Grand Opening of the William Saroyan House Museum

FRESNO, Calif.—This year, on August 31, the 110th anniversary of famed author William Saroyan’s birth, a house-museum in his name will open its doors to visitors in Fresno, California, in the house that Saroyan spent the last two decades of his life. Visitors will be greeted by a hologram of Saroyan, and will bear witness to the author’s biggest digital archive, including exclusive pictures and graphics. Additionally, according to William Saroyan’s will, a research corner will be created.

In 2016, the “Renaissance” Cultural and Intellectual Foundation, founded by Arthur Janibekyan, purchased William Saroyan’s house and saved it from foreclosure. Since then, the Saroyan House Project was initiated, with the purpose of establishing a house-museum dedicated to the life and times of this great, Armenian icon. The house is located at 2729 W Griffith Way in Fresno, Calif. For more information, please email




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