Michigan’s Armenian community rejects Zareh Sinanyan’s visit

Republic of Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan during his working visit to Michigan

Last week, the Republic of Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan publicized an official visit to Michigan that was not announced to the entire community. Instead, we learned of Sinanyan’s Michigan public relations efforts in our state through various social media posts and press releases issued by Sinanyan’s office. Those press releases falsely stated that he met with “community leaders from various Armenian churches, educational and cultural organizations in the Greater Detroit area.” In fact, the press statements from Sinanyan’s official office do not reflect the reality of what really occurred while Sinanyan was in Michigan. 

We are a strong community with many organizations and four Armenian churches. However, during his Michigan visit, Sinanyan only visited one church, where he met with a handful of selected community members. No official announcements from Sinanyan’s office nor any formal invitation to meet was extended to Michigan’s three other Armenian churches and community organizations. 

It is disgraceful that the Government of Armenia, through Sinanyan’s official office, falsified the truth of Sinanyan’s Michigan visit and the pretenses under which it was made. It is clear that the reason Sinanyan’s visit was handled in the above manner was to use Michigan’s Armenian community to present the appearance that the Pashinyan regime’s agenda was advanced here. Sinanyan operated in secrecy in a failed effort to isolate and divide our community, following the usual blueprint of the Pashinyan regime and its divisive strategies and policies. The Armenian Diaspora is an essential pillar of the Armenian nation. We will not allow anyone – including any representative of the Pashinyan regime – to intrude on our community and attempt to divide our unity.

Contrary to the picture presented by the press releases from Sinanyan’s office, Sinanyan failed to advance Nikol Pashinyan’s agenda in Michigan to gain supporters for his traitorous agenda which gives away Artsakh, normalizes relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan at the expense of the security and sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh and jeopardizes the fight for full justice for the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. 

Sinanyan does not represent the Armenian Diaspora, and he certainly does not represent the Armenian community of Michigan.

St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church
St. Vartan Catholic Church
Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Azadamard Gomideh Detroit
AYF Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” Junior and Senior Chapters
Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Tzolig, Maro, Shake, Sybille and Zabel Chapters
Hamazkayin Armenian Educational & Cultural Society of Detroit
Homenetmen of Detroit
Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Michigan
Friends of Artsakh

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  1. I don’t understand the point of “rejecting’ our diaspora official or any official of the Armenian government. Wouldn’t it be smarter to respectfully discuss issues and present our opinions?

    • You can’t “reject” someone who can’t even bothered to make contact with you.

  2. Another example of mind-boggling impotence demonstrated by the so-called opposition. Led by a group of self-serving Russophile Tashnaktsagans in Yerevan, who have chosen to be led by the lieks of Robert Kocharians, are destroying decades of good work, respect and prestige. They never once stopped to think/analyze/adjust to understand why they garner only 3-4 % of the vote in any general election since the independence of Armenia. The Armenian people have spoken in the latest elections. anyone who does not like the results, they can wait and contest the next elections in 4 years. Unless they really want to pull a Donald Trump in Armenia.
    Truly sad.

    • Arguably, I think the population of Armenia is more Russophile than any political organization in Armenia you can name and that most likely because they have always viewed the Russians as their protectors. I don’t agree with that mentality because the enemy next door was in fact an artificial creation of the Soviets themselves and that they would never take a stand and go against their own creation. So then the real question here should be why is it that only 3-4% of such Russophile Armenian population voted for ARF (Dashnaktsutyun-Դաշնակցություն) party in Armenia if the ARF in Armenia is such a Russophile organization? Based on that alone, you would think they should have gotten more votes than the current incompetent and dysfunctional government. The answer I think is because the Armenian population of Armenia was subjected to 70 years of brainwashing under the occupation of the Soviets who considered and portrayed as evil any form of nationalism. That is the real reason. I have no doubt if the Armenian Diaspora, more than twice the population of the homeland, was allowed to participate in Armenia’s presidential elections the Armenian nationalist parties would win every single time. That is why they are kept out of the country’s internal politics and primarily used as loyal cash cows!

  3. Well said or should i say brilliant. Thank you Ararat for your excellent analysis. Also here in Greece and Cyprus no one is going to participate in the masquerade with which they want to divide our community. Isolation of Pashinian Goverment and his puppets is the only way which diaspora should confront and get out of the difficult situation they have created.

  4. Pretty impressive, that of all places, the Armenian community of Michigan… DOES THE RIGHT THING! Reject this and all Nikolakan operatives, who only represent incompetence, weakness and treachery.

    Note of some comments: absolutely LAUGHABLE that Nikol Pashinyan and his sheep are not actually considered Russophiles. What and who they get paid from (the west) is not as revealing as whose orders they are actually implementing on the ground. I would actually even venture to say, old Soros himself is even a victim of the crooks of Armenia, who take his money, but follow Putin’s orders. These crooks don’t care about any social damage that is caused, so long as their net worth is increasing and Mother Russia is happy. That is precisely what the Soviet Union, guided by Russia has taught for 70 years.

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