Map of Shushi Liberation on Display in Yerevan


YEREVAN—The Freedom Fighters committee of the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia and the ARF Nigol Aghpalian Student Association created a miniature model map depicting the 1992 liberation of Shushi.

The miniature map was displayed near the statue of Aram Manougian in Yerevan on May 7 and 8. A day later, the model was displayed near the Mother Armenia statue.

During the three-day period, members of the student organization presented to passers-by the details of the city’s liberation, reports.

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  1. A great event in modern Armenian history. Just as Sardarabad
    saved our people from territorial extinction,
    Shushi symbolizes the liberation of Artsakh, the first
    reversal of historical Armenian territorial losses.
    God bless them.

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