Obama ‘Deeply Concerned’ over Safarov Pardon

Ramil Safarov, the Azerbaijani army officer who was serving a life sentence in Hungary for axing to death Armenian Lt. Gurgen Margaryan, was extradited to Azerbaijan on Aug. 31 and pardoned by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Official Yerevan reacted by suspending diplomatic ties with Hungary.

National Security Council (NSC) Spokesman Tommy Vietor made the following comment on Azerbaijan’s decision to pardon Ramil Safarov:

President Obama with Tommy Vietor (R)

“President Obama is deeply concerned by today’s announcement that the president of Azerbaijan has pardoned Ramil Safarov following his return from Hungary.  Safarov confessed to the murder of Armenian Army officer Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest in 2004, and was serving a life sentence in Hungary for this brutal crime.  We are communicating to Azerbaijani authorities our disappointment about the decision to pardon Safarov.  This action is contrary to ongoing efforts to reduce regional tensions and promote reconciliation. The United States is also requesting an explanation from Hungary regarding its decision to transfer Safarov to Azerbaijan.”

The U.S. Department of State, through a formal announcement issued by Acting Deputy Spokesman Patrick Ventrell, also took a stand against Hungary’s extradition and Azerbaijan’s pardon, explaining, “The United States is extremely troubled by the news that the president of Azerbaijan pardoned Azerbaijani army officer Ramil Safarov, who returned to Baku today following his transfer from Hungary… We are expressing our deep concern to Azerbaijan regarding this action and seeking an explanation.  We are also seeking further details from Hungary regarding the decision to transfer Mr. Safarov to Azerbaijan.”

The ANCA welcomed the statements. Thousands have already responded to ANCA action items posted on Facebook and www.anca.org urging activists to criticize Hungary’s action and to call upon Obama to condemn Safarov’s release.

Pallone, Sherman issue statements condemning Safarov release

Members of Congress have begun expressing their concern over the Hungarian and Azerbaijani decisions to release Safarov, with Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) stating, “I am outraged by the reckless actions taken by the government of Azerbaijan in freeing Ramil Safarov, an Azerbaijani soldier who brutally murdered an unarmed Armenian soldier during a NATO-sponsored training program in Hungary. It is extremely egregious that the president of Azerbaijan has issued a decree granting pardon to a convicted murderer and has allowed him to walk free despite his conviction. These are not the actions of a government that is dedicated to justice and peace.  Unfortunately, the actions taken by Azerbaijan only further confirm their desire to facilitate and condone violence against Armenia and its people.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee senior member Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) noted,  “I am deeply dismayed by the Hungarian government’s decision to release an Azeri military officer who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering an Armenian officer in cold blood in Budapest in 2004… I stand by our friend and ally Armenia in her ongoing quest for peace and security for her citizens.  I call on the Azeri government to bring this individual to justice instead of freeing a convicted criminal.”

Hacking to death

Safarov had confessed to hacking to death 26-year old Margaryan while the latter was asleep in his dormitory room. Safarov and the victim were in Hungary for a NATO-sponsored Partnership for Peace English-language course in 2004. Safarov struck Markaryan 16 times with an axe, almost decapitating him. Following the murder, he walked over to another Armenian officer’s room, hoping to commit a second murder, but found his door locked. Safarov was found guilty of premeditated murder, and was sentenced to life in prison in April 2006, with possibility of parole after 30 years.

Azerbaijan’s Justice Ministry had assured officials in Hungary that Safarov would continue to serve his sentence in Azerbaijan. However, hours after his arrival on an Azerbaijani Airways special flight, President Aliyev signed an order to pardon Safarov. The pardon is effective from the day of signing.

Safarov’s pardon contradicts the Azerbaijani criminal code, where prisoners serving a life sentence can only be freed after serving a period of 25 years, according to reports.


  1. Mr. President:

    You are a liar, Sir.
    Not only you are not concerned, Sir, but there is no doubt you and your Administration are rejoicing at the release of the ax murdering psychopath.

    Your Sect State Clinton publicly questioned the historical fact of the Armenian Genocide: you said nothing.

