Hachikian to Sarkisian: How Dare You Squander Our Political Capital?

Below is the text of the comments made by ANCA chairman Ken Hachikian during the Oct. 3 meeting with President Serge Sarkisian in New York.

Mr. President:

The Armenian National Committee of America stands with the overwhelming majority of the Armenian American community in opposition to the intense pressure by Turkey and its allies to force Armenia into accepting a flawed and dangerous set of protocols that threaten the security of Armenia, surrender the rights of the Armenian nation, and insult the dignity of the Armenian people. Among the ANCA’s primary concerns, in keeping with the basic American principles of fairness and the enduring values of the Armenian nation, is that Armenia, illegally blockaded by Turkey and under intense economic and diplomatic pressure, is being forced into accepting terms that threaten her interests, rights, safety, and future–very notably in the form of a proposed “historical commission,” whatever its composition turns out to be. This provision, a tactic long pursued by Ankara to cast doubt on the historical record of the Armenian Genocide, is clearly intended to serve Turkey’s drive to roll back the growing tide of international recognition of this crime against humanity.  There can be, as a matter of basic morality and political reality, no enduring relationship between Armenia and Turkey that is not built upon the foundation of Turkey’s acceptance of a true and just resolution with respect to the Armenian Genocide.

Further, these protocols outrageously surrender the historical rights of the Armenian nation to a just resolution of the Armenian Genocide. They also dangerously undermine the right to freedom and self-determination for the Nagorno Karabagh Republic.

Mr. President, your actions in pursuing these protocols are naive. They are reckless. And they are simply irresponsible. Your assertion that they do not contain any preconditions insults our intelligence. The requirement for a commission of historians, which I might point out has been soundly rejected by the International Association of Genocide Scholars, the formal recognition of borders, and the acknowledgment of territorial integrity without any mention of self-determination are all preconditions imposed and insisted upon by Turkey, which you have unwisely accepted at the point of their blackmail of the closed borders. These preconditions were and are requirements of Turkey; they are the price you are willing to pay to the Turkish blackmailers. Many countries readily normalize relations without such one-sided preconditions.

How dare you accede to Turkish blackmail when our forbearers sacrificed so much and suffered at the hands of the Turks, who to this very day deny the Genocide which the rest of the world acknowledges?

How dare you attempt to squander the political capital that so many have, at great sacrifice, built up over the decades in capitals around the world? And make no mistake, signing the protocols would put at risk that very capital. You have no moral right to do so. You have no power to do so. And we will not allow you to do so.

You cannot take away the rights of our nation and our people simply because you view yourself as the savior of our country. You are not saving our country; you are relegating us to a subservient position to Turkey while simply abandoning our rights to justice. Your efforts are doomed to failure.

You will be remembered as the president who led our country to a path of dependency, who foolishly bargained away our lands, whose misjudgments led us to a weakened status. If you go forward with these protocols, your legacy will be deeply flawed.

Do not attempt to hide behind the support of the minority who blindly offer support for your initiatives. They are not the true grassroots of the diaspora. They simply do not represent the majority of the community. In the face of our vigilance in confronting successive U.S. administrations over their blind and unwavering support for Turkey, their default position is to support these policies of the U.S. State Department. They are the same people who surrendered Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, who supported the disastrous Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission, and who supported the nomination of Richard Hoagland, a morally reprehensible genocide denier, to be ambassador to Armenia. They no longer have political relevance in our community. Don’t be seduced by their meaningless support.

Mr. President, you are making a grave mistake here. I hope you have the wisdom to listen to your countrymen and to back away from this disastrous agreement, before you bring great harm to our country, to our people, and to your presidency.


  1. THANK YOU KEN!  I am fuming over this fiasco.  Who the hell do they think they are?

  2. Bravo Ken
    You succinctly and clearly stated what we are all feeling.
    President Sarkisian’s legacy will be exactly as you outlined.  I truly hopes that he heeds your excellent advice.

  3. Ken told him exactly what the truth dictates that the President hear. We do not have time to play the emperor’s new clothes game as some  fringe elements do so well in these situations ignoring the need for honest and timely action.  
    The President appears to be ill advised and ignorant as to the legal significance of the terms he is agreeing to . He should be examined by qualified physicians to determine whether he is competent and has the neccessary soundness of mind to even enter into such agreements.

