Western Armenian book “Teen Diary” newly published in Montreal

MONTREAL, Canada—Weekly contributor Shogher Aline Markarian has just published her first Western Armenian book for teenagers. 

Titled Պատանեկան Օրագիր (“Teen Diary”), the fiction publication is about a teenager named Sevana, who is thrilled to start her freshman year in high school, where she will be taking an Armenian course and tasked with writing a diary. Her friend Daron, on the other hand, complains that he does not have much to write about in his diary. As the school year progresses, events take an unexpected turn. Secrets are revealed, and friendships are shaken. Throughout the pages of the diary emerges a story of perseverance, sportsmanship, courage and integrity.

The brand new, illustrated fiction publication addresses contemporary subjects in Western Armenian. The narrative reflects the daily lives of Armenian youth living in North America. “Because Armenian books designed for teenagers have to compete with those published in other languages, including French and English, it’s important that Armenian offerings speak to the interests and the hearts of our youth,” said Markarian during a televised interview with Hay Horizon last month. 

Ahead of its 2021 publication, Markarian’s “Teen Diary” was the winner of the 2020 Armenian Book contest organized by the Hamazkayin Canada Regional Committee. 

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