ARF-ER Visits Artsakh, Assesses Critical Needs

Ani Tchaghlasian and Sebouh Hatsakordzian with ACAA Artsakh Fund Director Trdat Martirosyan (Photo: ARF-ER Central Committee Chairman George Aghjayan)

Over the past week, representatives of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region Central Committee and ACAA Artsakh Fund have been performing a needs assessment in both Armenia and Artsakh. The delegation of George Aghjayan, Ani Tchaghlasian and Sebouh Hatsakordzian met with representatives of the ARF Bureau, the Kerakouyn Marmin, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) and the ARF Artsakh Central Committee.

The delegation joined the ARS Central Executive Board in a tour of the rehabilitation wing of the Hospital #1. This facility was substantially funded by the ARS and continues to provide ongoing support.

Representatives also visited villages in Artsakh and the Lachin corridor and delivered aid. The ACAA Artsakh Fund will be helping the families of wounded soldiers and fallen heroes. Rental subsidies will also be provided to returning families who have lost their homes. 

These meetings and visits have allowed for smooth coordination and logistics to be planned. Those wishing to participate with a donation can do so online.

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