  4. Thank you Ken
    I hope he is going to take into seriouce consedetioan this article. but  
    the time  is short and his surround as well they don’t want him to listen.
    in this matter he become  DEAF

  5. Maybe Ken should go to Armenia, get his Armenian citizenship and in 10 years time run for president or some other high office.  Until then, he has no right to dicate his terms to the RA president.  What capital has he built?  Every year is the same game in Washington, Armenians want the President of the USA to say the G word, he never does and then there always follow the articles about how turkey controls the state department, etc.  Instead of wasting the millions on getting some idiot in the white house to say what we already know is fact and many others, let’s use the money in a more pragmatic fashion.

    I’m tired of the hysteria that the ANCA and others are causing among the Armenian-American community.

  6. Thank you Ken for speaking in such a bold voice. I wish we had more people like you in Armenia’s current administration.
    This should be a wake up call for all Armenians throughout the world. We need to unite once for all and see the truth,  Armenia can be lost very easily. The current corrupt administration in Armenia is illegally elected and must be brought to justice and replaced by a democratically elected government.  Diaspora needs to understand that while being  thousands of miles away, we can lose our Armenia very easily, hence, we need to get involved in the country’s political, social and economical development, otherwise its doomed,  and deemed to be destroyed.
    We need to bring democracy to Armenia,  and begin moving back home.
    After all, Who needs Armenia without Armenians !!!!


    The only part of your comment which I agree with and which is also the most important, is that Diaspora Armenians need to seriously consider repatriating.  Otherwise, it is unjust for a Diaspora Armenian to dictate what policy should be followed in Armenia when it is the residents of the country that will be effected.  The Diaspora will not be around forever, and if those in the Diaspora wish for their descendants to remain Armenian, then moving to Armenia is the only long term option.

  8. AR could join his/her beloved traitor president Sarkisyan and both go to hell!
    Kocharian and Sargisyan are both bad apples of Gharabah.

  9. Mr. Ken Hachikyan of ANCA is 100% right. That is the truth and the whole truth. But there something to be added in order to have the “nothing but the truth.” The President whom Mr. Ken Hachikian is talking to is not a legal President. On phone, U.S. State Secretary has promised legality to Mr. Sarksyan versus Armenia Dignity and the human right to live. This is something Mr. Sarksyan is not able to utter aloud. The bad news for Mr. Sarksyan is that U.S. State Secretary is not going to keep her promise, because it has been articulated in a very vague and diplomatic way.

  10. Ken, an excellent inspiring message, as opposed to the slavish nonsense that AAA, AGBU, the Diocese, and KOV are trying to palm off on the people.

    You said what needed to be said to that sour-faced Communist fraud.

    I would go even further. 

    Commissar Sargsian should resign and go retire in Istanbul where he can  earn a few dollars (not that he needs it) as a part-time advisor to Erdogan.   The next time the Turks need to massacre some uppity Armenian demonstrators in the streets, the Commie can show the Turks how it’s done, lest they have forgotten.

  11. Ken, thank you for an excellent speech. This is a sure way of rebuilding credibility lost by ANCA following its position on the events of March 1-2, 2008 in Armenia. I hope we as a nation can now see that leaders who are not accountable to their constituency (both inside and outside the country) can do dangerous things.

  12. TO MACK:

    Do not pass judgement on those whom you have never met nor spoken to.

    I advise you and others on this board to read about geopolitics and also to some of the posters who seem to think they are ‘better’ Armenians than others to read Armen Ayvazyan’s article “Who is an Armenian?” 

  13. Why is the ARF not calling Sargsyan’s election what it is ….. fraudulent? Any document he signs will therefore be fraudulent. Why is the ARF not calling for Sargsyan’s resignation in addition to Nalbandians’?

  14. AR,

    Although you appear to have interest and strong opinions on the matter , you certainly lack judgment and foresight.

