Ankara Poster Competition to Portray Armenians as Genocidal, Traitors

Winner to Be Announced on Dink Assassination Anniversary

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—Ankara’s public Gazi University, in collaboration with the Embassy of Azerbaijan, has announced the launch of a poster competition that encourages participants to design artworks on the theme, “Everyone Sleeping: Armenian Persecutions from Anatolia to the Caucasus, International Poster Competition.” The winner(s) will be announced on January 19, the anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink, the Turkish-Armenian journalist and editor of Agos who was murdered by an ultra-nationalist Turkish youth in Istanbul in 2007.

Ankara poster competition to portray Armenians as genocidal, traitors
Ankara poster competition to portray Armenians as genocidal, traitors

In introducing the competition, a lengthy, fictionalized account of Turkish history is provided—an account in which Armenians committed genocide against Turks and Azerbaijanis. Under the rule of Seljuk Turks, and later the Ottoman Empire, Armenians lived in peace, which brought about the “Golden Age” of the Armenians. Armenians were offered religious and other freedoms, human rights, and a general attitude of benevolence. This all changed when Armenians, instigated by Western powers, began to rebel and ceased to be the once “loyal nation.”

Painting a treacherous portrayal of Armenians, the organizers go on to describe how Armenians tried to “dismantle” the country, supported by Russian, British, and French forces. In order to “prevent damage,” an effort to relocate them came about. “The aim was not to destroy the Armenians; the purpose was to protect them and to ensure the security of the state,” the competition organizers claim, though conceding that some deaths did occur—around 50,000 (the 1.5 million number is a gross exaggeration they claim). Muslims, on the other hand, were killed in greater numbers—around two million. As to the matter of genocide, the true victims of WWI were the Turks, they say. It was the Turks who suffered genocide—around one million Turks were killed at the hands of Armenian gangs—in Van, Mush, Bitlis and elsewhere.

The organizers “remind” potential participants of the “Unimaginable tortures and rapes,” the suicides of women hoping to preserve their chastity, the slaughters of young and old alike at the hands of the Armenians, as well as the mass graves, and the massacres at the hands of “Dashnag gangs.” Armenians are portrayed as conduits of “savagery, cruelty, torture, rape…”

Despite “these painful events of the Turkish nation,” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (who also happened to establish Gazi University) founded modern Turkey, which managed to survive despite “Armenian terrorism.”

But apparently Armenian crimes do not end here. The organizers evoke the Karabagh war, where they claim yet another genocide took place in 1992, that of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly.

“The Turkish world suffered genocide… silence continues… Everyone is asleep… and while everyone was asleep, the Turks were massacred again. Everyone is asleep despite the historical facts that are attacked by the narrative of Armenians and their supporters and the so-called genocide allegations,” write the organizers. Furthermore, the Armenian allegations amount to “slander,” “injustice,” and “defamation.”

The organizers invite international artists and designers who care for human rights and want the world to wake up to the genocide and massacres committed by Armenians, to participate in this poster competition.

The winner(s) will be announced on Jan. 19, 2015.

Exhibition of submitted works will take place at the Gazi University Museum of Painting and Sculpture beginning on Feb. 26, 2015. The grand prize is an exhibition of the winning work in Baku.

Organizers include: Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ankara Faig Bagirov; Alev Çakmakoglu Kuru (Gazi University); Fulya Bayraktar (Gazi University); Şansal Erdinc (Gazi University); Bulent Salderay (Gazi University); and Ali Herisci (Gazi University).

Jury members include: Arif Aziz, dean of the State University of Fine Arts and Civilization (Azerbaijan); Uğurcan Akyuz, Near East University, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (Northern Cyprus); Mehmet Basbug, the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Kyrgyzstan); Seifolla Bodikov,  Buketov Karaganda State University dean (Kazakhstan); Rustam Khudayberganov, Behzo Drafting and Design University (Uzbekistan); Sabit Magavin, Buketov Karaganda State University (Kazakhstan); Sevil Suleymanova, State Art Academy dean (Azerbaijan); Adnan Tepecik, dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (Turkey); Yeralin Kuandyk, Ahmet Yesevi University (Kazakhstan); Alisher Alikulov, Kamolitdin Behzoda Ressamlik ve Tasarim University dean (Uzbekistan); Cigdem Demir, Gazi University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design Department (Turkey); and Suiutbek Torobekov, dean of the National Art Academy (Kyrgyzstan).

