Broshyan Mayor, an ARF Member, Murdered

YEREVAN (A.W.)—On April 2, Hrach Mouradyan, the mayor of the village of Broshyan, was found dead, killed by a shot to the head. Mouradyan was a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), and was serving his third term as mayor of Broshyan, a village in the Kotayk Province. Mouradyan was 50 years old, and had been mayor since 2005. The police have launched an investigation.

Hrach Mouradyan
Hrach Mouradyan

The Supreme Body of the ARF in Armenia released a statement calling the incident a “premeditated murder,” adding that the crime was the result of an atmosphere of impunity and intolerance.

Mouradyan was a dedicated member of the ARF. He had fought in the Karabagh War and was awarded numerous medals for his service. Although liked by most residents of Broshyan, Mouradyan was also despised by a few. “The numerous threats and intimidation directed at him finally led to this end,” read a statement issued by the ARF. “We note with pain that in our country the safety of citizens is not guaranteed; criminal acts constitute an inseparable part of our life. The treacherous bullet that snatched the life of Hrach Mouradyan was directed not only at a noble Armenian and the compassionate leader of a community, but also at the Armenian republic and its integrity.”

The ARF demanded that the investigation proceed in a speedy manner, and that the perpetrator(s) be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


  1. When you have a corrupt regime serving the interests of their Oligarch friends this is what you get, a country based on terror, fraud,corruption,thuggery,injustice,no wander people are leaving the country in their thousands,soon there wont be many left apart from the pensioners.

    In the past five years over 20000 have left Armenia,so far this year 20000 have left the country.

    What a disgrace to our country and nation.

  2. Whatever the motives, political or else, this horrible act should be condemned in strongest terms. Authorities are dutiebound to act without delay in order to find and expose the culprit/s to the public.

  3. RIP Hero brother.

    Hope they catch the lowlife and conspirators soon.
    Too bad Armenia has no death penalty.
    Too bad Armenia has no amputation of the hand that pulled the trigger as punishment.

  4. Another sad day for Armenia and its people. Another compelling reason to bring about change in the country.

    Yesterday (April 2, 2013), I went to my local precinct to vote for the Glendale city council elections. Some workers were Armenian, some were not. I was politely greeted by an Armenian lady at the table, who asked my name to check against a list of registered voters. I did not even have to show identification (the law forbids it). There is that much trust between the people and the system. I was then given a ballot by a non-Armenian woman. No intimidation, no pressure to vote for any particular candidate, no reports of ballot staffing. I went to a booth, voted for three Armenian candidates, and slipped the ballot into a box. The entire process made me once again proud of being a U.S. citizen and one of the 300 million owners of its democratic system.

    Is it impossible for our fellow Armenians in Armenia to experience the same process that I did? The same Armenians, the same people, are able to enjoy peaceful, non-fraudulent elections in the United States. Why can’t they enjoy it in their homeland? They sure deserve to enjoy the same rights that Armenians in the U.S. and other democracies enjoy. How can any Armenian who loves his people not want Armenians in Armenia to enjoy the same rights that Armenians do in the United States?


    {“The murders of two prosecutors in Kaufman County, Texas, apparently has prompted a federal prosecutor to withdraw from a major racketeering case in Houston, the latest sign that attacks on lawmen are having a chilling effect on the judicial system.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hileman sent defense attorneys an email Tuesday saying he was withdrawing from the case against the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas due to safety concerns.”} March 3, 2013.

    {“After one of his assistant prosecutors was gunned down in January, Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland carried a gun everywhere, even when walking the dog.
    He was extra careful when answering the door at his home outside of Forney, about 20 miles east of Dallas. And a neighbor said a sheriff’s deputy was stationed outside the home for about a month after the killing.
    On Saturday, McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found shot to death in their house.”} March 1, 2013.

    Apparently President Lincoln died of a heart attack.
    Apparently President Kennedy died of a heart attack.
    Martin Luther King died of a heart attack.
    Robert Kennedy died of a heart attack.

    Yes, indeed: only in ‘corrupt’ Armenia there are murders.
    If only Armenia was as democratic as USA: there would be no murders of prominent public persons. That’s for sure.

    And any day now a young Armenian American woman with a nose ring will come forward that saw President Sargsyan actually commit the murder.

    • Leave the United States out of this for a second and concentrate on the thuggishness and lawlessness within Armenia. Thank you.

    • Do you deny the thug, thievery, oligarch intimidation, system that is currently the operating norm, supported by the ruling regime?

      That’s what were talking about. Also US citizens are not leaving in droves.

  6. Do not expect any justice from this corrupt regime,as they are a bunch of criminals.

    RPA party of serzh has become the nest of all criminality where by criminal acts are planned and executed from there.

    serzh is on top of that criminal pyramid.

  7. What is sad is that the Armenian government is the worst enemy of the Armenian people. This is also true for the local Armenian communities. Armenians are always backstabbing each other. and this is particularly true is one Armenian is from a certain country and the other Armenian is from another country. If Armenians start acting in a civilized fashion towards each other, that will be the greatest victory.

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