    1.  Ken and the ANCA are not dictating policy, but rather asking the president not to follow a course of action which will be disastrous to Armenian rights now and forever.
    2.  Diasporan Armenians have an absolute right to have their interests and views represented by the Republic of Armenia.  90% of us are not Diasporan-Armenians by choice, but rather as a consequence of the Genocide.  Talaat was the first to try to silence us;  would you and Mr. Sarkisian like to join him?
    3.  You may have differences in how resources are expended in Washington; if so, then put your time and money where your keyboard is and do your own advocacy in your own fashion.  Until then, please refrain from castigating the generous Armenian-Americans who consistently contribute towards our quest for justice with their pocketbooks or the sweat from their brows.

  15. I think the current situation is a result of lacking a clear common strategy for Armenia and Diaspora.
    The authorities in Armenia don’t understand or know about plans of Diaspora. And the Diaspora was not active and competent enough in issues related to Armenian and Kharabagh. As a result Armenia had  several serious diplomatic losses.
    Now there is a big pressure from US and Russia to make a deal with Turkey. Both have their reasons. And getting rid of the Genocide recognition might be one of them for US administration.
    Anyway, instead of calling each other names we should analyze the reasons and find solutions.
    We should first of all concentrate on easing the international pressure on signing the protocol. Until then Sargsian has very few options.

  16. Are you or someone you know still enslaved to an ottoman mindset? Do you justify the dangerous actions of insincere opportunists in order to visualize grandiose roles of self-importance? Do thoughts about non-compliance, independence, truth, justice, genuine reconciliation and dignity elicit symptoms of anxiety?
    Well you’re not alone.
    Hundreds of low-life drones just like you are in desperate need of salvation. Be it within the corridors of the AAA or meeting rooms of the AGBU, ill-informed and misguided subjects of Armenian ancestry sit helplessly intrigued by idealistic notions of appeasement only their ottoman masters would fancy. Yes, it’s true that some Armenians have trouble breaking free from the same ottoman slave mindset their great-great grandparents were subject to on a daily basis before being raped and burned alive in 1915.
    However, Ken is an example of an individual who has broken free from this defeatist mindset. He has neither forgotten history nor relinquished his quest for justice. There are many of us like-minded out there. If you dream of breaking free from debilitating chains of blind appeasement your chance to do so is only a click away.
    Please free yourself or help free others before its too late. Visit http://www.anca.org or stoptheprotocols.com.
    Thank you Ken.

  17. If I understand this whole mess correctly, Diaspora does not have much power over what is going in Armenia; otherwise we would have had a better success by now.. Otherwise, Sarkissyan would have shown his face and listen to the people in Diaspora.. but so far he has not.. what a coward…Therefore, in order to succeed, I agree with few who said our long goal should be preparing to go back to Armenia.. Rebuild that country and start utilizing true Democracy to elect our officials, and run our country in the right way.. When one is far from motherland and screams bloody murder may not have the same strong effect and same strong power…. I continuously try to educate, motivate and push all my friends, Armenian or Non-Armenian on everything that goes on relating to Armenia, however, all my efforts could be without avail…again, our power is no equal to if we were in our own country…

    It is unfortunate that our hands are tight in many aspects.. i wish i can do something.. i wish i can say something..but i am nobody.. however, working together, uniting all Armenians around the world… not separating different Armenian Organizations and bringing them together to work for a common goal may and SHOULD leave a scar on the current administration.. it SHOULD show that even though we may have less power (which in reality, we in Diaspora should have as much if not greater power than the Armenian citizen in Armenia)  we can impose great deal of pressure on the president and his stupid decision making process…

    My blood pressure is rising higher and higher just by thinking what could happen in few weeks.. I pray that by miracle this short sighted protocols won’t be signed …and Armenians all over the world will stand united once and for all to fight this beast…

    God bless ARmenia and her people..


  18. TO HAIG:

    1. You are missing my point, that the actions of the RA government will effect the residents of Armenia much more than those in the Diaspora, therefore their opinion carries more weight.  And if Diaspora Armenians really want to make a big difference in Armenia or change things there, then they should spend time and capital there to achieve this and eventually move there.

    2. In reply to your 3rd point, I am working on doing just that. 

    3. God Bless Armenia and Armenians!

  19. BRAVO, Ken. I think the whole concept of Diaspora-Armenia relations need to be reconsidered. I have a bad feeling that these capitulating protocols will be signed. Diasporan Armenians need to start calculating their moves after this happens. Is it lefally feasible to establish a government-in-exile of the 1918-1920 republic or a governing body representing Diaspora as an NGO with an observer status in the UN? Is it feasible to create a voluteer army? Neither Armeniasn in Armenia nor Armenians in Diaspora support these protocols. On whose behalf dispeakable karabakhi provincial will sign them on Oct. 10?

