Our Flag/Մեր դրօշակը

For 131 years our flag has flown high.

Our spirit
Our determination
Our resilience.

The shovel, pen, sword, and fist – the blood of our martyrs and heroes.

The Sultan, the Ottomans, the Turks, the Soviets, the Azeris
They tried to burn it, to eradicate it
They failed.

For 131 years we have fought and died and lived for Armenia.

We have been banished
We have been scorned
We have been vilified, belittled, ridiculed.

And yet, we remain.

We have been scapegoated
For every ill, every loss, every heartache
They blame us, one way or another.

And yet, we remain strong.

We have led our people from the ashes of Genocide
We have fought and died for our homeland, time and time again
We have fought and died for our nation, time and time again.

Our fight is never over – our flag, our purpose, is eternal

There is nothing without the Armenian Nation
There is nothing without the Armenian homeland
There is nothing but Armenia.

So, “go ahead,” try to burn our flag, slander us, dismiss us, kill us.

You will fail
For we are the Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsutyoun
For we are the AYF, ARS, Hamazkayin, and Homenetmen.

For we are the Armenian People.

Aram Balian

Aram Balian

Aram Balian is vice president of business development at Haverford Homes. He previously worked in investment banking and financial technology. Aram was formerly the executive director of the ANCA Eastern Region; he currently serves on the ANCA-ER board. Aram graduated cum laude with a BA in political science and psychology from Columbia University. He is an AYF alumnus and served as treasurer and vice-chair of the AYF Eastern Region Central Executive.
Aram Balian

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  1. Beautiful! Our flag carries the blood of all our fallen ungers from 1890 to the present. As long as we live, as long as another generation lives to dream about a free, independent and united Armenia, then our flag will never be destroyed. Our flag is imbued with our revolutionary spirit and revolutionary will – that is our eternal legacy.

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