Baruyr ‘Buddy’ Poladian, Skilled Craftsman, Army Vet and Family Man, Passes Away

Baruyr “Buddy” Avedick Poladian passed away April 17, 2019 at the age of 101. Buddy was born Nov 9, 1917 in Watertown, Mass. His family moved to California in 1921 and opened a family textile dyeing business, called the National Dye House in Culver City, Cali. Buddy grew up working alongside his father and went on to study Mechanical Engineering at California State-Los Angeles. Buddy eventually took ownership of the family business and became a leader in the industry. He was even invited to teach in Japan.

In 1940, at the age of 22, Buddy joined the war effort and signed up to be an Army Aviator. He was a navigator to a B24 crew patrolling the English Channel, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. In 1942 he married Canary Asadurian, whom he cherished, and together they raised a beautiful family over their 74-year marriage until her passing in 2016. He was a well-respected resident of Culver City, and a member of The Triple X fraternity, Shriners, United Armenian Congregational Church, and The Ararat Home of Los Angeles.

He was extremely well-read on the latest science on health, was generous, affable, loved his family, and had a deep faith and knowledge of the Bible.

He is survived by: his four children Noralea Goodrow, Barbara Poladian, Helen Kulungian Avedick and his wife Melinda Poladian; and his brother Aram Poladian. He is known as “Grandpa Bud” by his eight grandchildren, Cristos Goodrow, Tanya Dodge, Tamara Buuck, Tim Kulungian, Carla Kulungian, Matthew Poladian, Emily Bossert and Aaron Poladian. He is also survived by fifteen great-grandchildren: Corgan, Isabelle, Brendan, Eve, Meghan, Dylan, Delilah, Rose, Cooper, Reagan, Delaney, Callie, Carter and Avalee.

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