t see anything beyond that…i don’t want anyone to think i am against the man… all I did was express how I saw him as a whole in the entirety of what I call legendary and what I consider contribution to the Armenian culture.. true Armenian culture… no one said I am right or you are right.. we all have our own Opinions….and I shared my own opinion…my apologies if it did not sit well with most of you….

    Thank you


  14. Gayane jan, Don’t feel bad that you have expressed your own individual opinion, we all do and as individuals we are entitled to do so.  I happen to agree with your views, although I mourn Paul’s death and for his contributions through his style of Armenian songs.

    One day perhaps we’ll meet Gayane jan, then you’ll hear me out.  I happen to think that you are brilliant in so many ways and I admire your Armenian warmth, patriotism, vigor and drive for life.

  15. All hail the KING…there will never be another Armenian Singer who could replace The Legend, The King, The Greatest of all time! Shame on TV Stations in Armenia not even reporting the news of his passing, and shame on all those who fail to recognize his greatness. Paul was Lebanese-Armenian but he was ARMENIAN to the core…NONE of these so-called singers no matter where they hail from and i mean NONE as in ZERO…can ever come close to who Paul was and touch as many hearts, He was the Armenian Elvis or Michael Jackson. He was THAT big in the diaspora even if he wasn’t in Armenia itself, they were the ones missing out on his immense range and talent. God rest your soul King Paul.

  16. Paul,was more of an Idol than a Legend,Although,I never had the opportunity to attent his concerts,However, I had the privilege in meeteing him on occasions in ,Beirut, in person during the 1974-’79,Lebanese civil war. Paul,would stop by at our checkpoint with his buddies,from time to time,to say Hi,chat a lil’, get the lattest scoop on the frontline and ‘show-off’ his newly purchased, Taco Bell-look-a-like puppy. I found ,Paul, laid back,a pleasant person and a true patriot. We considered him one of our ‘Unger.’ But with his unfortunate and sad passing, he is now out there somewhere, with the rest of our,Heratzatz Ungerner. My sincere condolences to his immediate family,friends and fans. RIP Unger.

  17. @ Observer,

    Enrico Masias, was born in ,Constantin,Algeria, to a Jewish parents. When I was a kid I used to enjoy listening to his hit songs, ‘Oh Guittare’, ‘Adieu Mon Pays’ and ‘L’oriental’. His last copycat ‘hit’ song, ‘Zingarella’ was made debut in the early ’80’s. The song ‘Zingarella’ is originally Italian song sang by ,Salvatore Polizzi. Today,this song is performed by just about many nationals, Armenian,Bulgarian,French,Greek,Turk,Russian,Polish,Arab who knows may be Hindu too. Anyway, the moral to the story, is that I pretty much have a clue what you are up to. Let’s just say Enrico has never sang any Armenian song. Good try.

  18. There were two big rabiz icons in my childhood: Paul Baghdadlian and Harout Pamboukjian. Paul always was full of energy, passion and love to Armenia and armenian people. He’ll be missed by many armenians from all of the world.

    Աստուած լուսաւորէ Փոլին հոգին

  19. During the 1970s I saw & heard Paul & his excellent band perform in LA.
    I believe that anybody who experienced his work in person was touched by his voice, his soul, his heart for all Armenians & all our Armenias- Syria, Lebanon, Hayastan, Turkey, USA… A strong & loving man has fallen asleep & will awaken again. Thank you, Paul. Mike Adajian. Chicago.

  20. All this talk is nothing but shameful.
    I have met Paul in Montreal. He was very friendly, respectful and loving. He sang so passionately. I have never seen such a passionate singer, he was not only singing his throat out, but his heart out too! He was even more emotional visually on stage than just hearing his songs from a pair of speakers.
    He is the best singer in the history of Armenians, most popular one. If you are an Armenian, then you know his name and have at least heard one of his songs. 
    Although I was not a big fan, but I do admit that he was the most popular Armenian singer ever! Facts are facts, you cannot deny them! It is true!

    Paul was a great singer indeed. His songs were tough to digest, especially if you were heartbroken (haven’t we ever felt like that at one point in life?).

    Paul Baghdadlian had Armenian blood. His “Hayortik” song was his way of expressing his pain of being away from his fatherland Armenia, and a wake up call for all Armenians not to let go of our beautiful language!

