Shaké and Vahe Nahapetian commit support for renovations at Hovnanian School

NEW MILFORD, N.J.—Shaké and Vahe Nahapetian initiated a transformative gift of over $335,000 to Hovnanian School in May to renovate the school gymnasium and to replace the school’s aging roof.

The gymnasium is the heart of Hovnanian School and is the area of the school most familiar to the community-at-large. It hosts all of the school’s beloved events and traditions, from the Food Festival and Art in Fall to Manti Night, the Lenten Dinner and Mother’s Day Luncheon. It is where the students make the stage come alive with their performances during the Armenian Cultural Month Showcase, Christmas Hantes, graduations and more. 

The Hovnanian School gymnasium during the 2023 Armenian Cultural Month Showcase

The Nahapetian’s gift will help enhance and elevate the existing space. The gym will receive technology upgrades including a new projector, screen and sound system. The walls will be freshly painted from floor to ceiling, and the floors will be sanded and stained with the current school seal in the center. The stage curtains will be replaced, and the school seal will be embroidered on the valence. The mural located at the back of the gym that was painted by Hovnanian School students and visiting artist Vatché Demirdjian in 2018 will be properly restored and protected. Finally, the current boys’ and girls’ bathrooms/locker rooms will both be renovated, and there will now be direct access to the locker room from the gym.

“Embracing our Armenian culture is as important to us today as it was five decades ago when we came to America,” said the Nahapetians. “We are so pleased to support the Hovnanian School, which provides exceptional education and honors the Armenian heritage so that our culture and traditions are preserved for generations to come. That is what global education is all about.”

Head of School Stephanie Torossian said, “All of us at Hovnanian School are so grateful for the Nahapetian family’s gift to renovate the gymnasium and replace the roof, which accomplishes two of our goals in our five-year strategic plan. I hope that this demonstration of commitment will inspire many others to support our important efforts and consequential improvements to our school. My heart swells with gratitude for Shaké, Vahe and their generosity.”

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