St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School Celebrates Armenian Cultural Day

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WATERTOWN, Mass.—Students at at St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School recently celebrated Armenian Cultural Day with songs and poems in what turned out to be a delightful series of performances for doting parents.

Ruth Thomasian, founder and president of Project Save, started Thursday’s event with an interactive presentation about Armenian Photo Archives for the graduating class.

Then all the students gathered in the gymnasium, where the fifth graders lead an informative presentation about the different regions of Armenia (Marz).

The celebration continued with the performance of our K-5 chorale groups; then the first through fifth graders took the stage to present literary and musical works from Armenian poets and composers.

After two months in school, the children have already learned so much about Armenia’s important traditions and cultural contributions.

St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School
Established in 1984, St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School is dedicated to educational excellence in an environment rich in Armenian culture. Serving students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, it is the only Armenian day school in New England and is accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE). Accreditation by AISNE provides quality assurance that a school is meeting rigorous standards in all aspects of its operations and that it is operating in alignment with its mission.

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