New Year’s Shooting Leaves 39 Dead in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—Thirty-nine people were killed in a terror shooting in Istanbul at the Reina nightclub early on New Year’s Day. At least 69 others were left injured. An ongoing manhunt to find the gunman who stormed into the nightclub and began opening fire with an AK-47 automatic rifle continues.

Authorities say they are looking for this man in connection with the deadly attack.

Daesh (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement made on Twitter that called the gunman as a “heroic soldier of the brave caliphate.” Eight people have been detained by police and are being questioned in connection with the attack, according to Turkey’s state-run news agency, Anadolu.

Those killed in the attacks were from 14 countries including Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Kuwait. Turkish police released new photos of the main suspect of the shooting on Jan. 2.

Among the injured was American Jake Raak who survived the attack by playing dead and remaining silent after he was shot.

The Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in a statement said, “No Kurdish forces have anything to do with this attack.”

World leaders have condemned the attack as U.S. officials are calling it a terrorist attack.


    • Agree, with an addendum:

      Many actors created ISIS, not just Turkey: Turkey is one of them.
      However, Turkey and Erdogan are primarily responsible for supplying ISIS through Turkey. The blood of 100s of 1,000s of Syrians is on Erdogan’s and Turks’ hands.

      Turkey and its MIT are the ones who organized and carried out the false-flag Ghouta chemical attack, which killed about 1,000 civilians.

      Erdogan and his goons instructed ISIS to attack and destroy Syrian-Armenian targets. Der el Zor memorial to AG was specifically targeted by ISIS on orders from Erdogan.

      Aleppo was looted and the loot taken to Turkey.
      Pretty much all factories created/developed by Syrian-Armenians over generations, descendants of AG survivors, were dismantled and taken to Turkey: the traditional nomad Turk M.O.

      It is sad that innocent people were murdered.
      But blowback is a biatch.

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