The Exhibition organizing committee includes: Naile Çevik, Umut Demirel, Ramazan Can, and Giray Selcuk.

The graphic design board includes: Dilek Oguzoglu, Yilmaz Ciracioglu, and Zeynep Pehlivan.


  1. Wow.

    These people are off the hook.

    The more they do such conspicuously savage things the more they expose their culture’s mental state.

    I mean, to time an award ceremony with the anniversary of a person’s violent death is obviously inhuman. Decent people will take notice.

    Thank you for reporting on the issue.

  2. Pretty sad and hilarious at the same time. I think it is excellent that this is happening. Let them show the world. These are the true colors of turkey. Take a good look.

  3. Wow. So childish.

    This is outright promotion of hate. And they still want to enter EU?

    So they’re now saying only 50,000 Armenians died? They used to say 0 dead, then when they could not hide it, claimed 300,00. At one point I remember it going up to 600,000. But now we’re going down to 50,000? I wish it was only that few!

  4. It seems that every time I start to think Turkey recognizing the Armenian Genocide is within reach and that Turks are maturing, something like this happens. Really I want to think better of Turks and I do know that there are likely many Turks that find such events as this absurd and repugnant. But honestly, this is truly insane!

  5. Not in the name of Late Hrant Dink’s foundation.
    Do these liers want to know about why Armenians finally came to the point where they had no choice but seek alternatives other then living under the Ottoman rule despite being very loyal, hard working, willing even to defend if against the enemies and yet being betrayed by the very Ottoman Turks while theywere sent to defend it so in their returns home if they weren’t still killed to see their homes ruined, their entire families killed or sent to their death marches to be killed, raped, kiddnapped, tortured in corporation with the surrounding Muslim Kurds, Cherkeses ect even though Armenians and all of other region’s non muslim populations were double taxed heavily to both Federal Government in Istanbul and the region’s Kurdish rulers?
    Azeris and Turks will never become familiar with Honesty and Justice,, They are incureble cases.Sorry it is sad but the Undeniable Truth.

  6. The EU, the US, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, and other countries with significant Armenian populations ought to deny entry visas to all the individuals named above. If they want to live in their alternate world, they oughtn’t to be allowed to enter ours.

  7. Another scary part of this is the number of academics involved. One wonders how dark and broad the information blackout must be for these educated people to involved in something 180 degrees from truth, especially given the announcement date, which smacks of misplaced punitive behavior.

  8. poster competition- how can that be. are these posters to be submitted in full color. how can that be when the only color turks know is red. red for Armenian blood, just like the red on their flag.
    judging by the design of their flag, I don’t think anyone will win this competition. better move the whole thing to a zoo, monkeys will do a better job.

  9. It’s nothing but Turkish lies.

    I wish Armenians had exterminated the Turks, but it’s not in the Armenian character to do what the Turks did.

    One simple fact that makes it so obvious that Turks killed the Armenians is the fact that Turks (not Armenians live in Western Armenia). There are so many facts that no matter how much the Turks lie they can’t prove otherwise.

  10. If you look through at the names and credits of those serving on the jury or are organising this farce, they’re all from government supported institutions that have a history of human rights violations and genocides, as well as denial of the Armenian/Greek/other minorities Genocide of 1915-1923. That totally speaks to the source of this farce.

    Talk about spin doctors spinning total bs to suit their purposes to an audience that may not know differently because of the state suppression of the truth. Truly scary how many will buy into this.

    Am totally disgusted with this…but unfortunately not surprised.

  11. Well the Turkish culture is showing it’s true colors. Not much different than the region though as it is unable to move past what prior generation did in the past and STILL taking it personally for people they never really even knew except through writing and what another person said. It is all about getting even as a form of feeling more powerful, stirring up old wounds, and harming the innocent as a way to send a message to past… which will never be received. Well I guess stupid is what stupid does.

  12. All Armenian artists should participate in this competition, and make the Muslim world cry over the pain of denial.

  13. I think this is a good invitation to millions armenian artist to paint a truthfulle posters depicting the armenian, Greek and Kurdish genocides and present them to Turkish embasys all over the world .
    And have a competition to find the best poster representing the 100 year anyvercery of the Armenian GENOCIDE .