    Around the time your Sect State Clinton was visiting Yerevan, Azerbaijan murdered 3 Armenian off duty servicemen travelling in their private sedan: your SectState Clinton said nothing; you said nothing.

    Around the time your Sect State Clinton was visiting Yerevan, Azerbaijan launched incursions into Armenia and NKR at multiple sites: 4 RoA border troops were killed in action: your SectState Clinton said nothing; you said nothing.

    Your Administration is providing logistical and financial support to Al-Qaeda and other assorted Salafi terrorists who have as a goal to ethnically cleanse Syria of all those who do not adhere to their radical view of Islam. Including 80-100,000 odd Armenian Christians – many of them progeny of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

    Not only you are not concerned, Sir, but your Administration is Anti-Christian, Anti-Armenian and is doing everything it can to ethnically cleanse all Christians from Middle East. Followed by ethnical cleansing of Armenians from South Caucasus.

    • Its not the first time that a US administrations has used terrorist organizations to do its fighting. Reagan used Bin Laden for the war against Russian troops in Afghanistan which was the foundation if Al-qaeda itself and Bush used the Kurdish fighters to counter Saddam and many that fought are considered terrorist today. Lets not forget that this is the wish of Israel and that is to rid Assad.. Ironically Israel itself is purging its Christian population and none is saying a word..

      Also I have said before that all past US state departments have been anti Armenian and pro Turkish. It seems that it matters little how pro Armenian any politician is before they get to this level, once they do, someone sits them down and goes over the rules and they follow…Candidate Obama was warned by the Turkish leader that he was a ‘novice politician and didn’t understand reality”..Turkish leader seems to be right.

      My point is that Obama is a disappointment yes, but the neo-cons are even worse for Armenian causes..McCain flatly refused to side with the Armenians stating that Turkey is an ally. I would bet everything that Mitt Romney if elected will be NO DIFFERENT. except possibly invading Iran for Israel…

      Our only guarantee is weaponry in the hands of a modern potent Armenian Army..Thats all..

      Last, the moral of the Safarov story is take no prisoners ever. Do not allow the “justice system” to deal with anyone like this. These people need to be taken care of immediately. Hungary was given money and they release the murderer like prostitutes that they are. History shows this isn’t new as the British released all Turkish soldiers responsible for the Genocide on Malta for the same reason. They were bribed. And yes this scum escaped justice but remember the Armenians have liberated 7 pieces of our land back. Azeri’s can be sour all they want..Those lands belong to US. Always will.. Why Sarkissian negotiates at all still amazes me.

    • Look how the US is wrecking havoc in Syria by the hand of Turkey. Do you think that the US will be “concerned” about the brutal murder of one Armenian officer?

      The US does not care about the Armenian Genocide, never recognized it and I do not think it will ever recognize it, why would Obama be concerned? He is TRULY concerned about his votes in November elections.. ONLY!

  2. The correct response for this is is to make sure, by any meens, that this murderer is punished. This must be a very important message for Ajerbaijan, that they cannot get away for for their action.

    • The Azeri view of this situation is that president Aliyev’s pardon was an act of mercy for a man who was driven to murder by the trauma he suffered watching his family members die at the hands of Armenians in NK. I don’t buy it. This was clearly an act of hate and revenge against an Armenian, any Armenian, regardless of whether he had the blood of Safarov’s family on his hands. Such a crime must not be permitted to go without proper punishment. All civilized nations, all civilized people should find this deal between Hungary and Azerbaijan despicable, should condemn it, and should insist that the criminal do his time. If I was Hungarian, I would be ashamed of my leaders for selling their souls for Azeri money. If I was Azeri, I would be ashamed for my nation which appears to admire murderers.

    • @ Boyajian

      You are correct to not buy that silly story, because I read someplace that during the trial it was proven that this coward axe-beast was actually in Turkey at the time of the NK war and had no relatives in NK, and his story is a blatant lie.

    • To Boyajian. Excuse me, why on earth do you repeat what they say his motive was. Are you a Turk. We Armenians actually could learn a thing or two about public relations from the Turks. Why on earth you put his story into writing is beyond me (even if you are just repeating what someone else has already written.

