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Rev. Dr. George A. Leylegian graduated in 1982 from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, and with a triple major of Political Science, Economics, and Public Law. He received faculty, departmental, and collegiate awards and honors for his academics. From Claremont, George enrolled in the law school and then the business school at the University of San Francisco, and completed his joint Master’s Degrees with honors in 1985. In 1986, he enrolled in theological studies, and by 1989, he completed both a Master’s and Doctorate in Theology with a specialization in the development of the Lectionary System of the Armenian Church. Upon completion of his doctoral work, George was ordained into the Diaconate by Archbishop Datev Sarkissian. He is currently enrolled in a post-doctoral study, again in theology, and hopes to complete this second doctorate within the next several years. Over the past 30 years, Archdeacon George has served Saint Gregory the Illuminator parish in San Francisco, and has been actively involved with Christian Education programs throughout the Eastern and Western Prelacies of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America. He teaches Theology and Liturgics at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has served at several mission parishes over the past decade. He has developed a particular interest in the interaction between village parishes and local monasteries in historic Armenia, and likewise, an interest in the evolution of Armenian parish life in the diaspora. He is committed to the daily, liturgical life of the Armenian Church, and remains dedicated to continuous education and spiritual renewal within the community.

A Story about the Magi in Armenia

As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity and Revelation of Jesus Christ on Jan. 6, I thought you might be interested in an important part of history that involves the Magi who followed the Star to Bethlehem, and then traveled to Armenia. As Matthew 2:12 confirms, the Magi decided to [more...]

January 6, 2012 // 12 Comments

Notes on the Armenian Village of Satou-Kegh in Diyarbakir

Recently, in connection with the historic re-dedication of Surp Giragos Cathedral in the city of Diyarbakir, my dear friends George Aghjayan and Khatchig Mouradian had the opportunity to visit one of the nearby villages, formerly inhabited exclusively by Armenians and now called Sati Koy. [more...]

November 30, 2011 // 6 Comments

Malta and Its Connection with the Kingdom of Armenia

In recent years, a growing number of professionals from the newly independent Republic of Armenia have been settling in Malta. In 2009, a carved stone-cross (called a khatchkar in Armenian) was dedicated by the small but vibrant community in Valletta. During the ceremonies, mention was made of the [more...]

November 1, 2010 // 9 Comments