    Khorkin harkanknerss polor hay yerkitchneroon vor hayeren lezvov gerken! 

    One more note: He sang about love… but did he really find the true love from above?

    Only God can be the judge!

  21. Anyone who says “any” negative comment about Paul;is full of male bovine excrement !
    Paul kept the Armenian songs alive throughout the world; he replenished the diaspora with his Armenian music. So anyone that degrades Paul in any shape or manner !!SHUT***UP!

  22. Its not about Armenian culture. Its about the voice and the words.  If someone really wants to hear true Armenian music, listen to duduk and no other instruments.  he was just different.  if you talk about Armenian singers then talk shit about all the singers cause no one actually writes there own music they just copy.  this day in age, his songs are popular. so shut your mouth and know what your saying.  Damn old fashion Armenians, they just talk shit shit shit, but if you go to people house they got Turkish music collections like a records store.  be modern so we can go forward not back.  if this enough for you or you want me to continue. good bye RIP Paul Baghdadlian (LEGEND)

  23. It has become obvious, based on the replies to my original post; there can be no intellectual debate in this forum.  The amount of emotional, reactionary and even racist comments, some border lining conspiracy theory, amazes me.  I think the only person that got my point is Gayane, whom I thank. To say “…nothing Azeri truly exists, historic or otherwise”, is almost as destructive as destroying khachkars in Julfa.  Don’t be guilty of the same crime committed against you, denying the existence of an entire people.

    To Alex’s comment “Paul songs are the most popular in Armenian music of the modern era”, what are “Paul’s” songs, and, if he’s so popular then why is he virtually unknown in Armenia? His repertoire consisted of an eclectic mix of Armenian Troubadour (Ashughakan, Gusanakan), Rabiz (a misnomer of the portmanteau “rabis” from the Russian “rabocheye iskustvo” workers art), and tunes borrowed from neighboring peoples, mostly performed with a non-Armenian melisma.

    “His” song “Hayortik” was originally recorded in the 70’s by the Beirut based band, “The Five Fingers”. “His “song “Anush Yar” from his 1977 album “Siroum Em Kez”, is actually a Greek song, “Misirlou”, first performed by the Michalis Patrinos Rebetiko Band in Athens, Greece in 1927. “His” song “Kez Yem Hishoum” from the 1992 album “Arantz Kez” is actually a Persian song “Dige Ashkam Vaseh Man Naz Mikoneh” from Googoosh’s 1970’s album “Kavir”. The list goes on and on…

    Look, I’m not here to condemn or condone Paul, I’m just stating the facts. I’m sure he holds
    a place somewhere in the history of diasporan Armenian music. 

    Finally to Krikor Sarkissian, Ճանաչել զիմաստութիւն եւ զխրատ, իմանալ զբանս հանճարոյ

  24. My Dear Paul, I am not Armenian but i have always loved and appreciated you songs also your music, it is heart braking for me to loose you as a person also as a singer.   May GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL  may you see your loved ones in heaven, may you see my loved ones, please give my regards to my brother. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL PAUL BAGHDADLIAN

  25. @ Observer,

    Do you have no pride in yourself and some respect and consideration to others? This is not the time to bring your lil’ sorry whiney butt and bawl. You’ve been contradicting yourself since yesterday. Who cares if Paul was legend or not.He was famous Armenian and had fans worshiping him from six comtinents.

  26. Observatoire, If I can answer your question to Observer, Gomidas’ songs are all of Armenian origin and motif.  You see, he used to go to all the little towns from the Armenian Highland and he collected the Armenian songs and in some cases he reconstructed the songs.  He gathered hundreds thousands of them, then the Armenian Genocide happened and he was forced to walk the death marches to the interior of Anatolia with the 250-300 Armenian intellectuals, and then he was called back; but unfortunately approx. two thirds of all his songs that he gathered them bit by bit were burned to ashes by the Ittihadist government.  No wonder the poor thing went into depression and later slowly lost his mind until his death.  He worked so hard to gather those songs and sometimes to reconstruct them professionaly all those wonderful ethnic Armenian songs and then in one day a good many of them were burnt to ashes by the bloody Ittihadists.