      Then Edward agrees with you! Wake up Armenians. We have book smarts a plenty, political smarts…not so much.

    • ‘a’:

      Boyajian is no Turk.

      did you read the “I don’t buy it” part ?
      Our compatriot Boyajian is a Psychologist by trade: she gives maximum benefit of the doubt to our guests; comes withe the territory.

      I generally disagree with Boyajian cutting so much slack to some of our guests, but firebrands like us need people like her to cool things down sometimes, so that we don’t all go marching like lemmings.

      And let’s please stop using the overused “Wake up Armenians”. Everybody is wide awake. We are all informed. If you know, we know. However knowing does not necessarily equate being able to do something about it. Laws of Nature (Laws of Physics) trump all human laws, human desires, and human concepts of justice.

    • I think ‘a’ did not read my comment in entirety. I am no Turk, nor Turk apologist. If he read my comment he would have known this. But I get his point about repeating Azeri propaganda.

      Thanks Avery for having my back. I know we don’t always have the same methods, but I see you as a valuable and vital member of our team; one that I admire greatly.

  3. In Khodjaly, Azrerbaijan, hundreds of innocent Azerbaijani civilians died, president Sagysyan personally took part in the massacre, yet not a single person in Armenia has been charged. Those civilians were not armed either. Politicians in the US or elswhere are not concerned about this, they do not talk about Armenia’s occupation, Khodjaly massacre or Armenian utlra-nationalism, never ending claim to other nation’s territory.

    Instead of uttering useless words and “concerns” the US should make a real effort to solve this problem.

    Safarov comes from Nogarono-Karabakh. His close relatives have been brutaly murdered in the name of Armenia’s gaining more territories.

    Armenians are going around and screaming about Safarov’s release. When I see them talking about this issue, I’ll just say “you know, let’s not get involved in the politics, bla-bla-bla” – same crap they say when I talk about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. How is that going to feel?

    • Rashid,

      Can you please learn how to behave as a human? After all that is what you are called, right?

      Your countryman has murdered an Armenian officer in his sleep with an axe and your president pardoned him. What he did is immoral and is against law. The fact that your country treats a convicted murderer as a hero is only showing your countries true colors.
      I wonder where your beloved Ramil got his axe in Budapest?

    • I was living in Baku when the news of the Khodjaly massacres broke out, the morning after. The Azeris had accidentally and tragically opened fire on their own people (as Armenian soldiers were trying to transport Azeri women and children out of the town during the night). By the late morning, the “news” of Khodjaly had radically changed–it was now portrayed as a massacre perpetrated by Armenians. The people of Khodjaly were murdered barbarically Azeri style–as portrayed by Safarov. This is how you Azeris brutally kill people. This is not how Armenians defend their territory. Wake up.

    • All Azeri Turk lies about Khojaly are exposed on this site: http://www.xocali.net

      They key word in all their propaganda is “IN” Khojaly. Once you ask them how far that “IN” was from the town and where were the 30,000 Azeri Turk soldiers at that time (less then a 1000 meters from the bodies) and where were a few hundred of Armenian freedom fighters who just liberated an Artsakh town (miles and miles away) everything becomes clear.

      And a bonus question – what happened to the hundreds of civilians who did not leave Khojaly using the Green Corridor and stayed just there when Artsakh forces took control of the Azeri artillery positions situated right in the center of the town? Yes, Azeri Turk war criminals used Kurdish and Meskhetian civilian population of Khojaly as a human shield!!

      So, all these civilians were transferred to a relatively safe place (it was expected that the town will be bombarded and then taken back by the 30,000 Azeri Turk force concentrated in Agdam), they were fed, clothed and later transferred to Azeri side. Why would Armenians save hundreds of civilians they captured in Khojaly, but risk their lives to go in the middle of the night miles away and kill the civilians who left the city using the Green Corridor Armenians provided to them? And attack these poor people right in front of the 30,000 Azeri Turk troops?

