American-Armenian Artist Stephen Sacklarian’s Paintings for Sale for the First Time in 20 Years

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, for the first time in over 20 years, the estate of Stephen Sacklarian is presenting selected paintings for sale for 2018. Nine paintings by the American-Armenian painter and sculptor of Bulgarian Armenian descent are currently available to the public.

Sacklarian in his studio (Photo: Sacklarian estate)

Born in 1899 in Varna, Bulgaria, Sacklarian emigrated to the U.S. in 1911. His parents had moved to Bulgaria to escape persecution and massacre against the Armenian population in Ottoman Turkey. Very little is known about Sacklarian’s early youth, other than he grew up in poverty in Philadelphia and that he was a Golden Gloves boxer during a brief period.

Interestingly, Sacklarian was also missing a small part of his dominant (right) painting hand ring finger from a childhood accident, though he never claimed it a hindrance on his artistic career. Although Sacklarian never formally subscribed to any official art movement, critics consider his paintings to be a blend of Modern and Abstract Expressionist, with elements of Cubism.

Sacklarian’s works are normally filled with biomorphic forms in the foreground in front of angular “room-like” backgrounds or dark color fields. The artist used perspective and composition, juxtaposing his vivid biomorphic forms in the foreground and the unidentifiable geometric rooms in which they reside. Human and animal forms, limbs, faces, and abstract sexual organs also hover in the foreground.

Art dealer Zach Braudy is the exclusive representative, authenticator, and broker for the sale of paintings from the Sacklarian estate. Since the 1960s, Braudy’s family’s art gallery has provided exceptional service and value to individuals and organizations interested in purchasing fine-art. He is also the grandson of former Sacklarian representatives Ethel and Arthur Furman, who represented the artist directly throughout his life and career.

Zach Braudy the same passion, knowledge and expertise of Sacklarian’s work, and has procured his art for governments, corporations, museums, art galleries and numerous private individuals.

For those interested in acquiring one of Sacklarian paintings, visit and click the “Limited Release Paintings” button.


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