Artsakh Fund Reports on Progress, Issues Funding Appeal

WATERTOWN, MA—The ACAA Artsakh Fund recently released a progress report and funding appeal for its ongoing efforts to strengthen Artsakh’s strategic borderlands. The Fund’s main focus is the Arajamugh village, which is fast becoming a model village promoting long-term resettlement and economic development.

Arajamugh is found near Hadrut, in territories liberated by Artsakh defense forces in 1993. In terms of organized resettlement, it represents the country’s southernmost civilian presence — lying not far from the southeastern front with Azerbaijan.

To date, the village possesses the following features:

  • 24 single-family homes (115 inhabitants)
  • Expanded school with 12 classrooms
  • Village hall/cultural center
  • Medical clinic
  • 6 hectares of pomegranate orchards

The next phase of development includes the following, and requires additional funding:

  • Completion of new single-family homes
  • Construction of outdoor athletic facility
  • Improvement of village grounds

According to the Fund’s Director, Raffi Killian, work has already begun on the athletic facility. “We have already selected the site, hired a contractor, and expect to start digging any day now. By next spring, we expect to complete all work — including athletic fields, bleachers, and associated facilities,” he added. The facility will serve Arajamugh and neighboring villages in promoting organized athletics to serve the region’s growing youth population.

To learn more and support the Artsakh Fund’s activities, click here.


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  1. Artsakh needs financial support.
    Please, spend few minutes and read the Article ” Artsakh Continues to be a beacon of Hope”.
    This is a worthy project critical for the resettlement and economic development in Artsakh.
    Every dollar helps.
    Please donate. It will make you feel good.
    Vart Adjemian

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