Armenian Youth Federation: Ready with Resolve

AYF Greater Boston “Nejdeh” Chapter member Emin Abrahamian addressing silent protesters at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, October 24, 2020 (Photo: Knar Bedian)

We Armenians are born humanitarians.

We know how much each human life counts.

We Armenians are born fighters.

We know that when our homeland is calling for our help, we will fight, even at the cost of our lives.

We Armenians are survivors.

From generation to generation, each one faces the same struggle, to survive, fight and prosper. From our great-grandparents who survived the Armenian Genocide to our grandparents who fled conflict in Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean. From our parents’ generation who lived in a world where Armenia and Artsakh didn’t exist to the generation of today who are combatting this new reality of war in Artsakh. Like the generations before us, our survival is the ultimate weapon and an important part of our identity.

We Armenians are born determined.

We know that if not us, then the future generation will see a free, independent and united Armenia.

Here we are, again, facing the reality of war. Here we are, again, called to respond to a challenge to our very existence. 

A united Armenian youth is ready to give that answer. A united Armenian youth is ready to demonstrate our resolve in this fight. A united Armenian youth is ready to use its most powerful weapon—our voice. 

The past several weeks, the Armenian Youth Federation Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Eastern Region has led in countless protests; social media campaigns, sit-ins, marches, and so on. We, the youth, have a duty. The torch has been passed to us. It is our duty to embody the instinctual spirit of survival and revolution and remain steadfast in our commitment. We must not forget that we are the heirs of revolutions before us that have shaped our people and have defined Armenia and Artsakh’s unyielding characteristic. 

Our enemies’ wishes for our extermination will not hinder us from our will to survive and our ultimate goal of a free, independent, and united Armenia. Free, not of occupation but of foreign interest policies and domestic corruption; Independent, not of bordering republics but from foreign and outside aid and influences; and United, not by the modern concept of Armenia but under our tri-colored flag with Western Armenia, Artsakh, Nakhichevan, Javakhk and diasporans. 

Ungerner, we must not forget that we have and always will be the revolution. We must not forget that we have won, and we will continue to win.

Founded in 1933, The Armenian Youth Federation is an international, non-profit, youth organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The AYF-YOARF Eastern United States stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives: Educational, Hai Tahd, Social, Athletic and Cultural. The AYF also promotes a fraternal attitude of respect for ideas and individuals amongst its membership. Unity and cooperation are essential traits that allow members of the organization to work together to realize the AYF’s objectives.

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