      But wait, it gets even better! Azeri Turk propaganda claims that the next night Armenians came back to mutilate the bodies… that were already transferred to Baku on helicopters and then returned back and placed on the ground for journalists to take pictures.

      Azeri Turks kept hundreds of Armenian civilians as hostages at that time. One example Azeri Minsite fo Defense was on TV that year to show two Armenian girls aged 3 and 5 years old and called them Armenian prisoners of war!
      So whose bodies were scattered on that field far from Khojaly, right near Azri Turk positions? Who can tell the difference between a body of a 3 year old Armenian girl from a 3 year old Meskhetian girl?

    • Your country Azerbaijan showed that it is driven by FASCISM and Genocidal motivations. When any Armenian is murdered by an Azeri, he is deemed a “hero”. Even Nazis in Germany would have thought twice about this. You are worse than any NAZI.

      For your other information, Republic of Artsakh, better known as Nagorno Karabakh NEVER was, or will be part of Azerbaijan. Our history spans more than 4500 years in historical Armenia, and you should read Tacitus, Ovid, Xenophon, and Josephus and other historians of antiquity when Armenia was even an Empire before the New Era. “Azerbaijan” is a twisted name of Atrpatakan, made of a mix of many people among them, Persians, Albanians, Talish, Tat, Turks, and many others, and the first time as a country it comes on the world stage in 1918, Not only Artsakh but Northern Artsakh, Nakhitchevan and up to the Kura River is PART OF ARMENIA.

    • Ashot,

      That is all they are good at it. They just do the best they can. Many people in Europe or elsewhere have not heard of Azeri-Turks or Azerbaijan-this is a good way to get acquainted with them.
      We should not expect something good from the descendants of uncivilized and bloodthirsty nomads. They just follow their ancestral path.

  4. Just a small list of names of cities in Azerbaijan and Karabakh where pogroms and massacres against armenian civilians have took place ordered by azerbaijani leaders and commited by ordinary turkish fascists:
    Sumgayit (1988), Kirovabad (Ganja) (1988) Baku (1990) Maraghar (Maraga) (1992)

  5. Rashid is like his president Ilham Aliyev. Both are too primitive to understand that besides tangible assets, such as oil money, there are also intangible assets, such as, for example, credibility, which is highly valued in all civilized societies.

    Azerbaijan lost face with the international community with this move big time and helped Hungary do the same.

    I have to also add that most comments I have read from Hungarians are of disaproval of the action by their government, unlike the comments coming from their Azeri friends.

    And the Khojali, Rashid, is an Azeri fabrication blamed on Armenians. Read about it from non-Azeri sources.

  6. This country called ‘Azerbaijan’ is blacklisted by each an every civilized country of our world. Some countries are officially blacklisted unfortunately others not. But in the end, honest and rational people know to differentiate right from wrong. The time will come when all these criminals and those who support them will be held accountable.

  7. Remember weasel Obama and his tribe when you go to the election polls. He is throwing crumbs of “deep concern” to the Armenian people in hopes that his deceit regarding the betrayal of Armenian Genocide promises will be forgotten when you vote. He is treating this with the same two-faced deceit he treats everything regarding Christian Armenians. We aren’t interested in his synthetic “deep concern.” We are interested in action.
    As for Clinton, go to the polls and send her home to Billy. I can’t think of anything much worse than that for her. Or him.

  8. To Avery,

    I understand your frustration, but you accusing the President of that his “Administration is Anti-Christian, Anti-Armenian and is doing everything it can to ethnically cleanse all Christians from Middle East. Followed by ethnical cleansing of Armenians from South Caucasus.” IS RIDICULOUS TOO!
    You don’t even sound right…I have doubts in your “honest concern” about this matter. Calling the President an al-Qaida supporter on an Armenian News page is AWFUL!
    We are all frustrated and disappointed…

    • Nope: it is not ridiculous.

      [Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels]

      {Recent news reports from the region have suggested that the influence and numbers of Islamist militants, some of them connected to al Qaeda or its affiliates, have been growing among Assad’s opponents.}.
      Go that ? Obama authorizes secret US support to Syrian rebels (actually terrorists), some of them connected to al-Qaeda.
      I call that POTUS Obama supporting al-Qaeda: what do you call it ?