  14. I wish there were not so many or no Turkish run charter schools in America. The US charter school system is generous with funding for education. So much of that money is being diverted to Turkey and on-wards to fund Muslims schools around the world and influence people for Turkish causes. Turkey I assure you is not on it’s knees. It plotting to re establish a Muslim led Ottoman Empire.

  15. I wonder which one of their esteemed PR or consulting firms came up with this scheme? Don’t the realize how incredibly foolish and stupid it will portray Turkey? Hey – maybe that’s exactly the idea – to embarrass Turkey with such a stupid act of childish propaganda, where they again try to blame the victims for every ill that hit Turkey during and after WWI – that they become the laughing stock of the world. Maybe. Reminds a lot of how Israel and Netanyahu has tried so hard to blame the Palestinians for the destruction of Gaza…and to convince the world that Israel was the true victim/peacemaker. Another sad and painful joke/lie being played on the world in the same vein. While it’s true you can fool some of the people some of the time, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time…and most of the time, you shouldn’t even try as it makes yourselves look like jerks. Grow up, Turkey – GROW UP!

    • sorry, Armenians do not go low – they are a proud people while the turks are the same slimy liars that they are and they want to get into the EU? my goodness what a tragedy that would be. Unfortunately, the Americans and the Brits need them and hence they will carry on with their eyes closed. Shame on the UN (the toothless tiger) for not doing anything. The world knows turkey for what they are.

  16. I was not surprised that Turkey urgently trying to put “make-up” to their war crime – taking into consideration that next year is a centenary of the Armenian genocide.
    Remember that just because the Taviani brothers were Italian world-famous film directors , they were able to make “Lark farm”, despite the fact that Turkey government tried to prevent and to suppress film-making.

  17. [“Unimaginable tortures and rapes,” the suicides of women hoping to preserve their chastity, the slaughters of young and old alike at the hands of the Armenians…]

    Turkish Genocide denial, a primitive mindset and supposed “nationalism” is very predictable and easy to engage in. All you do is read non-Turkish based or influenced credible books on the Armenian Genocide, and regurgitate all the stories, articles, and accounts thereof by switching the words ‘Armenians’ with ‘Turks’.

    Same principle applies for Azeris about their history and culture; read up on Armenian history and culture and switch the nationalities once again replacing ‘Armenian’ with ‘Azeri’, and next naturally accuse the people you stole everything from for being “frauds”.

  18. its nice to have mental retards for next door neighbors, never a dull moment but not so nice is they refuse to grow into mature adults.

  19. May I make a ¨suggestion¨….What other(one in many indeed)important proof than that of their own ¨Turkish military tribunals¨in Istanbulla, that judged and condemned the TRIUMVERATE of Enver, Jemal and Talaat,after the infamous Genocide perpetrated upon us…
    We(especially Hairenik Association) should dig up in their files,rathder find newspaper clips of the era,viz. º1915-1923, when above Tribunal took place,find photos(in whatever state they may be) and make LARGE POSTERS AND pass these on to many important media of the World.No need to go participate in the Genocide state any competition,For those are traps set up to catch ¨´paremid¨´ not to say Barzamid Armenians who still believe the Turk has changed.yes,also Prof. Vahagn Dadrians booklet with Ref. to above Trials(Turkish Military) are there to ponder is all there.

  20. Unfortunately the history repeats itself.I would like to quote from Victor Hugo’s famous poem L’Enfant from “Les Orientales”,
    Les Turcs ont passé là.Tout est ruine et deuil.

  21. DISSPELL Turkish NONSENSE 101

    1. Anytime the Ag is mentioned we should also rightfully mention the Greek, Assyrian and Kurdish genocides together. This will dispel all the “Armenians were traitors” excuse. So what? Everyone else were traitors as well? Pure Turkish nonsense and an excuse.

    2. Always rightfully deem the Turks as barbaric Muslims as the USA is on a anti Muslim rant and we should take full advantage to dispel the current Turkish propaganda that the Turks are “just like us” and an “ally”. Thats the nonsense that they push in our media.

    3. Always rightfully portray the Turks as the most anti-American and anti-Semitic country on this planet and “NOT A US ALLY”. Lets include the American people and the our good Jewish friends in our endeavor to portray the Turks for what they are GENOCIDE PERPETRATORS..

    Its been 100 years and we are not going away anywhere. They still need to demonize their victims so Turks can sleep better at night.

    Turks need to be labeled for what they are: genocide perpetrators, a a racist society and a pariah state ALL THER TIME.

    Lets include the other victims of Turkish hate.