  20. to Ar
    who are you?  a resident of Rep.of Armenia? what”s your point?Are you for the protocole ? why?
    the Armenians in Rep.of Armenia are afraid to talk,they have apathy and are kept in the dark..
    the Academicians response to the protocole is a good example… Mr. V M is another sample…
    Diasporan Armenians went to Armenia and let me know why they were not wellcomed..the latest
    ones were the Iraquis..thalk about the leadership…
    no body is dictating ..we are suggesting..and the leadership should listen..I hope you have read
    or listened Mr. Voskanian’s speach about the Protocoles…God bless Armenia and America..
     please read Gayane’s notes too..take it easy …Barouyr Sevag said ..Khenter gue kednan jampan..

  21. If only the Armenian government welcomes people like Ken and ourselves into the country and allow our voice to be heard, we may have some influence… However, as I see it, our own government stopped honest, and righteous people from entering the country to stand against unjustice and fraud…. Otherwise, the Armenian govt would not have shot the Diaspora from being involved in the internal affairs of the Armenian people and nation…

    I am probably missing something or not getting what is truly going on.. this matter should not be a discussion between the countries.. this matter should be on the table for negotations… is it me or i think everyone on the govt body were bought out by Turkey and US under the table? Either I am losing faith in our own govt 110% or my anger and hate is speaking out… don’t know.. what I know is having our own govt selling her country and people and history for money or whatever hidden agenda they may have with a drop of a pen, then I rather not be part of that country and present myself as an independent person without any connection to one nation… but unfortunately can’t do that because i am not about to throw my history, ancestry, and nationality along with my culture away because one president and one govt body are incompetent and traitors…

    Again, our efforts and money should definitely go into Armenia and all the rich Armenians living here should pour their finances and buy everything they can so no other can own our factories, lands, and Armenia period.. That is how we will have more power…

    How dare is he? is the perfect choice of words…no more sugar coated approach, no more politically correct words… we need to say it as it is..or else they will never listen or get it.. SHAME on them…

    I am prepared to do what it takes to help as much as I can.. could be with time invested or the little money that I have.. but we need to act already.. heriqa nstenq u voch mi ban chanenq…yerpeq aytpes artyunqneri chenq hasni..


  22. To Gayane. The main pressure on Sargissian comes from US and Russian administrations. So you have more power than citizens of Armenia in that sence.

  23. Hye, just think of Sarkisian as a dictator – one who had made up his own head, inexperienced as he is,
    making all the wrong choices for the wrong reasons for fledgling nation of Armenia.  Trust the Turk?  Where have you been in all the years of  the Turks lies and deceptions? Not only with the Armenians, but with all their foreign relations which are in constant ‘repairs’… agree to disagree, et al.
    The following is an example of what the Turks’ apirations are – Turkey for Turks (Ottoman, and more):  Just recently I read  the Turkish government prepared  material for the Constantinople school students and, as well, for the parents of the students – a map.  This map protrays WITHIN Turk’s borders  – Armenia, Cyprus and Bulgaria.   Supposed an  ‘error’ and supposedly withdrawn – but the apirations of the Turks – the Turkey for Turks borders is still, today, in the planning stage.  Armenia is the first on line for ‘admission’… and more Genocides…
    Sarkisian, artentzeer -you are inexperienced, out of your element, when dealing with such  a difficult neighbor who has – over the years – proved to have only hate and worse against the Armenians.  Turks shall push to gain Armenia in their sphere – then the issues of reparations, the Armenian Genocide, and more, shall all fade away.  This is the Turks goal, plain and simple. This is where we are at today – artentzeer, Sarkisian!

