Hundreds Join in Celebration at Armenian Heritage Park

Massachusetts Armenian Leaders Attend Dedication at Armenian Heritage Park

BOSTON, Mass.—Today Massachusetts and Armenian officials joined hundreds of attendees from the Armenian community and surrounding neighborhoods at the dedication of Armenian Heritage Park, the newest addition to the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

A scene from the dedication (Photo by Michael Casey)

The park boasts a reflecting pool, a sculpture to honor the immigration experience, and a labyrinth of grass and inlaid stone. Armenian Heritage Park is a gift from the Massachusetts’ Armenian American community to the citizens of the Commonwealth and the City of Boston and is meant for citizens of all ages to enjoy year-round.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Congressman Edward J. Markey, and Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian were among the Massachusetts elected leaders that voiced their support at the dedication in celebration of Armenian Heritage Park.

Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, and Ambassador of Republic of Armenia to the United States Tatoul Markarian were also in attendance on behalf of the Republic of Armenia. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan, and Archbishop Vicken Aykazian led the audience in a blessing for the dedication.

“This is a proud symbol of resilience for our Armenian community and our Commonwealth,” said Patrick. “It is a tribute to those who have, against many odds, contributed so much to Massachusetts, and a marker for future generations to see our state as a place to reach for their dreams.”

Hundreds gathered under the rain (Photo by Michael Casey)

Boston has long served as an entryway for immigrants from around the world. Not far from Armenian Heritage Park is Faneuil Hall, where New England’s leaders showed early on strong support and advocacy for Armenia and human rights.

“Boston has and will continue to be a shining example of how a culturally diverse community can succeed,” added Menino. “I am honored by the gift of the Armenian Heritage Park to the city of Boston as it will always serve as a tribute to the achievements of our vibrant and successful Armenian American community.”

The park includes a 12-sided, shape-shifting sculpture surrounded by a reflecting pool representing the immigrant communities renewed and reshaped in Massachusetts. On the outer circle of the labyrinth the names of the Armenian immigrants who distinguished themselves in the arts, science, education, commerce, and public service are etched.

“Once again, it is at Armenian Heritage Park that we come together to talk, think, learn, laugh, and remember,” said James Kalustian, president of the Armenian Heritage Foundation. “The Armenian Heritage Park continues to symbolize Armenian immigrants, who overcame so much and contributed so greatly to American culture and society.”

The Armenian Heritage Foundation was established in 2005, and is comprised of over 35 Armenian religious, cultural, educational, and philanthropic organizations throughout Massachusetts. It is through a true community wide effort that the Armenian Heritage Park has become a reality and a symbol for hope, rebirth, and triumph.


  1. It’s great that the Armenian Heritage Park has become a reality.

    But some of the non-Armenians at the opening today were outright hostile to the Park from the very beginning. Not Gov. Deval Patrick, however. My understanding is that he was a great help to Armenians.

    The Armenian Weekly and several other Armenian and non-Armenian papers published my article which exposed some of the dirty tactics and outright lies that the opponents of the Armenian Park engaged in, particularly the ADL’s Peter Meade, the Boston Globe, and others.

    Take a look, please, at the following link:

  2. Today was a proud day indeed for all Armenians. The Armenian Heritage Park, the Genocide Memorial in the heart of Boston, is an incredible presence that will serve to remind all of us of the tragedy and triumph of our people. We should all be indebted to the Heritage Foundation for its vision, tenacity and commitment to excellence. Let us also acknowledge the ability of our community to work in a united manner to accomplish this milestone. The park should as a means of educating the public of our continuing quest for justice and to motivate future generations of Armenians to carry the banner of their heritage. Thank you to all.

  3. It was impressive and a good day even with the rain, people’s spirits succeeded…it is very disappointing not to see/have any coverage in the TV news casts unless I’m premature with my comment…

  4. My grandfather was smiling down yesterday when Armenian Heritage Park was officially opened.He did not survive the Armenian Genocide yet his spirit was there.Bravo to all who made it happen!

  5. Yes we should indeed be grateful for an Armenian Park at all, even after many household names did all they could to derail and defang this project.

    Thank you, Mr Boyajian, for your article. It is a sobering reminder that we Armenians have real adversaries who work at cross-purposes with social justice and restorative justice for our people. These adversaries reside from the lowest to the highest echelons of power in the political, ethnic lobbying and media spheres. It is the naive Armenian who says the reason we don’t get a fair shake is because we don’t reach out.

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