In Loving Memory of Marian Bandazian

Marian (Sanders) Bandazian (1940-2019)

On September 4, 2019,  Marian (Sanders) Bandazian passed away in her home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Marian was born on July 23, 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey. She was the wife of Dr. Walter Bandazian; mother of Peri and Lori Bandazian; grandmother of Lily and Lucy Montorio; daughter of Kohar and Vahram Sandrakortzian; and sister of Armen Sanders.

Marian was a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and taught at schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. She was a supporter of the Armenian Assembly and participated in many of its activities. She was a member of the Bogota, New Jersey chapter of the AYF and attended St. Vartanantz church in Ridgefield, New Jersey and St. Leon church in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. She was an avid supporter of the Democratic Party.

Marian’s contributions to the Armenian community were vast. She assisted with local Armenian cultural events as well as donating books and supplies to schools in Yerevan, Beirut and Syria. While residing in Beirut from 1972-1975, she taught children at the International High School, while her own children attended the Nishan Palandjian Jemaran. Marian also volunteered her time to help earthquake victims in 1988 recovering in New York hospitals.

In lieu of flowers, we request that donations be sent to Camp Haiastan, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations may also be mailed to: Camp Haiastan, PO Box C, Franklin, MA 02038.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wife and mother in what was likely her first
    teaching job. (Mr. Bandazian had a sinus problem and
    I remember how worried Mrs. B was yes … from @55 yrs.
    ago.) Mrs. Bandazian was my fifth grade teacher at Bannockburn
    Elem. @1965. Though I went on to college and had a career, I’ve
    never forgotten her radiating gentleness and kindness. When I saw
    the photo, the years vanished and I knew, in an instant, exactly
    who she was.

    In Peace and Gratitude

  2. I went to college with Marion. She was the sweetest person I ever knew. The last time I saw her was around 1976. Unfortunately, we did not keep in touch. Rest in peace my dear friend.

  3. My sweet Marian. she was my first cousin and I loved her very much. I did not know that she had passed and I am now trying to find her brother Armen.I have not been able to reach Walter either. My phone number is 818-886-9900 in California.

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