    I will mention a few of Gomidas’ songs: Groong, Dle Yaman, Koutanerk, Mokats Mirza, Hov arek sarer Hov arek, Yerginken Ambel A, Alakyaz Sarn Ambel A, Es Kisher Lusnak Kisher, Chinar Es, Karun A, Im Chinar Yar, Kutan Hats Em Perum, Hoy Nazanim, Qeler tsoler, Qaghhan, Xngi Dsar, Hol Ara Yezo, Krisdosi Metch Mer Haydnetsav, Der Voghormia,  Kohanamk, Xorhurd Xorin, and much more that we Armenians have it in our possession, thank goodness.

  27. Dear Observer, How very nice of you to put out these few but very precious authentic Armenian songs that span from the heart of our people’s lips and hearts.  After all we were “լեռնցի ժողովուրդ” mountainous people from Mush, Erzeroum, Artsakh, Van, Kharpert and Tilijan and these fit the picture exactly.  I loved listening to them.  Thank you.

  28. I would like to make a correction to my above post.

    «Մեր հայրենի երգերը որոնք կը բխին Հայ ժողովուրդի սրտէն, հոգիէն ու շրթերէն», Our Armenian songs that stem from the hearts of our people’s lips and souls.

  29. Yes, Observer and Seervart –   very beautiful.
    I also like Kohar Ensemble’s performance of traditional Armenian songs.
    Element’s rendition of various Armenian popular songs is also modern and excellent.
    I believe, like Classical Music, traditional Armenian music will live on forever – or for as long as there are Armenians in this world.
    But we have to admit that popular singers like Paul, Aram, Adiss, Tata…..  fill an important  niche in Armenian life, whether one likes their music or not: realistically,  it would be pretty hard to let loose and party to traditional Armenian music these days. Each has a role.
    Just the same, Paul is not here to defend himself, so it is not fair to criticize him.
    His music is not to my personal liking, but he clearly made a lot of  people happy, so his departure from life before his time is to be mourned.
    I don’t believe he caused anyone harm by his music.
    No need to fight amongst ourselves.

  30. Yes Avery jan, Although I never attended Paul’s concerts but I just listened to him on u-tube and although his genre is popular like Adiss Harmandian, but his music is catchy and it is well fitted for parties and weddings.  He will be missed by many, may he rest in peace!

  31. Hyeortik, was not Paul’s orignal song. It was Haro Pourian who sang it first.

    Paul, was a nice person. May God illuminate his soul. His songs however are of low caliber and emberrasment to the Armenians. Armenian Radio Hour in Cyprus, Lebanon and ARF radio stations did not play them.

  32. Paul’s songs are of low caliber. If they were, there wouldn’t be the need to defend his “art” the way you are.

    Other Armenian artists have past on and neither their music was declared inferior nor they needed defending online.

    God rest his soul. He was a good man.

  33. Observer…thank you for posting those ancient archaic yet authentic armenian folk songs.
    Paul was a singer and entertainer, you could sing and dance to his music.   He brought livelihood to songs where if you heard his songs, you couldn’t sit, it gave you the urge to dance.   Everyone has different tastes obviously, however, he is the #1 artist that you can compare to Michael Jackson/Elvis of Armenians.

    People…the man has died, let him rest in peace!  My God rest his soul……I will miss his concerts!  They were one of the best! 

  34. most of us Armenians grew up with Pauls songs and not lusine or charles Aznavor , even todays generation including my sons dont know who this singers are  but they do know who Paul is and lov him   so please Gayane Paul is a Legend  May GOD bless his soul  i love you PAUL

  35. Seto jan- you can call him whatever you like my friend… I am not going to deny you from that option.. however, please don’t impose your belief on others who do not see Paul as a legend but only as an icon… that includes myself and Observer.. No one said Paul was not a good person, nor a good entertainer.. No one blamed him for being him.. No one is questioning his Armenianness… So why such hostility.. Oh my..

    GTand Krikor- Simply rude. That is all I can say. Just because there are people who don’t see what you see in an enterainer and dont’ consider him a legend or a major contributor to the Armenian culture, it does not mean you can tell us to shut up… So instead of fighting or disrespecting those who see Paul differently, READ and truly understand what we are trying to say first before jumping to conclusion..We do not hate the man, or we do not disregard Paul as a good enterainer.. He was an entertainer and any Armenian son or daughter that we lose, it is a loss for all… But just because Paul was not OUR idol, it does not mean we should automatically be disregarded and told to shut up…So please see through our message first then jump to a conclusion.. We respect your opinion, you should ours…

    Observer jan- thank you for the links.. they were indeed heartwarming and absolutely beautiful….

