Monumental Armenian Medical World Congress Convenes in New York

New Advances in Medicine Discussed
By Florence Avakian

NEW YORK—More than 350 Armenian health professionals from 5 continents and 10 countries assembled at New York’s famed Hilton Hotel from July 1-4 for the 10th Armenian Medical World Congress.

Among the many prominent attendees were the health minister of England, Lord Dr. Ara Darzi; the health minister of Armenia, Dr. Harutyun Kushkyan; the diasporan minister of Armenia, Dr. Hranush Hakobyan; the former health minister of Armenia, Dr. Ara Babloyan; the health minister of Karabagh, Dr. Armen Khachatryan; and the president of the American University of Armenia, Dr. Haroutune Armenian.

The preeminent medical personnel also included geneticist Dr. Vazken Der Kaloustian; the founder of the Armenian Eyecare Project, Dr. Roger V. Ohanesian; endocrinologists Dr. Sylva Arslanian and Dr. Avedis Khachadourian; and public health expert Dr. Myron Allukian, Jr. Attending many of the functions were Congressman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and Armenia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Armen Martirossyan.

World-famous doctors attended and spoke at the Congress, including the founder of the MRI, Dr. Raymond Damadian, who stressed the need for both a sitting and standing MRI, in addition to the lying down version that is commonly used. Darzi detailed his health reform system in England, which stresses the concept of quality. Top cancer specialist Dr. Ara Hovanessian from Paris, France, who is leading efforts for a cancer cure, also addressed the Congress.

The opening day, July 1, was devoted to several medical specialties, including nursing, ophthalmology, dentistry, emergency medicine, mental health, pediatrics, anesthesiology, and physical therapy. During the next three days, many engaged in intense and detailed discussions on obesity, nutrition, diabetes, breast cancer, orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, women’s health, radiology, endocrinology, and robotic surgery.

Health care in Armenia

One of the most focused discussions of the Congress involved health care delivery and education in Armenia, with more than a hundred health professionals from Armenia in attendance. During a special telemedicine event, through the medium of television, the unique medical problems of two seriously ill patients in Armenia were televised live, and the doctors at the Congress were able to discuss and evaluate their conditions.

Most popular was a lecture delivered by Dr. Hagop Akiskal on the provocative topic, “Chemistry of Romantic Love,” where he revealed that the face and especially the lips provide 90 percent of attraction. Another well-attended but highly controversial and heated discussion revolved around the pros and cons of circumcision, where it was noted that the practice is not a custom among Armenians, and serves no religious purpose.

A fascinating talk on mental health was delivered by Dr. Armen Nersisyan from Armenia who has been able to heal Mediterranean fever. In a jaw-dropping video, attendees saw a 12-year-old boy who two years earlier had been bitten by a dog; he was so traumatized he could only speak by barking like a dog. Nersisyan and therapists, using vibration tools and the prayers from “Narek,” were able to cure the boy.

In another inspirational demonstration, Dr. Edmund Gergerian, who cured many children in Armenia after the 1988 earthquake using vibration tools and by tapping on acupuncture points, showed the power of the subconscious mind, which is “80 percent of our being. One’s thoughts, words, activities generate energy sources. Energy balancing technology is the main source of love,” he explained. “The language of energy has to lead to balance in the individual.”

Also of great interest was the topic, “Dignity in Health Care,” addressed by Harutune Armenian. Dignity is achieved through structure (hospitals and clinics), process (waiting time and communication), and outcome,” he said, “which is not just about disease and death, but about self-esteem and self-assurance.

Strengthening Armenia-diaspora relations

In a passionate address, Armenia’s Minister of the Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, attending the Congress to “strengthen ties between the diaspora and Armenia,” thanked the Armenians of the diaspora for all the benefits they brought to Armenia. She pointed out that medicine in Armenia has improved greatly, and predicted that it will become the medical center for the region. “We need the newest and the best. We want to connect with certain hospitals and doctors. And the Armenian Medical International Congress should be established in areas of the world where there aren’t enough Armenians.”

She detailed three crucial issues: “The diaspora must help in strengthening the Armenian language, family, culture, and church. Armenia and the diaspora must solve problems together. And ‘Armenian-ness’ must be strengthened. The diaspora should strengthen the return of the youth to their roots. The youth must wash their hands in Lake Sevan, and view the beauty of Ararat and Khor Virab. Armenia is the Hairenik of all Armenians throughout the world,” she declared with emphasis. “We have to have a strong Armenia. Let us strengthen the Armenian warmth, mind, and culture,” she stated to a standing ovation.

Hakobyan presented gold medals and certificates to several worthy individuals who donated their tireless service to Armenia, including Armenian Medical International Congress (AMIC) president Dr. Avedis Bogosyan; to doctors Edgar Housepian, Aram Chobanian, John Nercessian, and Dr. Frieda Jordan; as well as to Annette Choolfaian and Rita Balian, who established the Mammography-Wellness Center, which has saved the lives of thousands of women in Armenia.

Closing the four-day monumental event, Dr. Larry Najarian enthusiastically noted that “this 10th Congress begins AMIC’s 36th year. Through our substantive work, we have reinforced new and effective ways to connect with Armenia. This is our focus. It’s this work which will make a difference all over the world,” he stated as all in attendance stood and sang the Armenian national anthem.

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