      There are a lot more details on US intelligence agencies providing support to Al-Qaeda in Syria (same as was done in Libya), but I thought you would believe Reuters. Read between the lines and reach your own conclusions.

      Regarding Armenia: examine the details of the behaviour of the Obama administration and you will see clearly what they have in mind for Armenia.
      And the ultimate target is not RoA, of course. RoA is just in the way of bigger prize: guess what ?
      Mr. Obama may be a decent guy, but he does what he is told.

      Answer these questions, please:
      Why did Pres Obama ask US Congress to drastically cut assistance to Armenia and increase it to Azerbaijan ?
      Why would Pres Obama insist on keeping the corrupt, Turcophile Bryza
      in Baku ?
      Why hasn’t Obama Administration condemned the Azeri Official terrorist threats to shoot down Armenian civilian airplanes ?

      There is a lot more, but do some research before calling what I state ‘awful’.
      What is awful is blindly believing what is fed to you by CNN, Fox, CNBC, and the rest of the so-called mainstream propaganda organs.

  9. Rashid:

    When Azerbaijan charges the organizers and murderers of unarmed Armenian civilians in Sumgait (1988), Kirovabad (1988), Baku (1990) – all acts of organized, premeditated ethnic murder of unarmed Armenian civilians dragged out of their homes and apartments in Azerbaijan – we can discuss what happened in Khojali as long as you want.

    Here is a little recap though : NKR authorities and NKR military gave advance notice – weeks and days, respectively – to Azeri authorities about the impending operation to neutralize the firebases at Aghdam and Khojali, and the location of safe passage: Azeris themselves admit this. Azeri leaders failed to evacuate all their civilians, for whatever reason. When the battle began, cowardly Azeri troops used Azeri/Meshketian Turk civilians as human shields to escape. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire between Armenian and Azeri troops, Azeri civilians were killed by Armenian troops. One group of Azeri civilians got lost in the dark, appeared from an unexpected direction, were mistaken for Armenian troops and were killed by Azeri troops. No info on how many were killed by each.

    And when you study what really happened at Khojali, also make sure you read about Maragha village, where Azeri troops tortured, murdered and mutilated Armenian villagers who could not run away: about 45 had their heads sawn off; about hundred were kidnapped and disappeared without a trace.

    Also make sure you read about the Siege of Stepanakert: Azeri military completely sealed off the city and subjected its civilian population to months of bombardment: a war crime. A female Azeri MP at time even publicly expressed astonishment that Armenians had not abandoned the city after so much bombardment. (don’t remember her name).

    When Azerbaijan arrests and charges all the Azeri war criminals and murderers, you can complain about Armenians. And remember: Azerbaijan invaded NKR in 1991: NKR did not invade Azerbaijan.

    • You cannot convince primary fanatics who undergo the brainwashing of the dictatorial regimes.
      Watch the Turkish of countrysides declaring that their grandparents would not have been able to commit of genocide.
      Aliev is very satisfied to have the pretext of the Karabakh to hijack petrodollars without his fanaticized people knowing: a standard tactics…

  10. Obama is concerned? He is not concerned about the 1.5 million Armenias massacred by Turkes, why should he be concerned about one more person. Oh let me think, it’s election time!

    • … and shame on ANY Armenian who votes in a US presidential elections thinking that any other LIAR will recognize our Genocide. The US is the greatest ally of TURKEY and AZERBAIJAN.. STOP BELIEVING these costume suited THUGS.

  11. For them, there is ONLY ONE reality in policy to be taken account : ” O i l” !

    N.A.T.O.: Nations Addicted To Oil

    There where Oil is, NATO (i-e: Pentagon) is concerned.
    In this particular case, Oil is in Baku.
    They would damn themselves for the last drop of Oil

  12. We (most of Hungarian people) are really and deeply sorry for our PM Viktor Orban decision to let Safarov travel to Azerbaijan. Safarov is simple a killer who sentenced for 30yrs, because he killed an Armenian officer while he was sleeping by an axe in brutal way.
    Our PM sold this prisoner life for some uncertain money (azeri buys bonds from Hungary) and for an azeri dictator promise (not let Safarov free). He was stupid and led his nation to shame, as usual.
    People in Hungary do not share Viktor Orban decision, words at all.
    Please accept our apologize!