    • How about the TRUTH? Instead of made up excuses why the Young Turkish Regime decided upon mass murder and theft of ALL THE CHRISTIAN populations of Ottoman Turkey. Not just the Armenians.. The Whole purpose Ahmet was THEFT. That’s why you Turks murdered the Armenians Greeks and Assyrians,

    • Ahmet, keep in your mind that Turkic Ossmani Khalifate and today Turkey built on a tremendous Byzantine and Armenian vibrant Christian population, where there is on comparison with Islamized barbarian Turkic tribes of Alparsalan!Let history speak of itself!

    • From reading the comments here you can clearly see who has an American education and who has an Armenian education. American Armenian commenters are on the same page but don’t paint us as the devil. One might ponder what they teach in Armenian schools about Turks.
      The worlds a washed with propaganda even in the education system.
      “Turkbayjani, Invodanomad, …”

      Also to the readers Turkey is a secular, democratic country. Everyone has a voice even terrorist groups protested in Istanbul. Long as it’s peaceful it’s fine. Yes everyone including these ‘posters’. Free speech good or bad it’s they’re rights as Turkish citizens to be allowed to express they’re thoughts.

    • From reading the comments of almost all of the Turk commentators on here, one can clearly see how enormously ignorant and uneducated they are. However, you can’t blame them for that. After all, take a look at the gigantic level of false, ridiculous information that is taught to them in the schools of Turkey. The above article proves this exact point.

      “Turkey is a secular, democratic country.” Exactly how can the Islamic terrorist state of Turkey be a democracy when it persistently commits all kinds of human rights abuses against its Armenian residents, other Christian residents, and Kurdish residents? How can it be a democracy when making the slightest derogatory remark in public about the Turkish culture, nation, government, or Islamic religion, will get you thrown in jail? What about saying the words “Armenian Genocide” in public? That can also get you thrown in prison. As a result of all this, it is therefore not surprising that Turkey has the highest number of imprisoned journalists of any country in the world today. What Turkey truly is, happens to be a terrorist, hard-core human rights abusing country which desperately attempts to disguise itself as a democracy. This after all, is not something new. This has been going on ever since the birth of the Ottoman Terrorist Turkish Empire, back in 1299.

  22. These are nothing more than desperate attempts by desperate Central Asian illiterate and racist nomads to falsely portray their victims of brutal genocide as aggressors because only through such falsehood, at least in their own twisted minds, can they illegally continue to hold onto their ill-gotten property, wealth and territory belonging to the native and indigenous victims of their mass-extermination.

    One thing that I have interestingly noticed about these racist genocidal Turks is that they are and have always been consistent about never having been able to validate, justify and defend their existence on someone else’s lands and that is because they can’t. What do they always do instead? They try to validate their occupation and existence on the lands of their victims, which they confiscated by forcing out and exterminating them through mass-murder, by attacking, denigrating and portraying their victims as aggressors and savages, very interestingly two important characterizations with which they themselves have been defined throughout their own bloody history and not just by us Armenians but by the world at large.

    It is rather humorous that the Turkish aggressors have all of a sudden become the victims of their own aggressions. Imagine that! I mean how shameless and desperate a people, whose national identity and main source of pride is defined by their invasions and conquests of other people’s lands, have to be to switch places with their victims in order to avoid giving up what does not belong to them in the first place.

    These Turks are not even good liars. When we claim they murdered 1,500,000 defenseless Armenian men women and children, their defense is that not even a million Armenians lived in the Ottoman Empire and that we exaggerate and make up these numbers. However, as sick as it sounds, they are perfectly OK with 600,000 to 800,000 murdered figures. The fact is that 10%, or three million, of the 30,000,000 Ottoman population was Armenian. But even if we take them at their own words, how is it possible for less than a million Armenian minority, with over half the population being women and children and the rest being either elderly or men serving in the Turkish military as conscripts and being disarmed and murdered in cold-blood while their families were being dragged out and exterminated, be able to “murder” millions of Turks and in such “savage” ways? It makes no sense, does it? Only Turkish logic could come up with all these nonsense because they have so much to lose if the real truth ever came out and their secret genocidal plans were exposed. It is like they have to continue to lie and falsify history, they are cornered, and they have no other choice.

