ARF of Armenia Issues Statement on Upcoming Constitutional Referendum

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia has issued a statement on the Constitutional Court referendum scheduled to take place on April 5. 

Below is the translated text of the statement published on February 13, 2020.

It is with great regret that we believe the current political leadership, by ignoring numerous pleas and warnings, is pulling the country into reckless risk.

By exploiting and distorting one of the important tenets of a democracy—the referendum—the authorities, in veiled effort, are advancing their singular goal to establish an autocracy and their inability to neutralize the threats facing the country.

By condemning the political leadership’s approach of creating artificial plans through demagogic methods, we are sounding an alarm for this unconstitutional approach. The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia has announced that the current leadership’s approach of addressing issues through unlawful means is unacceptable.

As such,

We call on the citizens of the Republic of Armenia not to participate in authorities’ routine unlawfulness and ignore the April 5 referendum, thus sending a clear message to the authorities that the people are tired of the populism and contrived plans, the destructive policy of dividing the society into “whites” and “blacks,” and the continued upheavals which, as we have seen, have not benefited the welfare of the people and true democracy.

We call on political forces, civil society—our compatriots—urging them to put their efforts together to prevent a “Yes” vote and thwart this anti-state process and finally start implementing real reforms. The ARF will use all necessary means to this end.


  1. So the current government is “distorting one of the tenets of a democracy-the referendum”. What is more democratic than a referendum? It is the ARF that is issuing a vague statement without presenting the case as to why the current government is embarking on this task. You need to present the government argument in clear terms and then rebuttal with your justification as to why you disagree with their approach. the ARF had 30 years to prove it was a viable option in Armenia. Last election proved that you needed to look inward and self analyze the reason for election result humiliation. I guess this statement is another attempt at relevancy without self reflection.

  2. AFR-Armenia is totally out of line in opposing and hindering the current government of Armenia. AFR is a political party with vision and principles. Why is AFR-Armenia supporting corrupt oligarchs like Sargsyan and Kocharian?

  3. Such an irresponsible and hostile attitude on the part of the ARF must be condemned and undermines the democratically elected government of Nikol Varchapet Pashinyan, you are threatening to commit counter revolutionary actions that seek to overthrow our government of Hayastan, referendum is the most democratic norm and it is to be applauded for being used by Nikol Varchapet Pashinyan’s government

  4. We firmly hope that this referendum is taken with the spirit of reasonable, Democratic Nation. It is not a wish it is absolutely Necessary for our Nation to endure.

  5. I totally disagree with this Idea and find it as an politically unjustly protest and aggressive attack. It plainly aims to destruct Armenia’s revolution and its unprecedented brilliant progress .

  6. As an outsider who is new to Armenia. I can see a country that is trying to make a new more prosperous path for itself.
    ARF have one foot firmly placed in the past Just like Putin, Trump or Boris Johnson.
    Progress requires risks to be taken. Looking to the past is easy.

    Let the referendum go ahead and allow people to make up their own mind.

  7. As long as there is no corruption among higher-ranking ARF members and are not accepting “gift from diaspora Armenians and remain, pure “nationalist” and faithful members of Armenia and respect the will of ARF founders, then you will support Pashinyan, who is doing his best for Armenians in Armenia!

  8. Democracy is the majority rule of the experienced and the educated population. Demagogy is the mixed majority rule of the educated yet the less experienced population. It is the responsibility of the leader to choose based on his constructive judgment to be able to lead the majority of the population through the revolution which normally is achieved in the interest of the nation as a whole.

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