    • I for one accept your apology, Mcemru. Leaders don’t always represent the will of their people or lead their people properly. As an American Armenian I have been disappointed and ashamed of the actions of my government. The people can and should change their leaders when they make such grievous mistakes.

    • Mcemru,

      Thanks for your criticism of the action. I said this before and I have to say it again. I am really impressed by the reaction of so many Hungarian people and their ability to be objective. I want you to know that we have no resentment or anger towards Hungarian people but we are very disappointed and angry about the government’s action.

  13. Also I hope Hungarians will demand that their leaders apologize to Armenia, the family of Gurgen Margaryan, and to all civilized nations of the world. Aliyev’s action was an affront to the law and decency everywhere.

  14. Obama is only concerned about his votes for the upcoming elections.He just simply pretends to be concerned.I just wonder why we only hear that Obama is only concerned.Where is the European Union, why is it in a sound sleep???? In addition, Obama should not forget that some years ago African Americans were treated like slaves and injustice was going on in the USA for years. What I want to say is that you-dear Obama should not support injustice as you ancestors were the victim of it.

  15. Mr. President:
    You fooled us once, so did your predecessor, so did his predecessor, and on.
    It’s time for you just to say say nothing, because anything you say is trying to buy votes.

  16. Averyş Your response to Rashıd was goıng to start lıke your nomadıc ancestor travelled 3000 mıles thus your statement ıs ırrelevant

    September 1, 2012

    When Azerbaijan charges the organizers and murderers of unarmed Armenian civilians in Sumgait (1988), Kirovabad (1988), Baku (1990) – all acts of organized, premeditated ethnic murder of unarmed Armenian civilians dragged out of their homes and apartments in Azerbaijan – we can discuss what happened in Khojali as long as you want.

  17. The three Hungarian generals from 1848-49, who had Armenian roots:

    Ernő Kiss and Vilmos Lázár (both wre executed by the Austrians in 1849) and János Czetz, who had to immigrate and settled down finally in Argentina.

  18. ANC (and all Armenian organizations) should tell Obama he has a chance to redeem himself.

    I had no plans to vote in the next election. I was not going to vote for Obama a second time and I can’t imagine voting for the Rethuglicans. However, perhaps the Armenian organizations could convince Mr. Obama that he could redeem himself and actually regain Armenian support were he to slam Azerbaijian the way they should be slammed. Cut off aid–military and otherwise–and impose sanctions the way they do against our cousins the Iranians. He has plenty of time until the election (which is going to be quite close). Armenians could be helpful. While he’s at it, he could recognize Artsakh. That would make up for his medz yeghern debacle in my book and I would campaign my tail off for him like I did last time.

  19. The only way to settle differences is an all out war between the Turks (Turkey+Azerbaijan) and Armenians. I will be there…

    • why wait ? you can go now. Azerbaijan regularly sends diversionary teams to invade NKR or RoA. You can join them. Make sure you have your affairs in order before you go: last June when they invaded, they lost about 25 of their buddies.

      And it won’t be Turkey+Azerbaijan vs RoA: it will be NKR+RoA+Russia+Iran vs Azerbaijan.

      And Turkey can do nothing but sit back and gnash its teeth as it watches its client state disintegrate into little statelets: Lezgistan, Talishstan, Avaristan, AzeriTurkistan, Luitsistan, Udinstan, Zakhorstan….

      You know why Turkey will sit back and do nothing ? Because even a 700,000 man military, or 7 million, or 70 million is no match for 10,000 nuclear/thermonuclear warheads.

      Go to YouTube and search [Tsar Bomba – Largest Nuclear Device Ever Tested (50MT)]. And then contemplate messing with Russia.

    • I assume you are either Turkish or Azeri.

      I am Turkish and I don’t think like you.

      Anti-fascists of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia should unite against this kind of barbaric, fascist ideology.

