AMAA Offices, Evangelical Church of Armenia in Stepanakert Reopen

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On Monday, November 10, AMAA Armenia representative Harout Nercessian received instructions from  Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO, to embark on the opening of the AMAA Stepanakert office as soon as possible, followed by the opening of the Askeran office, the kindergartens in Stepanakert, Askeran and Martakert and the Askeran Shogh Center. 

“The timely opening of the AMAA Artsakh offices and services are imperative to invigorate life in Artsakh, bring back the displaced population, assist those who return and try to bring back life to normalcy as much as we can,” emphasized Khanjian. 

In response, the AMAA Yerevan office mobilized a team and on the first opportune moment, on Sunday, November 15, a team of eight AMAA and Evangelical Church of Armenia (ECA) employees drove to Stepanakert to clean up and restore the damaged AMAA office, the Evangelical Church of Armenia sanctuary and the AMAA Kindergarten building. The team was comprised of Rev. Hovhanness Hovsepyan, Rev. Avedis Khatchaturyan, Armen Stepanyan, Vahagn Keshishyan, Harout Nercessian, Victor Karapetyan, Armen Movsissyan and Manvel Asaturyan. 

Within six hours, the team cleaned up the broken glass and explosion debris and covered the broken windows with nylon. The two ECA pastors led the first worship service since the start of the war on September 27. 

On Monday morning, AMAA Artsakh representative Viktor Karapetyan opened the AMAA office. All AMAA Artsakh employees will soon return to the various AMAA services in Stepanakert, Askeran and Martakert. The AMAA Shushi employees will continue their services out of the AMAA Stepanakert, Askeran and Martakert offices, Kindergartens and Shogh Centers. It is important to note that, during the war, Mr. Karapetyan continued to serve the people of Artsakh by visiting them in their shelters and giving them much needed food supplies, medicines and other necessities.  

These are difficult times for the people of Armenia. We mourned the loss of Shushi, Kalbajar and other areas of Artsakh. Yet, we need to move forward and do everything in our power to assist in the repopulation of our beloved Artsakh, which is the pride and joy of Armenians around the globe. 

Despite the painful circumstances, the AMAA is committed to the people of Artsakh and will assist the returning families. As Mr. Khanjian later added “We maintain our hope in an internationally recognized free and sovereign Artsakh and commit to do our share in sustaining Artsakh’s continued development and the welfare of its people. Artsakh without its population will remain a hopeless orphan. We aspire to bring its children back to their homes.” 

We believe God to be in charge of history and pray asking Him to restore the past glory of our homeland Artsakh.

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  1. Now that the shootings stopped, why not open the Airport in Stepanakert which could serve as a vital link for Artsakh and would be a positive development?

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