Diyarbakir Commemorates Hrant Dink

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey (A.W.)—On Jan. 19, Hrant Dink’s legacy was commemorated at an event held in front of the Human Rights Monument in Diyarbakir.

A scene from the commemoration in Diyarbakir (Photo by Gulisor Akkum, The Armenian Weekly)
A scene from the commemoration in Diyarbakir (Photo by Gulisor Akkum, The Armenian Weekly)

Attending the commemoration were Kurdish intellectuals, mothers of Kurdish activists whose murders remain unresolved (known as Saturday Mothers), pro-Kurdish BDP mayoral candidate Firat Anlı, Diyarbakir Bar Association president Tahir Elçi, and members of the city’s small Armenian community.

After observing a moment of silence in memory of Dink, reflections were offered and statements were made by representatives of group attending the commemoration.

Gafur Ohannes Turkay of the Sourp Giragos Church Foundation spoke on behalf of the Armenian community. He presented a brief biography of Dink and demanded that those responsible for Hrant’s murder be brought to justice.

Speaking next, Elçi said, “Just like the Special Organization (Teşkilatı mahsusa) implemented the Armenian genocide, Ergenekon implemented the state’s wish and killed Hrant Dink. His murder constitutes a continuation of the Armenian genocide.”

Two other events commemorating the 7th anniversary of Hrank Dink were held in Diyarbakir on the same day. Reports on those events to follow.

Gulisor Akkum

Gulisor Akkum

Gulisor Akkum is a journalist based in Diyarbakir. She received her sociology degree in 2003 from Dicle University. She has written articles for the Armenian Weekly since 2009, and is the Weekly's correspondent in Diyarbakir since October 2012.


  1. I hope this wise policy of Diarbakir Kurds and the Kurdish authorities will continue as this would serve the long-term interests of both peoples. Thank you Diarbakir for remembering Hrand Dink!

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