Stamps Featuring Pope Francis at Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Issued by the Vatican

VATICAN CITY—The Vatican recently issued stamps commemorating the 2016 pontifical visits of Pope Francis, including his June 2016 visit to Armenia.

The Vatican recently issued stamps commemorating the 2016 pontifical visits of Pope Francis, including his June 2016 visit to Armenia (Photo: Press office of the Holy See)

Designed by Daniela Longo, the stamp depicts Pope Francis at the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex (Tsitsernakaberd), which he visited on June 25. The pope was accompanied by the Catholicos of All Armenians, His Holiness Karekin II, as well as Armenian President Serge Sarkisian and First Lady Rita Sarkisian.

Pope Francis walks towards the Armenian Genocide Memorial at Tsitsernakaberd (Photo: Photolur)

During his visit to Tsitsernakaberd, Pope Francis offered an intercessory prayer and a silent prayer for the dead, and placed a wreath as well as one white and one yellow rose (the colors of the Vatican) by the eternal flames. The pope and Karekin II also held an ecumenical service in memory of the victims of the Genocide, which included The Lord’s Prayer as well as the reading of Biblical passages.

At the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Pope Francis signed the guestbook. His message: “I pray here with sorrow in my heart, that there might never again be tragedies like this one, that humanity might never forget, and might know how to overcome evil with goodness; may God grant to the beloved Armenian people and to the whole world peace and consolation. May God preserve the memory of the Armenian people. The memory must neither be watered down nor forgotten; memory is the fount of peace and of the future.”

At the museum-institute, the pope was presented with a gold commemorative medal. He also met with 10 descendants of genocide survivors who found safe haven in the Vatican apostolic palace of Castelgandolfo in the 1920s under the pontificate of Pius XI, reported Vatican Radio.

Stamps commemorating Pope Francis’s visits to Mexico, Poland, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Sweden were also issued.

Pope Francis’ visits to Georgia and Azerbaijan were featured in one stamp (Photo: Press office of the Holy See)


  1. Armenia has the history of Noah and his ark…now Armenians will have a stamp that will travel anywvere in the world but most importantly will enlighten people that genocides and murder are not a stamp of approval for any human life

  2. The Vatican is no less corrupt or genocidal. Like all Western leaders, the Pope is merely a figurehead. Real power in the Western world is found behind closed doors.

    • In 2015, the Pope spoke forcefully, and clearly condemned the acts of genocide perpetrated by the Turks, during the century old genocide. His proclamation was unscripted, because he refused to present the watered down version provided to him, by his advisors. Turkey was well aware of how the Pope defined his judgment, and made a failed attempt to punish the Vatican with futile diplomatic measures.

    • I wonder, when you will start to criticize Lenin and Uncle Joe, who harmed Armenian nation, more than any Western oriented leader!

  3. For the last 20 years I have been at events commemorating the Armenian Genocide in Albany, NY area. Many times as a leader in the Italian American community building a bridge of understanding and friendship. In the past we often to talk to the choir, we need to speak to American public. Catholics and members of the Armenian Apostolic church are brothers and sisters in Christ, we must not allow others to divide the body of Christ.

    • Pope Gregory XIII (1502 – 1585) praised Armenia’s steadfast alliance with the Crusaders, in the Ecclesia Romana: “Among the good deeds which the Armenian people has done towards the Church and the Christian World, it should especially be stressed that, in those times when the Christian Princes and Christian Warriors went to retake the Holy Land, no People or Nation, with the same enthusiasm, joy and faith came to their aid as the Armenians did, who supplied the Crusaders with horses, provision and guidance. The Armenians assisted these Warriors with their utter courage and loyalty during the Holy Wars.”

  4. What u say is True. But this Pope is confronting corrupt and regressive power and attempting to unify the world against oppression.

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