    Turks are now even more emboldened to fabricate more lies to dehumanize and insult their victims because of their false union with their pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani step-brothers-in-crime. They find the conflict between the Armenians and the fabricated Azerbaijan fake nation, and their artificial state, a perfect opportunity to exploit towards their anti-Armenian and racist goals. In one racist anti-Armenian Azerbaijani website the number of “innocent” Turks and Azerbaijanis “murdered” by Armenian “gangs” was quoted as 4,000,000 and 2,000,000 respectively. You really can’t expect anything less from an institutionally-brainwashed and inherently delusional and racist people who are hell-bent on securing and keeping the prize of their prey at any cost. Have you ever seen a pack of wolves voluntarily give up its prey?

  23. Unfortunately millions of brain washed, ridicule Turkish nationals never understand the lies of `I am a Turk! I am honest! I am industrious!’. They even claim that American native population are part of industrious Turkic tribes!

    • At least the Turkish claims can be studied and make sense. How about armenians claiming to be the descendants of Noah?

    • “At least the Turkish claims can be studied and make sense.” Another senseless, foolish comment by a typical senseless, desperate Turk. And exactly which claims were you talking about? The ludicrous claim that the Turks never committed genocide against the Armenians; and instead it was the Armenians who committed genocide against the Turks? The ludicrous claim that the Turks never stole any properties, wealth, or lands from the Armenians? Or the ludicrous claim that the Ottoman Empire’s Armenians “were offered religious and other freedoms, human rights, and a general attitude of benevolence” by the Turks? Well, for any typical Turk who happens to be the product of the extremely deficient and backward schools of Turkey, it would therefore make sense for him or her to believe these kinds of senseless, foolish claims.

      In regard to Armenians claiming to be the descendants of Noah, there is much evidence to support this. To begin with, as told in the Book of Genesis (first book of the Christian Old Testament), Noah landed on Mount Ararat during the great flood, which according to the latest findings, took place around 2800 BC. This is precisely around the time that the traditional history of Armenia begins, and specifically in the Ararat valley, right next to that majestic Armenian mountain. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the Armenian people are the descendants of Noah.

    • As a matter of fact, according to the biblical timeline, the Armenian people are the descendants of Japheth who happened to be one of the grandsons of Noah. And one of Japheth’s grandsons is believed to have been Hayk Nahapet, the heroic patriarch of the Armenian people.

  24. I correspond with a Greek-Cypriot woman – Cypriots also very concerned about current events in the Middle East. They worry about possibility to trigger a new wave of aggression from Turkey. So that comment(from Joe) that regards to the policy of genocide and suppressing to all “kafirs” is quite true.

  25. This “Ankara Poster Competition” is just another example of how the Turkish nation continues to be so deeply disturbed and threatened by the Armenian Genocide issue. Despite so many millions of dollars spent year after year on attempting to get rid of this issue, the Turkish nation has instead failed miserably. As a result, the Turks have sunk down even further to this level of extreme absurdity by holding a poster competition to portray Armenians as genocide-perpetrators. How amusing it is that the Turkish nation who possesses such a horribly evil history, is attempting to accuse the Armenians of being exactly what the Turks have been throughout their entire history. In other words, they’re accusing the Armenians of “savagery, cruelty, torture, and rape.” Well, when an extremely barbaric criminal such as the Turkish nation spends such an enormous amount of money to rid itself of the Armenian Genocide, but instead ends up failing, then what else can it possibly do? The only thing it can do, is to accuse the victims of being an extremely barbaric criminal just like itself.

  26. The Armenian government should condemn this loudly as an open act of ethnic hate mongering and raise the issue in the European Parlement.

    • what would the european parliament do? absolutely “NOTHING” it is called the “convenient parliament of truth”