  24. As very active supporter of ANCA initiatives on Armenian issues, I am surprised by the extent this article blows things out of proportions. We all hear about how powerful Armenian Lobby is in USA, but the really is that it has accomplished much less than those in France or Russia. From year to year I send those faxes, letters, emails to various US representatives, but this government still would not use the word Genocide, simply because Turkey is strategically important to them.  ANCA and other Armenian organizations should “think outside of the box”, every time we think we are on brink of getting some resolution passed, then it gets killed.  We are like hamsters running in a wheel. We think we are getting some where, but we the cycle continues from election to election, from a resolution to a resolution. Turkey continues to deny Armenian Genocide, Armenia continues to suffer the blockade,  and USA continues its failure to properly recognize Armenian Genocide.  So why in the world should president of Armenia follow Ken’s advice or suggestions?

  25. President Sarkisian and Foreign Minister Nalbandian should read about the German Ostpolitik of German Chancellor Willy Brandt and the politics of Jordan with Israel.  They are all available in Brandt’s memoires and King Hussein Memoires.  Armenians should use the expertize of international law experts and professors just like the Jordanians did by hiring a British and German international law experts, before finalizing and signing their agreement with Israel.  These are very sensitive issues, the person who handles it is responsible to the memory of the Genocide victims, their survivors and the entire Armenian Nation.

    Asbet Balanian
    Community Activist
    Philadelphia, PA 

  26. Armen jan..

    if i have more power here than in Armenia, why can’t we stop all this?  Why  our efforts and voices are pushed aside like dirt on the side.???  I wish you are right.. maybe you are right.. i am just not seeing the value and i dont’ feel the difference.. Not yet.. hoping to see a better outcome than we have seeen lately..

    However, I still think being in the country will make a greatest effect than shouting from the far lands…

    Thank you and i know we will win.. i just don’t know when and how..

    God Bless you all..

  27. Shame on Ken and this sort of thinking! He’s chosen to be a cool guy with the wrong Presindent (easy way). Turkish main partner in the region is USA where Ken is living, it is USA who puts pressure on Armenia (thru Turkey), it is USA who plays with Armenians worldwide not admitting the fact of Genocide. Ken should not be a chicken and should shout to Obama with this tone. He can also shout to Sargissian but not from his comfort house in US- you go to Armenia, stand there and shout this words to Sargissian’s face. It seems that Ken was fighting there in Karabakh not Sarkissian so patriotic he sounds:)))
    Those protestors fighting with the police…. Why are you not able to raise hell April 24 in front of White House for a few weeks/months, beat police, crush shops and stuff so that the whole world sees Diaspora is outraged ? Why now when Sargissian comes ?
    This is exactly what Turks wanted to put Armenians against each other. Bravo, Ken

  28. I undestand Mr Hachikian. there are many who have devoted their whole lives to fighting for genocide recognition. I applaud their effort – they are true Armenians, this protocal being pushed through will undermine all that work by many people. it will also raise doubts amoung many countries that are deciding on whether to recognize the genocide.

    this is to AR and his foolish comments;
    Although i do not live in Armenia, i have many relatives that do. they all say they do not want relations with the turks. they also believe that genocide recognition must come before any relations. the only people that want relations with the turks are businessmen and politicians who will profit from the open border and who will sell anything (land, buildings) in armenia for a profit, these people do not care about the average armenian living in the streets. the only thing Armenia needs is a stop to corrupt politicians (sargsian, petrossian, whoever) and businessmen, restoring just order and support from the diaspora. the only time the border with turkey can open is when the turks are ready to accept responsibility for their crime and make reparations. …

  29. A Voice from the Diaspora

    Unnoticed we survived,
    And again thrived
    But to this very day we remind
    With truth and dignity by our side
    The Lord is our guide
    Armed with truth we decry
    Those who label our genocide a lie
    For the truth will arise before their very eye
    Pushing forth justice that remains a far cry
    So suddenly to endorse a pair of protocol
    That can only be ratified by drinking more alcohol
    How dare Sarkisian squander my rights from our capitol?
    Offering concessions that follow no overhaul
    With or without our republic we must stonewall
    Can this roadmap be without the Diaspora after all?
    A President no longer willing to fight
    For the cause of justice so right
    Castrated from all his might,
    He relinquishes our right
    If there was ever a deadline so tight,
    When our community must unite,
    To battle day and night without any fright
    Today marks that day, not in a fortnight.

  30. TO MIHRAN:

    An Excellent Poem.. BRAVO..

