UWC Dilijan Class of 2020 Bids a Virtual Farewell, Looks Ahead to Fall

UWC Dilijan Class of 2020

DILIJANThe 2019/20 academic year for UWC Dilijan has been, by all accounts, like no other. In October the college marked its fifth anniversary. With the spread of COVID-19, UWC Dilijan had to switch to an online model of teaching the IB curriculum, as most of the students had to travel back to their home countries. UWC Dilijan, with its international student and staff body, its international board, has had its values tested while adapting to the new reality. 

Following the tradition of gathering at the end of every academic year, the UWC Dilijan community got together once again before saying goodbye for the summer.

Class of 2020 Results

Out of 109 students of the class of 2020, 87 have been admitted to universities, 18 are taking a gap year and four students are awaiting university offers. The number of university acceptances this year is 294, while the total number of universities is 105.

Top universities this year:

  • USA: Harvard, Brown, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern Universities, University of Chicago; Wellesley, Middlebury, Davidson Colleges
  • Canada: the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto
  • UK: University College London, King’s College London, the University of Edinburgh
  • The Netherlands: Leiden and Utrecht Universities, University of Amsterdam
  • Singapore: Yale-NUS College
  • UAE: NYU Abu Dhabi

Universities by geography:

Geographically, 45 percent of universities that accepted UWC Dilijan students are located in the USA, 28 percent in the UK. Among other top countries are the Netherlands (eight percent), France (four percent), Germany and Canada (two percent).

Many UWC graduates become Davis Scholars, attending one of the 99 partner institutions in the USA via the Shelby Davis scholarship programme. This year UWC Dilijan has 60 Shelby Davis Scholars.

“Founded in 2014, UWC Dilijan has been demonstrating resilience because of its vibrant community of students, staff, parents, supporters and friends, and in spite of the current challenges, it is in a position to arise stronger from the crisis. Bringing young people together to build international understanding is taking a new meaning in this new reality. Let us ensure that the barriers imposed by COVID-19 will not diminish our resolve to work towards a more peaceful and equitable world,” says Gabriel Ernesto Abad Fernandez, Head of College.

“The crisis affects us all, but our personal response to it contributes to how the situation unfolds and what we are as individuals, societies and communities. To this end, the response to this crisis by the school, students, staff, parents, Board and our generous supporters has been beyond my expectations. I feel that as a community we have been standing shoulder to shoulder,” says Veronika Zonabend, the Chair of the Board and co-founder of UWC Dilijan.

Sofia Shapiro

Sofia Shapiro

Sofia Shapiro is from Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the historical faculty of the Moscow State University in 2012 and has been working in PR and communications ever since. In 2019, she moved with her family to Armenia to work for the communications department of UWC Dilijan. She has two children. In her spare time, she likes to make silver jewelry.

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