Pandemic Rain

(Photo: Hans Ripa/Unsplash)

The rain washed all the colors,
Remained only the grey.
The rain is cold, but hides your tears
In days of fear and pain.

Dreams are elusive horizons
Without the deceit of hope
In a days of doubts and weary faith,
And freedom without choices.

Your thoughts retreat back to embrace
The joyous days left behind,
But withered are the flowers of yesterday,
And the roses are grey today.

You still stand tall in the storm
And reach for the stars beyond the clouds.
You still find little joys
In the shadows of fear and doubts.

This rain will age to its end.
A smile will dry your tears.
In the light of a new day
Rose buds will unfold in red.


Hachik Chilingirian

Hachik Chilingirian is a chemical engineer, who emigrated to the US from Bulgaria in 1988.

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