Artsakh Serviceman Narek Harutyunyan Killed by Azerbaijani Fire

STEPANAKERT (A.W.)—Artsakh Defense Army serviceman Narek Hautyunyan (b. 1998) was killed by Azerbaijani fire on April 9. According to a press statement published by the Artsakh Defense Ministry, the incident took place at around 2:20 p.m. in the southern direction of the Line of Contact (LoC) between Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

Artsakh Defense Army serviceman Narek Hautyunyan (b. 1998) was killed by Azerbaijani fire on April 9

The Defense Ministry also announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident and expressed its grief and offered condolences to the soldier’s family, loved ones, and fellow servicemen.

Harutyunyan’s death comes less than two months after another Artsakh serviceman—Grigor Yeghoyan, also born in 1998—was killed by Azerbaijani fire on Feb. 22.

Late last month, Artsakh serviceman Armen Harutyunyan (b. 1999) died in a freak accident involving a falling tree due to high winds.

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  1. Armenia’s weak and incompetent leadership is to blame for all of this, nothing else. Outside of an all out war, there is nothing that can be done that can change because it is too late. When a cancer shows up you get rid of it on the spot, which is what the Armenian leadership failed to do more than 20 years ago after the so called “ceasefire” agreement. Because they let this go on for two decades, now they cannot stop it without a full scale war. Starting after the signing of the “ceasefire” the first murder of an Artsakh soldier, or even the first shot fired, should have had dire consequences for Azerbaijan. Instead all we got was “an investigation was underway” and “we answered them back”. Now they waited until Azerbaijan got more and more advanced weapons and had a lot of time preparing for more effective aggression, and this is exactly what we are getting. If you couldn’t stop it then when Azerbaijan had actually lost the war, it means you can’t stop it now. Effective nations have solutions to problems. Nations with incompetent and self-interested leadership are always stuck with problems, this is the category that Armenia is in.

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