AYF-YOARF Eastern U.S.: The Year Ahead and Years to Come (Update)

Sireli ungerner, hamagirner,

2017 is well on its way. At the beginning of the year, the Armenian Youth Federation – Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (AYF-YOARF) Eastern Region set a plan that would re-energize our members and strengthen our efforts to further our cause.

The three major topics outlined were the longevity of our junior organization, the importance of our international presence, and the consistency of our senior membership. Realizing the importance of these three aspects, the Central Executive decided to address these issues and begin to work towards our goals.

On March 25, the Central Executive organized a district-wide, one-day workshop to address these topics. These workshops were for the executives and junior advisors of our region and were carried out simultaneously in our three districts: New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Midwest. The workshops consisted of much dialogue and fruitful discussion on these pressing topics.

The most important facet of our organization, the junior organization and our junior members, were discussed,  and the focus placed was how to properly advise and lead our badanees for the betterment of our future. The Central Executive stressed the importance of senior presence for these juniors and that the junior organization cannot be maintained only by junior advisors. We emphasized the importance of bringing juniors together, as often as possible, both for social and educational events, locally and regionally.

High priority will also be given to our international programs and overall image. The Central Executive highlighted coming together as a region in support for all of our overseas efforts. The Central Executive underlined the importance of attending events such as, tri-regional seminar, to build the bonds between regions, and to further grow coalition within our ranks. The Central Executive underlined the importance of AYF members traveling to Armenia connecting with the ARF Bureau Office of Youth Affairs, as well as the local ARF Youth in Armenia.

Lastly, re-energizing our senior membership has been recognized as another important priority. The Central Executive discussed how all members in our organization play a vital role, no matter which pillar of the AYF-YOARF they feel most comfortable working within. We challenged the attendees to think of outside of the box ideas to keep membership active and more engaged.

The Central Executive stressed that our ranks have to think more proactively, rather than reactionary, in regards to current day issues and events. We are as strong as our members and we must rise together to tackle the challenges approaching us as a region. We look forward to our executives and junior advisors passing along and implementing the ideas discussed during these workshops.

Ungeragan Cherm Parevnerov,

Central Executive

AYF-YOARF Eastern Region United States

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