Columnists Wanted at the Weekly

Do you have opinions that you think will resonate with the members of our community? Do you scrupulously check your facts and gather the evidence to make a persuasive and compelling, research-based argument? Are you an expert in a particular field with specific knowledge that would be of use to our readers? Or maybe, you just have a recipe or poem you’d like to share each week? Whatever your story, you should consider pitching a column to the Armenian Weekly.

Over the years, columns, or opinion-based articles or stylistic writings that appear regularly in the newspaper, have made up an important part of our paper. We’ve had columnists from all walks of life, both in and outside of the Armenian community, speaking on issues ranging from financial advice to cooking advice and political diatribes.

We’ve had some legendary voices traverse our paper’s historic pages. Could yours be next? Write to us at with a description of the column you’d like to write, how frequently you’d be able to submit, and if possible, a sample of what one column would look like.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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