  27. I really considered if there would be any point in writing a comment here, and probably there is none, since my comment most probably will just be bullied away, but I decided to write it anyway. I think it is indeed quite disturbing that this kind of a poster competition has an award ceremony the anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink. It is most likely planned this way on purpose, and this is just very very sad and childish, and I wish some people weren’t so inconsiderate and blind. However, scrolling down and reading the comments that are so full of hate, racism and prejudice also made me quite sad. The world will be a better place only when we stop treating each other the way we don’t want ourselves to be treated. This whole poster competition is wrong, but so are your comments. I am Turkish and this is a fact I cannot change. However sorry I may be, I can also not change what had happened during and after the WW1 and undo the terrible suffering Armenians had to go through. I also cannot change the the past suffering of Kurds, and neither that of Turks or Azeris. How long will we keep holding each other fully responsible and guilty for the tragedies that happened even before our grandparents were born? If you want to believe that “barbaric” Turks are intrinsically prone to violence and massacre, and the whole nation was, is and will be horrible monsters (just like every other Muslim, right?), whereas all of the other nations that have roots in Anatolia were peaceful Christian saints tortured by evil Turks for 600 hundred years; you leave really no room for making this world a better place to leave. We cannot stop racism by being racists ourselves. By now, I know that the history I have been taught my entire school life and my textbooks were not true to the reality. But I bet neither were yours or any other nation’s history textbooks. Also I am aware that what I am told by newspapers, and TV channels and politicians everyday is not even close to the reality. Actually one has to be quite naive to think that we are not being deliberately misinformed every single day regardless of what nation we belong to. By now, I know better than to fully believe in every propoganda without sincerely hearing the opposite side. And I know that the world is never black and white, but a million shades of gray. I wish at some point you get to learn these too. I have the impression that majority of the commenters above have never read or heard what Hrant Dink had to say, since his life’s message was about moving past hatred and revenge for both Armenians and Turks. If you haven’t so far, please do get to know him and his ideas. He was a valuable Armenian writer that never gave up on fighting hatred. And if you think this pointless poster competition and anti-Armenian propoganda is ridiculous and stupid, then please know better than those “barbaric” Turks and keep your mind and heart open by not hating a whole nation blindly and publicly.

    • “How long will we keep holding each other fully responsible and guilty for the tragedies that happened?” Don’t you think that’s a very silly question to ask? You honestly expect the Armenian people to just forget about the sickening, barbaric acts inflicted upon them by the Turks over the course of several hundred years? You honestly expect the Armenian people to forget about history’s “first modern genocide” in which 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered in the most barbaric manner? You honestly expect the Armenian people to forget about all of the properties, wealth, and lands stolen from them by the Turks as a result of the Armenian Genocide? You honestly expect the Armenian people to forget that Turkey has never once in all these years admitted its guilt in committing genocide against the Armenians? Contrary to your expectations, the Armenian people will never forget any of these things. As a matter of fact, the Armenian people remember these things everyday; and they will continue to fight for their justice no matter how long it takes.

      You’re really in no position to accuse the Armenian commentators on here of “hate, racism, and prejudice.” It is the Armenians who have been the victims; and it is the Turks who have been the victimizers. “Hate, racism, and prejudice” are actually three things which have always been a huge part of the Turkish nation, going all the way back to the beginning of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Even today, “hate, racism, and prejudice” still continue to be at the center of the Turkish nation as it persistently continues to commit all kinds of human rights abuses against its Armenian residents, other Christian residents, and Kurdish residents.

      On the subject of Hrant Dink, there are actually numerous Armenian commentators on here who have read extensively about him and therefore know about him, even more than you. However, what does Hrant Dink have to do with Turkey’s barbaric, horrifying past along with its desperation to cover up its past and even go so far as claiming that it was the Armenians who committed genocide against the Turks?

      It’s certainly good that you’re able to realize that what is taught in Turkish history class, as well as the material written in Turkish history books, happen to be horribly false. On the other hand, it’s rather absurd to try and claim that the history books of other countries are equally as false as Turkish history books. It’s true that most countries have a tendency to paint a more noble picture of their past history; however, this comes nowhere close to the gigantic level of false history that the Turks attempt to paint of their past. The above article is a perfect example of this.

      In terms of the world being a better place, how can this possibly happen when the world continues to allow Turkey to go unpunished for the three genocides it committed against the Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians? What about the way that Turkey is going unpunished for its involvement with Islamic terrorist groups in committing attacks on Syria’s Armenian communities? How can the world be a better place when the other barbaric Turk nation, Azerbaijan, persistently launches terrorist attacks across the border into Armenia and Artsakh, and ends up going unpunished for its barbaric crimes? That particular part of the world cannot possibly become better as long as those two Turk countries continue to go unpunished for barbaric crimes committed in the past, as well as the present.

  28. we know turks are liars, it goes without saying. obviously it’s putting it mildly. my question is how many people of importance, let alone the general public outside of turkey will actually see this poster. us, Armenians should show this printed lie around the world and explain the truth in detail to the world.
    pretty cost effective and hard hiting advertising if you ask me.
    can anyone do it. I am now retired as an art director and have no access to media.
    please advise.

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