    Seervart jan- I agree with you and thanks for sharing about Komitas.. He is one of the legends…that is for sure…


  36. I think, Paul  was one of the best known and popular singer in America……….. would you care if the tune was persian greek or what else. he sung them with passion.. I loved his love songs… please do not go further.. saying he was not a  classical singer or else. He sung with passion.. I bought every single of Paul Cd’s…………….. I loved his singing style, it did not matter for me if it was Greek tune…………. He was a great singer and entertainer….. If you were in love than you will listen him differently and he touched you differently…..  God Bless his Soul……….

  37. I’m sick and tired of some of you Armenians talking about how Paul was “low calibre”, “rabiz”, “nothing compared to Komitas” etc. Nobody is doing that comparison, only you are who it seems are desperate to find fault with a great entertainer just to make yourselves “feel good”. Paul was simply a pop artist, and a damn good one, that’s why he will be remembered as a legend by many. Comparing Paul to Komitas is like comparing Micheal Jackson to Beethoven. Stop being silly!
    Paul was a musician / pop artist / composer / entertainer. His music ranged from traditional to cultural to patriotic to new/modern Armenian. I would say that of all the pop artists that I have seen, Paul was the only one whom I found to be greatly entertaining CONSISTENTLY. In this regard, he will be remembered as a legend. And yes, it is possible to have more than one legend in history!

  38. Paul Fan- it is a mute point getting a thought across to you because obviously you completely overlook the message behind those of us who do not see Paul as passionately as you do and continue to play the same tune.. accusing us of hating Paul, or trying to find fault with his music.. wow.. is absolutely ridiculeous….talk about total ignorance on your part that NO ONE has been doing that.. but then again now I know why as a nation menq chenq karoxanum miasin ashxatenq.. hents es dzevi mtatselakerpov martkants pacharov.. vor chen uzum haskanan u hashtven en banin vor menq bolors unenq mer kartsiqnera bayts misht petqa respect and value each other’s opinions not jump to UNNECESSARY conclusions…but oh well… so much for that…

    Fresh Prince of Armenia– and you encouraging such attitude is disturbing….the goal is not to shut the haters up… because there are no haters on these pages except those Turqer who consistently come on these pages to create confusion and choas.. now you guys should shut THEM up and not your countrymen…

    Anyway… time to move on..

    Have a nice day..




  40. Shame on you Krikor for uttering such disgraceful language.  I don’t appreciate all the negative comments to Gayane for simply expressing her humble thoughts without attacking or saying any negativity towards Paul.  She was only expressing her thoughts that I happen to agree with.  She did say as I have said it too “Asdvads hokin lusavore Paulin”.  May God bless and have mercy upon Paul’s soul and we love him as an Armenian singer and a man.  She didn’t say anything negative, excepting that Paul was a popular singer that cannot be measured in the same way as Lusine Zakarian, Goha Gasparian, Gomidas Vartabed, and others who are and have been schooled and trained very well to sing and or compose Armenian classical “tasagan yerketsoghutyun” songs.  That’s not putting down anyone nor Paul or Adiss Harmandian or his genre.  It means that they differ and when your ear and schooling is trained to appreciate high classical music and songs, that’s what you appreciate mostly, that’s it.

  41. I very well understand Observer’s point of view, because the true authentic Armenian songs and musics that stem from the hearts and the souls of the Armenian people who sang their songs from thousands of years ago on the mountains of Armenia, before Armenians were Christians, when we as a nation were pagans, that’s when we started singing our own ethnic songs.  That is the real Armenian genre of songs and what our forefathers sang when they were working in the fields, when they were building their houses and were building their bridges.  Yes our songs started from the times when we were pagans.  This is the true authentic Armenian songs that Observer was talking about and expressing his thoughts, his preferancesand and he further demonstrated on the very sights that he provided us with.  The 75 year old man that sang a few Armenian songs were passed on to him from his father and his forefathers; our own forefathers yours and mine. He was simply saying that those were the real Armenian songs that we could simply call them Armenian which was passed onto us from time immemorial.

