Artsakh Serviceman Killed by Shrapnel During Azerbaijani Ceasefire Violation


Serviceman Nver Babajanyan Killed on Same Day as Planned OSCE Monitoring Mission on the Line of Contact

STEPANAKERT, Artsakh (A.W.)—Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) Defense Army serviceman Nver Babajanyan (b. 1980) was killed around 4:50 p.m. on March 1, after being hit by shrapnel during Azerbaijani shelling on Armenian positions in the southeast Martuni direction of the Artsakh Line of Contact (LoC).

Beginning at 11:25 a.m., the Azerbaijani forces violated the ceasefire several times as they fired 10 shells at Armenian positions using 60mm and 82mm mortars, SPG-9 recoilless guns, and GP-25 grenade launchers, the Artsakh Defense Ministry reported.

According to the press statement released by the Defense Ministry, an investigation has been launched into Babajanyan’s death.

Earlier on March 1, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) mission conducted a planned monitoring of the LoC in the direction of the Askeran region, near the settlement of Shyklyar, Artsakh Foreign Ministry reported.

From the position of the Artsakh Defense Army, the monitoring was conducted by Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Ambassador Andrzej Kasprzyk and his field assistants Ghenadie Petrica (Moldova) and Khristo Khristov (Bulgaria).

On the Azerbaiajni side of the LoC, the monitoring was conducted by field assistant to the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Jiri Aberle (Czech Republic), staff member of the Office of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Peter Svedberg (Sweden), and Personal Assistant to the CiO Personal Representative Simon Tiller (Great Britain).

The monitoring passed in accordance with the agreed schedule and no ceasefire violations were registered. However, the Azerbaijani side did not lead the OSCE mission to its frontline positions, according to a statement by the Artsakh Foreign Ministry.

The monitoring mission from the Artsakh side was accompanied by representatives of Artsakh’s Defense and Foreign Ministries.



  1. As long as Armenian troops are in purely defensive mode, Azeris will continue to attack and even gain more land, and if this goes on, Azerbaijan has a lot more manpower than Armenians do.
    Something has to be done.
    I believe that Armenians must attack and destroy the BTC and BTE pipelines that are just north of Artsakh and are within artillery and rocket range.
    That will cut off supplies to Georgia, Turkey, Israel, and Europe.

    • What a wonderful way to move the world from its current position of neutrality to being overtly on the side of Azerbaijan.

  2. I knew it was just a matter of time before the criminal Azeri Turk despot took action to murder a few of our own after losses of their troops. I know no one wants war but its obvious the Azeri despot isn’t interested in peace and isn’t at all for recognition of an independent and free Artsakh. I hate to say it but we need to be preparing for war and hope for peace. Azerbaijan can’t afford a long drawn out confrontation. It domestically can’t survive and the regime itself might collapse that’s why Armenia needs to warn of major Azeri infrastructure damages at our time of choosing should the Azeris continue.. I also wouldn’t worry about the OSCE as they seem to be blind and useless most of the time. Ignore them all. Protect yourselves. And retaliate without impunity. One Armenia, Artsakh and diaspora!

    • The Armenian forces must never pre-warn Azerbaijan of any attacks or counter offensives. They should conduct a massive surprise attack and destroy major infrastructure, i.e., oil pipelines, that will bring their already damaged economy to a complete halt. Then wait and see what one-sided bull OSCE comes up with and tell OSCE to go jump off a cliff.

      As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Here “prevention” being the key word meaning you prevent Azeri bold moves through causing massive economic damages and casualties to make them think twice about the consequences of their future actions. You don’t talk to Turks or pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijanis in human language. You talk to them in the most primitive language possible because their comprehension is optimum at this level.

  3. I wonder what will it take for the Armenian authorities to realize that the Azeris are waging a war of attrition against Armenia/Artsakh. They can “afford” to lose far more soldiers than we can. Their population is almost 10 million; ours is 2.5 million. They have a far greater budget than Armenians do. Allowing the Azeris to continue their attacks encourages Baku and convinces them that they are stronger than the Armenians.

  4. Another useless group that pretends they are doing something without doing anything. Pity OSCE cannot get their act together and have the guts to see axactly what is happening with the continous ceasefire violations by the azeris – shame on these so called responsible people.

  5. I know for sure there is going to be a WAR ! why wait, The sooner the Better,Set there Oil Fields on Fire !!! Hit them where it HURTS ! And Tell OSCE To go home, Useless People.

  6. A strategic re-think of the situation is necessary and a more effective way of response needs to be found for these continuous Azeri attacks and ceasefire violations. The response so far, though sensible, has not been effective enough to deter the Azeris. An all out war is too costly and will not change the situation nor targeting the oil pipelines supplying oil to the outside world. We need to target Azeri infrastructure, military depots and bases with a view to crippling their economy and bring about a change of government. In some western countries hawks and falcons have been trained to bring down drones.

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