First English-Language Lectionary for Daily Bible Readings of the Armenian Apostolic Church Available Online

“It is with thanks to Almighty God, and with appreciation to my family and friends who have supported my research that I have the pleasure to announce the inauguration of the first English-language, online edition of the ‘Jashots-kirk’, the Lectionary, which contains all of the Bible readings prescribed by the Armenian Apostolic Church for every day of the year.”

The Rev. Dr. George A. Leylegian, Archdeacon in the Prelacy, has devoted the past 40 years to compiling ancient manuscript data stretching back into the second century, assembling the details and constructing the first critical edition of the system and sequence of Bible readings which form the heart of the liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church. For the first time, Armenians who speak English will be able to access the complete citations for each day of the calendar year from their computers and iPhones.

“Over the past two millennia, Armenians have constructed magnificent cathedrals and mystic monasteries and homey village churches which sadly have frequently been plundered and destroyed. And yet, the system for reading the Holy Bible has miraculously been preserved, with very few changes, over the past two thousand years. Regardless of geographic location or century or size of the congregation, every church has a treasured copy of the Lectionary in the chancel. Armenians are united worldwide by a single liturgy through the Lectionary system which is unique to our church.”

The new website includes precise Bible citations for each reading, expanded directions for liturgy usage on each day, extensive notes and instructional guides, and several appendices with detailed information on the history of the Lectionary.  

“My prayer and hope is that the online edition will be useful to our clergy, our Sunday School faculty and every person who is interested in reading the Holy Bible and learning more about the beauty of our Holy Church. The formal ‘Jashotskirk’ is written in Classical Armenian. Now, the online edition makes all of the information readily available to everyone who speaks English. I hope that the translation will be helpful, and that people will find the information beneficial in their daily spiritual lives.”

Rev. Dr. George A. Leylegian

Rev. Dr. George A. Leylegian

Rev. Dr. George A. Leylegian graduated in 1982 from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, and with a triple major of Political Science, Economics, and Public Law. He received faculty, departmental, and collegiate awards and honors for his academics. From Claremont, George enrolled in the law school and then the business school at the University of San Francisco, and completed his joint Master’s Degrees with honors in 1985. In 1986, he enrolled in theological studies, and by 1989, he completed both a Master’s and Doctorate in Theology with a specialization in the development of the Lectionary System of the Armenian Church. Upon completion of his doctoral work, George was ordained into the Diaconate by Archbishop Datev Sarkissian. He is currently enrolled in a post-doctoral study, again in theology, and hopes to complete this second doctorate within the next several years. Over the past 30 years, Archdeacon George has served Saint Gregory the Illuminator parish in San Francisco, and has been actively involved with Christian Education programs throughout the Eastern and Western Prelacies of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America. He teaches Theology and Liturgics at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has served at several mission parishes over the past decade. He has developed a particular interest in the interaction between village parishes and local monasteries in historic Armenia, and likewise, an interest in the evolution of Armenian parish life in the diaspora. He is committed to the daily, liturgical life of the Armenian Church, and remains dedicated to continuous education and spiritual renewal within the community.

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  1. My Armenian language skills are slow in developing, but I am slowly “getting there”. Thank you Reverend Dr. Leylegian for your great work on these liturgical tones of the Armenian Church and the Armenian lectionary in English so more people can use them in their churches in all places. I am looking for Armenian texts in both languages (English and Eastern Armenian). I am wondering if their is an Armenian/English Psalter(?).

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