    I got chills after reading it.. it truly captures everything that goes on right now…

    This should be mailed to the President and his entourage…



    Apres… an Excellent Post.. I have my dad’s side living in Armenia.. All 300 of them and still growing despite the unfavorable situation in our country and I worry every day about their well being.. and this is not because they are poor and rely on us for survival or work their bones to put food on their table to live another day.. they are very content and thankful what little they have.. what they don’t want is a President that will feed them to the wolves… without caring and thinking about the regular citizen and only concentrating on those who can give them free money.. free to them of course.. but to us is money that comes with great consequences.. that money is blood money for us.. the money will burn our country down..

    TO AR:  I understand that not everyone will have the same thoughts, insights and point views and you are an individual with your own values and concerns and beliefs.. and I am not blaming you for what you say.. however, what I would recommend is to truly look at the bigger picture and put those people who needs us first and not the govt who can care less what happens at the end as long as they are taken care of..

    I just hope that our efforts that we put in for years and years to accomplish a goal won’t be crushed with a pen… a hand that will be compared to the bloody hand of Taalat Pasha if these protocols are signed…


  32. Sargysian, because of his election being deemed fraudulent by the international community, has already cost the Armenian nation over 60 million US dollars in the Millenium package. Ken and the ANCA does do great work however we cannot expect greatness for Armenia without also persuing true democracy, freedom and  media without censorship. Maybe, instead of asking all others to recognize our own genocide we should strive toward uniting together in one cause ourselves first.
    Sargysian is a thug and a traitor and needs to go. Let’s not forget, it was an Armenian who gave Talaat the names of the 250 or so intellectuals who were arrested and murdered. Sargysian is doing the same for purely self interest. What an idiot. There is no such thing as freindship with Turks. All their relationships or actions are based upon opportunity or gain. This is no different.

  33. TO: JOHN

    You could not be more right by saying WE, the ARMENIAN people, should love, respect, and unite ourselves FIRST and then go after other nations to side with us..

    A friend of mine who is not an Armenian told me that if our own president does not respect democracy and does not love his people, then why would other countries side with us?  He said  our president must have gotten some sort of a deal from Turkey and US if he is this strongly protects these protocols.. We got into a very heated discussion about this…The more and more i read and hear about this, the more I think my friend is completly right.. He has no emotional ties and he speaks his mind as is and he definitely hit the bull’s eye when it told me we need to get our ties strong and not be afraid to speak our minds no matter what the outcome would be.. and having a President who goes after his own gain is nothing new but giving away his country is unexcusable..


  34. Mr. Ken Hachikian’s comments addressed to the president of Armenia Serge Sarksyan on behalf of ANCA at the Oct. 3 meeting in New York is simply outrageous.  How dare he, Mr. Hachikian, address the president of Armenia in such a shameless tone?   This is typical American arrogance that has permeated into the veins of some Armenian-Americans leading to absolute disregard of decency and civility.  The repugnant behavior of Mr. Hachikian should be rejected by every self-respecting Armenian.

  35. TO: ARMEN

    I am sorry but did I misread your statement or you are honestly being serious?

    Are you using Sarkissian and decency and civility in the same sentence? We all do respect and I hate to put down another Armenian because I believe we have done that too many time and too long and that is why we are where we are, BUT if one leader who disregards his OWN people’s cries and treats them like TURKS.. yes TURKS.. ignor and push aside..and kill silently then where is HIS dignity and civility?

    I am sorry but I do not agree with you.. I understand why Mr. Hachikian addressed the way he did.. HE himself had and frankly I plus millions of Armenians have HAD IT with mafia run govt who instead of having their own citizens’ well being in their agenda they are thinking about their pocket and belly.. I have no respect for govt and/OR PRESIDENT in that matter and will have no respect until he proves us otherwise.. I am sure he is a great individual (don’t know myself) but as a leader he gets an F-…

    Thank you

  36. Gayane–
    “it SHOULD show that even though we may have less power (which in reality, we in Diaspora should have as much if not greater power than the Armenian citizen in Armenia)  we can impose great deal of pressure”
    Why in the hell do you think you should have more of a say in Armenian politics than the people of Armenia do?  That seems a little..absurd.  Should Armenians in Armenia have a say in how much taxes you pay, where your tax money goes, when to hold a draft, when to send your kids to war?  I think not.  The Diaspora needs to get over itself, quick!

