Our Ashot

I was introduced to Ashot Tadevosyan through my friend Angela Asatrian via Instagram. Angela has a movie and book out called The Armenian Spirit. She had posted a video of Ashot singing, and it caught […]


Our Tigran B.

Tigran Babayan was born on July 26, 2001. Tigran’s story is one of inspiration and resilience. After graduating from medical school in Yerevan, he left for Artsakh. He had been drafted into Armenia’s Armed Forces […]


Our Vahe

Vahe Mktrchyan was born in 1989 in Sevan, Armenia. He was educated in Armenia and graduated with high honors. He served his country in Etchmiadzin. He married Nora in 2012. One year later, he witnessed […]


Our Karen (Gahren)

Karen (Gahren) Stepani Hovanissyan was a proud soldier who loved his homeland. He had already served his nation, but he volunteered his expertise to defend her again during the 44-Day War. Hovanissyan was born on […]


Our Serj

Serj Hakobkekhvyan was born on September 29, 2000 in Yerevan, Armenia to Armine Karapetyan and Sergey Kakobqexvyan. He attended 160th school from 2006 to 2015. He was an auto mechanic. His friends lovingly called him […]

Literary Corner

Our Tigran

Author’s Note: November 8, 2020 was the first time I heard the melodic voice of Tigran Harutunyan, a brave and fearless Armenian soldier. Tigran’s song to his mother deeply touched and resonated with me. Within […]