Serge Avédikian, Tigrane Yégavian Author Newly-Released English Version of Diasporalogue

Diasporalogue: English Version
Serge Avédikian and Tigrane Yégavian
Editions Thaddée
207 pp.
Kindle version available on Amazon

The main objective of this book, published in 2017 in French, is to encourage dialogue and reflection between Armenians and with the world. The authors—actor/director Serge Avédikian and journalist/writer Tigrane Yégavian—hope to provoke a wider response to the debate with this translation into English.

What do we really know about the history of Armenians worldwide? How do they live their double belonging in the countries of the diaspora? What are the debates that enthrall them and the challenges that they face?

For the first time, two generations of French-Armenians engage in a meandering dialogue to go beyond commonplaces by sharing what has been formative for them in their respective crafts: cinema for one and journalism for the other.

Should one give in to assimilation as something inexorable? Or rather, should one attend to re-examining the mechanisms of cultural transmission, without diluting the heritage? Both of them are of the opinion that it is possible to think historically of oneself as double and inheritor of cultures in permanent dialogue. From this dialogue springs a lively exchange where the testimonies of each one’s experience gradually yield their place to a reflection on the larger stakes of a diaspora in the midst of transformation.

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