Dear Armenian soldier…

Meghri Dervartanian leading an AYF protest against Azeri aggression, July 22, 2020 (Photo: Vrej Ashjian)

Dear Armenian soldier, 

I have a secret. When I was a little girl, I would hide under my covers at night to protect myself. After hearing the stories of our ancestors, I thought that my family and friends would be kidnapped by the Turks next. To reassure myself, I remembered that the Armenian people were not weak, but vigorous. I knew that you would not allow such a thing to happen, and I would eventually fall asleep.

Now that I’m a little older, and a little wiser, I know for sure that the Armenian community in America, being thousands of kilometers away from its homeland, is safe here. But we are uneasy and fearful at the thought of our homeland under threat. I am sure you will fight with all your might to defend our nation and homeland. Although we cannot fight beside you at our borders, we will fight through peaceful protests, through writing, and most importantly through educating those around us about the truth, and only the truth. 

No one will understand or assume your difficulties until they witness it. That is why I always wonder. What is going through your mind when you are preparing for war? How do you pass the time?

Perhaps you are singing around the fire lost in our beautiful Armenian mountains, “However much it may be necessary, we will fight like this, for the Armenian nation, my brother and I” to inspire and awaken one another before going to battle the next day. Perhaps, you dance “Msho Khr” shoulder to shoulder or hit each other’s hands as hard as possible during “Yarkhushta” so that the enemy hears that the Armenians are coming. Perhaps you think of those sleepless mothers who wait impatiently for their children to return home. Perhaps you think of the little boy who lost his father and is now the proud son of a hero. Perhaps you are keeping watch tonight, ordered by the commander of your military unit to remain vigilant. Perhaps you are that commander. Perhaps you are drinking a toast in memory of your brothers in arms who died, the ones who were defending the same position, the same border, the same land just a few days ago but tragically fell victim to the enemy’s atrocities. Those fallen soldiers are immortalized in our memories. Their precious blood has helped liberate our beloved homeland. 

Dear Armenian soldier, if you ever read this letter one day, know that the reason seven year-old Meghri and now 23 year-old Meghri sleeps peacefully at night is only due to your courage and self-sacrifice.

With love always, 

Meghri Dervartanian

Meghri Dervartanian

Meghri Dervartanian

Meghri Dervartanian is a member of the AYF-YOARF Greater Boston "Nejdeh" Chapter and currently serves on the 2019 Central Executive. She is also a Homenetmen scout and athlete. She graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston in May 2019 with a degree in Business Management and a concentration in Marketing.

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