  42. Seervart jan—mersi quyrs for making it simpler for those who continue to write the same negative comments about those of us who differ in taste… hopefully they will finally see the difference what we are trying to say instead of rudely pointing out what we ARE NOT saying..especially when those of us who disagree on the legendary status of Paul but truly legitimate comments.. chisht@ jisht@ mnum…you get it.. you always got it Seervart jan…:)

  43. “Ninety-nine percent of all problems in communications start with misunderstanding which develop as a result of differing viewpoints and conditioning”, Mark Twain.

    “To observe people in conflict is a necessary part of child’s education.  It helps him to understand and accept his own occasional hostilities and to realize that differing opinions need not imply an absence of love”, Milton R. Saperstein.

    We as a nation have to learn from the two above mentioned wise quotes and be able to differ in opinions without showing undue hostilities, negative thoughts or acitons, Seervart.

  44. It takes courage to go against the grain.
    I re-read gayane’s (and Seervart’s posts): both are nothing but respectful towards the person of late Paul: there was no disrespect directed at his person.
    To use such language (….‘bovine’)  towards Armenian ladies who happen to disagree with someone’s assessment of Paul music does not bring honor to Paul’s fans and Paul’s memory.
    To Deify a singer, any singer or entertainer  is absurd.
    If you have the place in your heart to deify another human being, deify those young Armenian warriors who willingly, knowingly walked into a machine gun during the Artsakh War of Survival and Liberation and sacrificed their young lives to save their families from annihilation, to save their warrior brothers from  certain death. There are about 5,000 of them whose names and souls need our remembrance.
    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

  45. Avery jan- mersi.. i simply got goosebumps after reading your posts.. you are absolutely correct

    God Bless our young and old soldiers…


  46. Gayane jan, I am the middle of a book from the life of our medzn Gomidas Vartabed “Կոմիտասը ինչպիսին եղել է” which I have purchased it when I went to Armenia this past year, he used to go to all the various Western Armenian towns in and around 1900’s and he would collect from the local Armenians their songs as well as their dance songs and then he revived and reconstructed them about 25000 of them.  They were all the true authentic Armenian songs left from our forefathers, but as I said it earlier unfortunately more than two thirds of them were burned to ashes by the Ittihadists.  Gomidas was a composer as well as a singer.  I

  47. I wanted to add that all of Gomidas’ works gives us such a national pride.

    Avery jan, I always felt the same way as you do towards our men of arms who fought with bravely and gave their precious lives for Artsakh which has been their anscestral homeland for millenia.  I didn’t know the number was 5,000 it’s too bad; may their souls rest in abundant peace and in heaven.  Indeed we must and should deify those 5,000 brave Armenian warriors who won our own lands back from our enemies that today we can enjoy our lands and feel national pride for it and towards our b

  48. I am lost for wards…I believe Paul is the best Armenian singer in the world !!! The name Paul is very special for me , it was my youngest son’s name , who passed away when he was 18 years of age . God bless their souls !!!!!!

  49. To Everyone Above,
    Let’s not go back and forth and hide behind the politically correct “That’s my Opinion” bullshit. In referencing Paul Baghdadlian, there is no discussion or argument whether he is a Legend. Fact of the matter is, he has contributed to the greater good of the Armenian Culture far beyond any other singer, entertainer, musician… I can even go as far to say; he may be the only Armenian with the greatest contribution. Who else do you know of that hosted events where people met, fell in love, got married, Paul sang at their wedding, had kids, invited Paul to sing at their kids baptism, their kids got married and invited Paul to sing?!? He has single handedly ensured the growth and prosperity of the Armenian People around the world. This is LEGEND.

  50. I recently discovered Paul even though I grew up in Glendale/Burbank area in the 90’s. Strange but I was never really interested in Armenian music back then. I’m 40 years old now and came across one of his songs and it just drew me in. I listened to all his songs and watched his interviews and such. I don’t know where the HATE is coming from some of you guys. The best one was “He’s not really Armenian” and things like “He was rude and selfish”.

    I’ve watched many of his interviews from the 90’s, they are all on YouTube. I distinctly recall once where the interviewer asked what he thinks of people who don’t like him. His response was absolutely genuine where he said something like “It’s really doesn’t matter as long as they listen to Armenian singers and support Armenian artists, language and culture.” That’s the selfless thing for someone who is supposedly “rude and selfish”. This man is a legend and I’m kicking myself for not finding him sooner in my younger years.

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