How to make a fire

Aghveran, Armenia (Photo: Karine Avetisyan/Unsplash)

For Artsakh

To make a fire,
Clear rocks and stones
To find earth dry enough to serve
The blaze to come.

Gather tinder, kindling and wood
Because you need all three
For the flame to catch and burn.

Human-made fire is:
Light and warmth and protection.
It transcends want and worry.
It’s elemental and constant.
It’s not easily snuffed out.

When you build a fire
And the conditions are right,
It will burn eternally.
Just add fuel and oxygen.
When fire catches flame:
Watch it rise.
See it spread.
Hear it roar.

Because fire isn’t just light and warmth
And protection.
It’s sound and smell.
It’s movement and force.

And under the right conditions
It cannot be contained.

Georgi Bargamian

Georgi Bargamian

Georgi Bargamian is a former editor of the Armenian Weekly. After 10 years working in community journalism, she attended law school and is an attorney, but she remains committed to her first love journalism by writing for the Armenian Weekly.

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  1. Dear Georgi-Ann,
    This was very nice, warm and inspirational, apropo for this terrible time – AGAIN! – in the history of the Armenian Nation. If we build enough fires, just MAYBE, the resulting inferno will make a difference. May God hear our prayers and deliver us from evil.

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