  37. Henry..

    It is unfortunate that you don’t think that Armenians in Diaspora should have a strong if not stronger voice as to what is going on in Armenia..People such as yourself and I am sure there are alot of you out there that makes this unity and working together impossible.  I do apologize if I sound very rude and angry…not my intentions.. One of the readers here wrote that MAJORITY OF US had no choice but to move out of our country.. so VERY TRUE. HENCE, we are PART OF OUR COUNTRY no matter where we are.. We are connected with a cord just like a baby to a mother… Without our voice, Armenia can’t be the country that it used to be .. Our brothers and sisters in Armenia are threatened and can’t speak out.. Even though nowdays they are standing up and going against all the threats and consequences… More power to them.. However, they have less choices than we do .. Therefore, our support is essential and our voices SHOULD BE heard ..NO EXCEPTIONS.. 
    It is just unfortunate to see that there are people who are ignorant of the fact that instead of thinking how Armenias in Armenia can’t tell us what to do and we should not do it either, they should think HOW we can come together and do whatever it takes to get our nation back: be protesting, be monetary help, be being involved in the internal affairs and be having A STRONGER VOICE…. it is all of our responsibility to built our nation and not just Armenians in Armenia.. Keep that in mind.. 

    Yours truly


  38. Spare me the cliche metaphors about mothers and babies and cords.
    If I remember correctly, last year, when the people of Armenia united to get rid of this CRIMINAL REGIME, protested peacefully for 10 days, were killed and beaten, had a state of emergency imposed for 20 days, their right to assembly was taken away, illegaly, their media was severely restricted, they were portrayed as drug addicts and looters on TV, their army fired at them (some of them their own kids serving in the army), many went to jail, many more lost their jobs for voting the wrong way — and then, even after all of this, the people of Armenia, on Serge’s inauguration day, flooded the streets in protest…what did the Diaspora do?
    All major Armenian American organizations — ANCA, AAA, Eastern/Western Diocese, Eastern/Western Prelacy, and the AGBU — even before the state of emergency was lifted, signed a letter saying they were ready to work with PRESIDENT SERGE SARKISSIAN — effectively giving the finger to all the people who were out there protesting so they would never have to hear those words 3 words together.
    Your “brothers and sisters” in Armenia spoke out plenty, Ms. Gayane — where was all of this outcry and criticism of Serge when he let the dogs out on the people of Armenia last year?  Why didn’t you write letters, emails, gave speeches, wrote op-eds when the people of Armenia were getting SLAUGHTERED.
    Did Mr. Hachikian and his organization forget that they stood by Serge and held his hand when Serge was at his weakest?  Did he forget that he was a shoulder to cry on when Serge realized the people of Armenia HATE HIM?  How dare Mr. Hachikian talk about “political capital?”  How dare you talk about helping our “brothers and sisters” in Armenia when the Diaspora fully stood by Serge and thus, AGAINST the will of the people of Armenia?
    It’s quite frustrating, the sudden case of amnesia the Diaspora has been struck with.  Quite frustrating indeed.

  39. Mr Henry Dumanian!!

    We all do respect.. but you have no clue as to what Diaspora truly means.. Just because some organizations did not do what they were suppose to do, it does not mean everyone who lives outside of Armenia stood aside and did nothing to assist Armenia and its people..

    In addition, you don’t know me personally and you don’t know what I have done to support my family, friends and Armenia in general.. so please don’t go around and accuse people for saying what they truly feel and want to do.. unfortunately, i am only one person and not an army or a govt body.. i can’t only do so much and all my efforts from more times than none feel like are being wasted because people such as yourself look down upon people living in Diaspora.. and that is discouraging.. however, the more discouraging it is, the more people should stand up, brush up and do even more.. no matter little it is… as LONG AS THEY do something…

    So i would ask you sir to spare me your spiteful and negative  feelings toward Diaspora.. I understand that  the “Diaspora” you are talking about sure exists and I dont’ disagree with you.. However, the DIASPORA i am talking about consists of people who are dedicated and willing to create change by hard work and persistance.. and it will be a disgrace for you to discredit their work and their dedication….. again, one person can’t accomplish anything.. it has to be a joint venture..  and I already know you are not willing to be part of that join venture.. at least i hope not..

    Thank you

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