Beginning Armenian introduces the language to independent learners

Charry Karamanoukian’s Beginning Armenian: A Communicative Textbook, published by Routledge this fall, introduces conversational Western and Eastern Armenian in a single volume, allowing learners to acquire the language skills they need to communicate and to reference, contrast and compare both standards of the language.

The book aims to introduce class-based and independent learners to the Armenian language. It contains 24 lessons, each providing a range of key vocabulary and addressing different topics of daily life, including greetings, people and objects, as well as past and future plans. An overview of the Western and Eastern Armenian alphabet, pronunciation and punctuation is complemented by a range of exercises introducing the basics of Armenian grammar and vocabulary, with interactive information gap and role play activities designed to develop essential conversation skills.

Ishkhan Chiftjian of the University of Hamburg, Germany offers his recommendation of the textbook: “Beginning Armenian presents easy to understand vocabulary in Armenian that makes the language accessible to novice learners of all ages and anyone with a general interest in the Armenian language. The exercises, also presented with accessible vocabulary, emphasize everyday conversation and real-life situations (acquaintance, family, occupation, study, etc.) and the textbook is organized in a clear and unencumbered style. The logical connection between the lessons, the repetitions and novelties in the exercises make the textbook interesting and enjoyable for the user. This book is recommended for university students, all beginners, and anyone with a general interest in the Armenian language.”

“This is a wonderful textbook where Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian are presented together alongside English translations and transliterations, enabling learners with diverse language backgrounds to study the Armenian language comprehensively with ease and fun,” writes Svetlana Ghazaryan Wilson of the International Center for Language Studies (ICLS), Foreign Service Institute in the US. “Whether you are preparing for a trip to Armenia to interact with Armenian native speakers or simply satisfy your desire to learn the old and beautiful Armenian language, this textbook will help you reach your goal and enjoy the experience.”

Karamanoukian is a lecturer in Armenian language at Columbia University.

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