      And, Turkey should accept the genocide of 1915.

      I am still in the minority in Turkey, about this issue; but people are slowly waking up to reality. Our numbers are increasing.

      Hatred and fascism will, sooner or later, lose !

    • Ahmed please. Turks are only good at at fighting and killing unarmed people. Even during the genocide the villages that had armed Armenian the Turks dared not venture into..And lets not forget that an unarmed Karabagh residence basically kicked the snot out of a well armed Azer and even the mujaheddin mercenaries..Today, Armenia, though not the might of Turkey, does have a pretty potent and well trained and armed army.

      Lest face it, Israel killed 9 of your citizens and Turkey did nothing. The Kurds kill many Turkish soldiers and the Turks basically can not do much…

      As Avery said please be the first to cross the border..

    • Don’t you think that’s 40 to 1 poppulation comparison. Ofcourse, the courage would be the oposite ratio 1 to 40.

      You be there, and we are ready to defend along with our allies. But, don’t cry about it afterwards.
      But, I am not quiet sure is Turkish/Azeri colaboartion will take place anytime soon even if, specially the Azeris initiate the offer?

      And If any war accures between these countries others most likely will join in one way or the other.

  20. He wants our vote again. We should not take the bait. Remember what he promissed us and how he broke it withou shame. His second run for presidency should not be fueled by Armenian votes and he must know that.
    Like George W. Bush Obama added another page to the almost hundred years old diary of the Genocide and its over dued denial history.

    However, it is hard to know who desrves the Armenian and their supporters’ vote.

  21. Obama – too little too late…..the Armenian was hacked to death in his sleep…history repeats itself, and will continue to do so until it is condemned…good job US and all those countries who continue to make comments, but not follow through with their promises – if Obama is so torubled – DO SOMETHIGN ABOUT IT

  22. Hello from Turkey. Shame on the Hungarian government ! Shame on Aliyev !

    Also, I am calling on my government to stop denying the 1915 genocide !

  23. If Obama really means to make a difference he must end economic ties with Azerbaijan. One or few sentences won’t make any difference.

    Azeribaijan government must be severely punished in addition to Safarov’s punishment. Alieve must face UN sanctions for his continous attempt to assult on Armenians. He is breaking every law expected of a fully functioning government.

    Obama, European Union, NATO, United Nations, and even neighboring nation are being tested for their obligations towards justice in this case.

    • Ed
      Unfortunately the Israelis, who basically control all our foreign policy, are in bed with the Azeri’s. Beside the oil factor and selling weapons to the Azeri’s they also use Azerbaijan as a base close enough to keep an eye and possibly as a launching pad for any strike on Iran.

  24. Thanks ‘Anti-racist’ for adding your voice to this thread. I hope more like you will speak up and call for the end of racist and fascist ideology among Turks.

  25. Obama is just so “deeply concerned” that he has not said another word, let alone actually done anything. He is no longer courting the Armenian vote with hollow promises. I think we have heard the end of his “moral indignation.”

  26. <<The only way to settle differences is an all out war between the Turks (Turkey+Azerbaijan) and Armenians. I will be there…<<

    That is a genocide threat!

  27. John,

    You are absoluetely right. Even worse is that Republican agenda is more Isreali friendly than the Democrates. And the fact that Obama is so obediant to the demands of Isreal and Turkey could multiply by Romney if he gets to be President next.
    Isreal/Turkey relations and Turkey’s NATO membership play even a significant role in busting Obama and other president’s decisions on Ramil’s case. Turkey has demands as well, and part of it is the benefit to Azerbaijan.
    As long as US feels the need for using easterm Turkey as military base the domino effect of denial wil continue.
    And so far, I haven’t seen any other action other than him expressing his deep consern. As expected and nothing to be surprised and unique from US exacutive branch.

  28. Rashid, how DARE you talk about khojaly!!

    You are the same nation that denies and praises the murder of more than one million Armenians in Ottoman empire and you come here and talk about “khojaly”!?

    You are not even worth responding to. Go back to Central Asia!

    Azerbaijan must pay for Margaryan.

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